Electric Snow Melting system installed in an Asphalt Driveway


welcome to our snow melting under
asphalt video as you can see a few of the leaves are falling here it’s they
say on TV winter is coming so we need to get this thing ready to go so what we’re
going to do is we’re going to be installing tire tracks in this area in
front of me and the area behind me right here we have our electrical connection
spot we’re going to be putting a junction box in there and then it’s
going to make it easier for the homeowner to make an exit out of this
make a little roundabout area here that’s going to be prepared with snow
melting under an asphalt surface remember whenever you’re planning some
of this excavation you always have to call and make sure that you locate your
electrical your gas your sewage that sort of stuff you can see here that the
gas and the electricity have both been marked so we know to avoid these areas
alright what we’ve done now is we’ve excavated the dirt and we’ve taken a
steamroller and rolled it down what’s next is about six inches of compacted
gravel they’re going to dump it in here then spread it out then they’re going to
compact it down because after that six inch layer we’re then going to put a two
inch binder coat put the heating cables over that binder coat and then put a two
inch top coat on top of that now we have the second layer of gravel
in the gravel has been compacted and now we’re just beautifying the edges at this
point getting the excess dirt out of the way so when the paver comes in the
machine doesn’t get held up by anything along the edges what’s also going to
happen at this point is instead of this rough edge around this perimeter here
they’re going to take a sawed and sawed cut a nice straight edge into this okay we have the binder coat down what
we’re going to do now is we’re going to take the rolls and roll them out what
what’s going to happen here is we are going to stake them in place and that’s
going to keep them tight then the guys are going to shovel asphalt over the top
of these you never ever run a machine a paving machine over the top of the
cables so we’re going to lay them out and as they’re pouring the concrete on
top with shovels I’m going to be pulling them to keep them tight until we get
down to the spot where our next group of wires are going to be right now what
we’ve done is we’ve measured out the distance because this is tire track
coverage so you need to make sure that they’re the correct width and that’s
what we’ve already measured and got them set out for so we’re going to go ahead
and get started okay here we can see where all the
electric is going to the asphalt so you can see we have four mats right now we
have four pieces of conduit going in for each mat and we also have a conduit
going in here for the low voltage temperature sensor you okay the job has been paved over and the
guys have left and what’s left behind is this junction box so this spot right
here is where the mats are being attached to the power supply coming from
the house now this box a lot of times can be hidden it can be put in the
ground if you have a an inground box you can use those some people like to put
them in a decorative wall but the one thing is you have to be able to get at
them if something ever goes wrong you need to be able to get inside the
junction box to disconnect reconnect to do your testing so the box can never be
completely sealed off you always have to have good access to it so now we’re
inside the house and this is where the electrical part comes in we’ve installed
the new controller up here on the wall and we’ve got it connected to the wires
running out to the driveway now what we’re doing is working on the supply
power that’s going to supply the voltage to those wires we’ve also had to supply
a supply circuit which is the power that the unit apear operates on so what
you’re doing is you’re sending power to this box to make it control and keep it
lit up to keep it working all the time and then we’re sending power from the
circuit breakers over here to be switched by the relays in this
controller on out to the heating coils and make them melt the snow all right
here we are we have a completed driveway and there’s no way that you can tell
that there is any electric heating underneath this surface except for one
thing and that’s the junction box right here so if you’d like to learn anything
else about heating your driveway with electric heating products just check us
out at

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100 thoughts on “Electric Snow Melting system installed in an Asphalt Driveway”

  1. Thomas Nessman says:

    How much would such a system cost, and what parameters determine the cost? Are there any options or accessories with such a system?

  2. HappyJackSlade says:

    Awesome vid

  3. Nyda Kim says:

    Man I sat here waiting for them to test t out with like ice or something.

  4. Donn Lowe says:


  5. Greysonvalleyrr Barnesville says:

    Stream rollers were used about 100 years ago…

  6. William Su says:

    Does it only work on asphalt? Can it work on concrete?

