Durham College – Renewable Energy Technician – Skilled Trades

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My name is Deborah Chodid and I just finished the first year or a two-year program for the renewable energy technician program. I like everything technical and I like that it’s a new and exciting field that’s opening up for the future. Two courses that I really loved was, H-VAC and houses a system and we identified all the different types of furnaces and mechanical systems And found out how air conditioning works with the evaporator and the condenser And found out how the house as a system, as a whole, how all the elements can affect; one can affect the others. So that was really interesting to find out. I have to admit that I was really apprehensive about coming back to school. I’d been in the workforce for over 25-years And I thought oh my goodness how am I going to survive this, but within two weeks I knew I was going to succeed Because the professors really do believe that the success matters. They are so enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful that they just made the experience fantastic. Mark to the wind.

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