Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting South… So What Now?


You may have heard that the earth’s magnetic
poles tend to move around. I mean, so do the geographic poles, but magnetic
North and South are really mobile…and magnetic North in particular is moving real fast. Like, way faster than we thought it would. And the scientific community is coming up
with some really exciting and creative ways to figure out why. The prevailing theory about why our planet
has a magnetic field in the first place is because of what’s underneath the crust. Dynamo theory, as it’s called, is the idea
that the molten metals of the outer core, like iron are being convected—basically,
swirled—all around the Earth’s interior, around the solid inner core. This continuously creates electric currents
as charged particles move through this liquid metal, and—in combination with the rotation
of the Earth—becomes what’s called a dynamo: the source of a magnetic field. This also explains why the magnetic poles
are not necessarily fixed points, because the liquid that creates the magnetic field
is turbulent, and always shifting, the poles move as the fluid does. Right now, for instance,
the North magnetic Pole has been slipping down into Siberia for the past 150 years or
so…and it’s speeding up. Our magnetic field actually has a name. It’s called the
magnetosphere and it plays a crucial role in making Earth a habitable planet. It wards off much of space’s harmful radiation
like cosmic rays, acting like an essential protective cloak around the Earth. Which is one reason why scientists and governments are
so invested in knowing how it works and how it will behave. Like with the World Magnetic Model, for example. This huge and innovative computer model of
Earth’s magnetic field behavior is used by many international bodies as the guiding
standard on what the world’s magnetic field is up to. It combines sensor measurements of the field’s
strength and position, measurements which are then used in simulations of the geodynamo’s
past, present, and future behavior. The WMM releases updates to the model every
five years, but in 2019, it was forced to release a mid-cycle update because magnetic
North has been sauntering vaguely downwards much faster than anticipated…the perfect
example of the fact that even though we’re measuring and predicting to the best of our
abilities, the geodynamo is too unpredictable and complex to make a truly complete model
of it. That uncertainty means scientists are also
looking for experimental ways to further probe the Earth’s magnetic behavior, which typically
involves creating models of the Earth out of liquid sodium. Which is quite the commitment, because sodium
is a highly reactive metal that is extremely difficult to handle and likes to spontaneously
burst into flame. New sodium ball experiments are being used
in several labs worldwide, and—in combination with improvements in computing and machine
learning—could help us gain more insight into how Earth’s magnetic field will change…and
how we could prepare for when it does. Because what does a shifting magnetic field
actually mean for us? Flipped poles would mean that the names of
Earth’s hemispheres may be a bit confused for a while, and compasses would point in
the opposite direction than they did previously. But more importantly, as the poles shift around,
the magnetosphere could get weaker, with several smaller magnetic poles popping up in other
places around Earth. A weakened magnetosphere means many things:
the Northern lights will be visible in new parts of the world, for a start. All our satellites would need to be extra
fortified against radiation, or we risk them getting totally fried by space weather like
solar wind. Electronics here on Earth would be extremely
vulnerable to interference and destruction by space radiation too, like our power grids. And that’s not even mentioning the human
health effects of being exposed to much higher degrees of radiation from space, which let me tell you, are not great. We know from studying magnetic inclusions
that Earth’s magnetic field has flipped entirely in the past— they trade places
about every 300,000 years, or so but it’s been over double that since the last time
we know they flipped. So we are long overdue for some magnetic migration
and it’s happening…fast. And scientists are working hard to understand
why and how they move and what exactly it may mean for us when they do. The next update to the WMM is expected in
early 2020. Do you want to know more about it when it
comes out? Let us know down in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe to Seeker for all
your science news, and for more on surprising things inside the planet, check out this video
here. As always—thanks for watching, and we’ll
see ya next time.

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100 thoughts on “Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting South… So What Now?”

  1. Seeker says:

    Hi, thanks for watching! Want to learn more about what else is hidden deep within Earth? Check out this video on a hidden ocean in Earth's mantle: & let us know what you'd like us to cover next!

  2. Alex San Buenaventura says:

    The last pole shift happened during the mayan era and this shift wiped out everything that was established from the past to that moment of shift. Thats why we have little known of their cultures and the cultures before them.

  3. Mista Wells says:

    anybody else hear a really high pitched beeping though out the video?

