Dua Lipa Explains The “Turning Point” of ‘Electricity’ Music Video at 2018 AMAs | Billboard

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– This dress is incredible by the way. – Thank you so much. – What made you, cause
white is a tough color to sometimes pull off. What made you want to go with white? – I don’t know, I don’t really
think about things like that. – [Blond Woman] Yeah.
– I just kind of go, oh I really like the dress
and I really want to wear it. And that’s kind of, that’s the only thing that goes through my mind. – I feel like that’s
the best way to do it. – Yeah.
– Just like what mood you’re in, what you’re feeling.
– Yeah, exactly. – [Blonde Woman] We have to talk about the Electricity music video. You, are incredible in it. – Thank you.
– I watched that video and I had to watch it over
again, and over again. – Thank you so much.
– Talk about, talk about that video
and kind of making it. – Honestly, that video
for me was such a massive turning point because
it was the first time that I did a music video
and I wasn’t afraid of what anyone was going to think
or how I was going to look. Or I just wanted to dance and
perform and just enjoy myself and that’s what I did, and
I’m so proud of it because I feel like it really helped
with my confidence a lot. – [Blonde Woman] It was so good. – So thank you so much. – Talk about working with Silk City. Do you see yourself doing
more stuff with them? Have you guys talked about it at all? – We haven’t spoken about doing more. I’m sure, you know, this is
their little brain child. I’m sure they would love to
work with so many other artists. I just feel grateful to have
been a part of their, you know, their growth and their
journey and their project. But I love collaborating so much. I think it’s so much fun. So yeah, who knows. – Well you’re working on your next album and we’re all, so excited about it. I want to talk about, cause you’re in a relationship right
now, you’re in love. So I want to know, is
that inspiring this album? – I mean it’s a mixture of things really. I want to make music,
obviously about the way that I’m feeling a hundred percent. But also just like unconventional things. Things that maybe people won’t necessarily think they would hear in a pop song. Or necessarily wouldn’t think that they would hear an artist talk about. But I’m working on it so I haven’t quite figured it out yet. But of course, love is
amazing and I’m such a believer in love and I feel so lucky. To be loved
– Yeah. – [Dua] And so, yeah. Then it’s all about me putting out as much love as I can into the world. That’s really, that’s
the best thing I think. – Do you think there are rules
for being in a relationship? What are your rules for
being in a relationship? – No I think, you know, you have to both allow each other to be,
you know, themselves. You shouldn’t really, try and, you know,
monopolize someone’s time. Allow them to have their
time with their own. Don’t be so jealous unless
there’s a reason to. – Yeah.
– I think, yeah, I think it’s just important to just go with the flow, you know. If it’s meant to be, it’s
meant to be and that’s it. – Awesome Dua, you’re amazing. You look gorgeous.
– Thank you. Thank you very much.
– Thank you so much for hanging out with us.
– Oh, thank you for having me.

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