Did Ben Franklin Really Discover Electricity? (ft. Gary & Me)


congratulations. you will be watching the greatest video you have ever seen! at some point. in your life. maybe you may have already watched that video. it’s- really depends on what you think the greatest video is. hopefully you enjoy my video today as well- WHEEZYWAITER! Hey beard lovers Today is January seventEEns twenty-seventEEn ah, I love that saying it like that’s a thing. Commenter: Can we make the “twenety seventEEn” thing not a thing? *I will not stand for this dishonor* *in a sad voice* wat? You don’t like twenty seventEEn? Alright I wont say twenty seventEEn as many times as I’ve been saying twenty seventEEn. 201 team never gets old i love your videos this year as usual comments leaves me confused do we have any other times before but I want greater the way already well Craig would probably doesn’t want you let’s see it being wanted as well as being unwanted and the movie the unwanted and the book the unwanted and all books and all movies and all feelings including hate I hate and I hitting eighth and hating hating hate and hating hating hate and a talking i’m done and I hate being done its crude crude crude world would fast Craig with a wig a true American hero or should I say herro no was an American here Betty White she turns 95 today happy birthday buddy way you know who else is an American Hero Benjamin Franklin he turns 310 today happy birthday Benjamin Franklin or he would have he would have got his way and been preserved and then revived like he actually said that he wanted to do he actually said rather than die you want to be preserved in a wine cask and then reborn later on I want to be preserved in white castle i’m still alive it’s ridiculous i probably drowned or died of alcohol poisoning is actually responsible thing for me to do about it but i’m saying i just really like live anyway the idea of being preserved and then revived the ridiculous things people thought back then I’m glad we’ve grown up I definitely haven’t even reported out anything recently about this topic at all dr. Jennifer became the hall to be cryonically frozen with the amount of future resuscitation then hundreds of people have frozen bodies also definitely don’t need to expand my wardrobe at all another interesting thing about Benjamin Franklin is how he discovered electricity did he really though allow me to explain one of the prevailing myths actually have one discusses miss around here made a couple clones for that much let them do it thanksgiving sitting out hey I’m Gary and I me no glasses me thanks they’re better than yours alright so you know that thing that Benjamin Franklin was famous for ya re yes yes maybe not let the recent Franklin benjamin franklin lee invented electricity yeah see that’s the thing that’s not true we talk about no you’re right that’s what we’re talking about to move on to explain that kind of mrs. Benjamin Franklin attach the key to a kite flew in a storm it got struck by lightning and boom he discovered electricity exactly how does that discover electricity but uh because lightning we already knew that likely existed something-something key you can of peas the truth is electricity was already well-known Benjamin Franklin wanted to prove that lightning and electricity where the same hypothesized in a letter that you could prove it by drawing lightning using a 30-foot metal rod I’ve been to parties like that but so he used a metal rod instead of a que no he didn’t well it was that letter inspired french scientist his friends want to conduct the experiment a few years later and succeed month after that pyramid old been published an article in the Pennsylvania Gazette saying and easier experiment has since been performed proving the same thing by using a key indicator i bet you did the experiment after some French dude with the types getting struck by lightning instead well you didn’t even say that he did the experiment and he didn’t even say lightning strengthen the guy was required it could just pick up an ambience electric charge even doing what he did write the original letter that started this whole thing i can write a letter their history you love me PS love me I want you to tell to love you if you made it I’m complex scary just like science and also stupid you’re stupid now used to know your step now you’re given how your security understood enters its Middle East Miami Police yeah what’s after that guitar thanks Gary man thank you for watching and click here for yesterday’s video click here if you want to support what I do over on patreon get bloopers and outtakes and a monthly live hangout if you have a birthday today or any day like some stuff I’m trying to see how many of you have worth it and if you don’t have a birthday got to watch entire the travel day if I don’t get my video before i leave that means it’s going to go up late but either way it’s going to be explosive Cena mark

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15 thoughts on “Did Ben Franklin Really Discover Electricity? (ft. Gary & Me)”

  1. Joshua Fraim says:

    thank you for this video. i really needed a good laugh right now.

  2. MacaSkys says:

    wasn't Tesla the one who found out about electricity????

  3. phynx2006 says:

    OMG Gary and Me crack me up, Craig where did you find these guys?

  4. Tony Encinias says:

    listen, hey. hey listen, i got some questions about contributing on patreon, i wanna contribute in a lump sum as apposed to a subscription, yadda yadda yadda, i wanna give you money without a subscription but with the subscription perks, how do i do so?

  5. Angela Menchaca says:

    OMG! What happened to Craig's singing chair?!?!? It's so quiet.

  6. Veda B says:

    great video but all i could think about was "its ben franklin with a key and a kite; you see it right?"

  7. Stefan Griffin says:

    YES Gary and Me!!!!!!

  8. Julian Ruggiero says:

    I love Gary & Me 😁

  9. da yolo masta says:

    that "PUN!" part got to me

  10. RoberthProductions says:

    Love that Gary &Me is back!

  11. Emily Leaf says:

    i have a birthday

  12. Kat The Nerdfighter says:

    I was gonna leave a comment and then I forgot what I was gonna say, so I'll say this instead.

  13. DoctorX17 says:

    It's my birthdae! But it's June 25th, not January 17th


  14. whollyfree says:


  15. Richard Holtom says:

    Oh my… Colour that wig on Craig with a wig black and you'll end up looking like Angry Joe!

  16. Robert Ostler says:

    Ummm, no Ben Franklin did not discover electricity. He discovered that lightening was electricity. The flying the kite with a key tied on the string he did not perform that experiment. Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod some men in France performed a similar experiment using a lightning rod and that proved Ben's theory. That lightening was just electricity.

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