  4. Nathan Lucas says:

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  5. Soron Quenta says:

    We all are going to fry!😱 …I mean, more research is needed. #badjoke 😬😅

  6. Rohith Bgprod says:

    3.10 wtf how can compass point opposite directions if it has to point north it will point always north no matter wat we need to change the direction according to compass and make entire corrections.

  7. Daniel Just says:

    This doesn’t make sense. If you heat up iron to only 1K Celsius degrees the iron losses it’s magnetic properties, so if Earth’s core is fluid iron, the iron will not act as ferromagnetic. Additionally dynamo (generator) produces AC current not DC current, so if what this lady says is true we should observe constantly changing magnetic field ie. it’s direction. Of course, the AC current produced by dynamo can be converted to DC (for example by the usage of diodes ), but I doubt the Earth developed such semiconductor circuit . I would love to see an experiment showing liquid rotating iron which can create unchanging magnetic field.

  8. S. Tapia says:

    Everyone is freaking out about climate change when the real reason is pole change. Unfortunately planting more trees isn't going to help.

  9. Alan Sarmiento says:

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  10. rock 147 says:

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  11. Tadas Gabalis says:

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  12. JudeTunes says:

    The last pole shift was nowhere near 300’000yrs ago. Much closer to 40’000

  13. 1 day left says:

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  14. Floyd wetherton says:

    All of this crap is theory! We know nothing about this planet! And more to the point, we only know what we are allowed to know! Don't be sucked In!

    As a side note….i would let her sit on my face

  15. Jo Lapid says:

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  22. Amjad Hanna says:

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  23. PRIVATE SECTOR 042 says:


    Wake up people your not on a ball flying through fake space….. mindless sheep

  24. Arib Anwar says:

    "Magnetic Field is changing fast!"
    Me: OMG! yess… How fast? Will I wake up tomorrow with a different direction perspective? Yess Yes Yess!!!!

  25. amped says:

    Why would you misinform people?

  26. David Howard says:

    But this has zero effect on climate?! Wtf.. Clown world.

  27. Andrew Patrick says:

    I do not have control over anything in nature.

  28. D L V N T H says:

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  31. Satans Assistant says:

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  32. Hansjörg Kunde says:

    Actually if you look close to the Earth magnetic field you'll see that the current magnetic 'North pole' points between 2 magnetic centers (poles) one located over northern Canada and one somewhere in Siberia. The latter gains power so the needle shifts with like 150 km a year towards it. So actually Earth has currently 4 magnetic poles (2 north 2 south). And a Compass just point to the resulting magnetic field vector… or to the nearest magnetic center if you are close to it…
    However these poles might start to wander and even multiply so Earth might end up with magnetic centers all over the surface, even at the equator. Until the polarity flips finally and everything normalize over time to 2 magnetic centers again.. Just then the compasses point to the south…

  33. DeusWrath Eternus says:

    they shift, when the core moves it also shifts so the poles can flip, so they predict that they flip during long periods. this can affect many things we honestly dont know what would happen but until it does we cant do anything except speculate. This could be a reason for the world level extinctions that happened. but thats just a theory. i learned this when i was still in high school i m30 right now so this isnt new stuff. people need to rss to science articles and websites and get the daily updates on scientific news yall bout to get caught slipping and shit yall stupid , probably read twitter and insta every 30 minutes but dont know what kelvin is, or ozone, or helium 3 probably dont know what quarks are or flavors dumbasses

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    People who don't believe the climatologists bullshit: Yeah, ok 😏

  50. Coco Nut says:

    Sorry but there is no magnetic south. This is a lie. When you take the south pole of a magnet to a compus, the tip will point at the south pole of your magnet as if it was north. Explain that? Look at the u.n.flag, seeing our world leader can't be as stupid as you for believe this rubbish. I maybe rude but I won't lie to you like this lady who thinks she's a scientist. She's a an actor because she read a script. This coming from the same smart people who said the moon is actually in earth 's atmosphere. Like they didn't know that if they really went to the moon in the first place. So many lies. Please people open your eyes and stop think they are smarter then you. Just because they have the title of a scientist, sure as shit dosent mean they are smarter. Much love from Hawaii. Aloha

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