Discharging A Big Mystery About Airplanes


Hello, I am Aziz
Your Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
It’s really a great pleasure finally meet you all in person
Let’s start to our first video While enjoying your flights
I’m sure you realize some tiny little black strips At the trailing edge of the wings but the question is what are they and what are used for let’s reveal the mystery I made a research for you and i went to Sabiha Gökçen Airport
Asked people especially Passengers to guess what they re the first common answer was
they are antennas but I can assure you that they are definitely not antennas
they are, my friends, static discharges let’s go back to our research when people answered correctly I asked them second question which was what are they
used for and the first common answer was they are
used to protect airplanes from lightning strikes although is that true? this is also wrong but what is the truth? Let’s find out First of all we need to learn about static electricity static electricity’s created when objects with different political
properties come into contact and And electrons from one substance are
transferred to another you can actually You can actualy feel static electricity when hugging
with someone or opening a door I hate that transfer of electrons is often
achieved by friction when two objects rub together such as rubbing a balloon
against her hair that causes your hair to stand up the same effect occurs on an
airplane due to the friction against the plane as it moves through the air this fiction strips electrons from the atmosphere and causes them to build up
on the skin of the airplane the creation of static charges is largely dependent
on the ability of two substance to conduct electricity air for example is
typically a much better insulator at high altitudes which has less humid than
at low altitudes As a result A static charge that builds up on an aircraft at
high altitude tends to become a larger because the a act as an insulator
preventng the excess electrons from returning back to the air this electrical charge can eventually become so great that the excess electrons begin
to ionize local air particles and create a corona around parts of the airplane. Specially on win tips, vertical and horizontal stabilizers and others protrutions when antennas going to corona the noise appears like a strong
signal to the receiver in some cases the automatic gain control circuit sensing
noise like a strong signal desensitizes the receiver to the point where it may go perfectly The pilot assumes no one is calling but in
reality corona current has shut down the receiver. what about another bonus
information I checked NASA research for you and I found out that the interference
become most likely on the frequencies between tied to your heads and 250
megahertz which most radio and communication operates now we have learned lots about static electricity but I know you wonder what
static discharger got to do with these all the main purpose of a static
discharger is to improve the dispersal of accumulated aircraft static charges in
an effort to reduce the resultant radio interference rather than wait until a
charge is developed and discharge a static discharger will be allow a small but constant stream of electrons Static dischargers bleed off charge quietly They lower aircraft voltage build up below a level where antennas going to
corona their location on the airframe enables them to serve a role as a lighting
conductor and provide protection against arcing for the surrounding aircraft structure. Static dischargers are replaceable and may be mounted on supports that are attached to the aircraft structure in such a way as to ensure adequate electrical contact. For these wicks to work properly, all the parts of the aircraft need to be on the same electrical charge or level. This is achieved by bonding strips connecting all separate components to provide a clear low resistance path for the electrons to flow Comparing with unprotected airframe static discharger can reduce the noise more or equal to 60 decibel at night flight, if outside is dark enough you can
actually see static discharge at the trailing edge of the wing they are just
like sparks During walk arounds you should definitely inspect the static
discharges for integrity security and conditions and damaged static
discharges may be an indication of a lightning strike so if you find an
damaged or missing static discharger if please report this to maintenance crew if you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like the video
and share it with your friends you can also comment what you wanna see next until next time take care

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