Distributed Energy – Smart Grid Resources for the Future | IEEEx on edX } Course Video

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SPEAKER 1: As the smart grid becomes
more essential to power generation and distribution, distributed
energy resources take center stage in helping to make the smart grid work. In Distributed Energy, Smart
Grid Resources for the Future, you will learn about recent developments
in distributed energy resources that are making smart grids more
essential, including energy generation and storage. The course builds on the
groundwork laid in the IEE course Smart Grids, Electricity for the Future. Our instructors bring years of
experience as power engineers, and are internationally known
as trainers and consultants in the field of smart grid. In straightforward, practical terms they
will teach you the key characteristics and types of distributed energy and
electric energy storage, benefits and applications of distributed
energy generation and storage, issues and effects surrounding distributed
energy resources, and what utilities are doing about interconnecting DERs. Want to take a deeper look at
what the smart grid is all about? Then join us for Distributed Energy,
Smart Grid Resources for the Future, available from IEEE.

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