  7. My Road Tours says:

    I'd almost consider it…but our driveway is a 1/4 mile long and would probably run us $50 a day to run it. Anyhow, still a cool idea.

  8. Matheus Salabert says:

    Not only does the video do not show it working, it also proves how much of a trouble it is to install and make repairs on it

  9. tileman1814 says:

    A steam roller???????? Really? I thought Steam rollers went away sometime back in the 50's.

  10. Bob Wilson says:

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just hite a plow to take care of the snow?

  11. Brotha Lynch Hung says:

    That’s a lot of layers though

  12. Xtre4mKiLLer says:

    Get a shovel, don't be lazy… also save money.

  13. JaySmitty33 says:

    Why not just heat whole damn driveway ffs and not just tire tracks

  14. Darren Wolfanger says:

    Didnt watch the whole video but wouldnt there be an ice build up somehwere from all the snow melting?

  15. Joe Joe says:

    I thought it will snow at the end of the video

  16. ionamic says:

    I didn't hear what the voltage is? I thought I heard him mention low voltage or anything about the electrical system with respect to volatage…115 or 220 and it it stepped down to a lower voltage higher amps? Curent draw? And would it work under a brick driveway?

  17. Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

  18. fallenSlave says:

    Hello Hungarian Romanian European here. If I only want to use this product 5 days to melt snow. Can I just put it and after that take it. Will it melt it? Is it safe?

  19. justforthetv says:

    "Tired coverage" doesn't seem very good lol if the owner is going to do this whole process they might as well have the full driveway covered with the heaters

  20. Mike G says:

    Should be using a paver.

  21. realtoast says:

    I'm at about 7000' in the Sierras. On occasion, snow can get very deep in a very short period of time. Does this pose a unique challenge? For instance, if I did just the two tracks, would I expect to still show up to a 4' tower of snow down the middle? Or, does the heat radiate enough to mitigate that? I've got about 40' of sloping driveway; straight to the garage. Also, we can go weeks without any snow at all. Will the tracks engage at a low temp, anyway? Or is there also a moisture sensor?


  22. KC Nham says:

    Extra electricity bill costs during the winter unless you already installed a 20,000 USD solar system off-grid plus the cost of maintenance.

  23. Michae Brown says:

    Steam roller? What is this 1919?

  24. Coach says:

    This would be expensive to install because the final layer of paving has to be done by hand with shovels and no paving company wants to do this. Also, the surface would not be a cosistant thickness due to the absence of a paving machine screed board, and surface would cause a bouncy ride.

  25. zack9912000 says:

    First he said no machines on the cables then I see a machine go right over the cables several times

  26. Scott Gibson says:

    This looks like a great system but lets be honest its really for people who not only are wealthy but also have money to burn. That was one expensive looking driveway. Cool product and if I ever hit Powerball I will be in it. Thanks

  27. sMiLey Warrior says:

    That heated driveway system would cost $$$. Better to just invest in winter tires. Also it be better to installed heated flooring inside the home.

  28. Richard Pace says:

    Asphalt temps are 350 to 370 degrees when being applied. What are they putting down? Not even steaming. Also, if it were that temp which should be, the plastic sheathing on wires would melt!

  29. Hector Martinez says:

    damn show it in the winter

  30. danilo e jesus says:

    that's a bad idea…asphalt gets soft when heated…maibe under brick pavers,or concrete….not asphalt

  31. Jasper Edwards says:

    black ice

  32. Damnit Bobby says:

    His electric bill is $1,000,000 a month

  33. panther paint says:

    Yeah show it to us in the winter see what it looks like and how it works

  34. Ayan Ali says:

    Or be smart and get heat tires and melt that shit away

  35. kenneth bredow says:

    There's this new invention called a snowblower.

  36. Clorox Bleach says:

    Yea I’m be a normal human being and get my lazy ass up to shovel snow.

  37. Ogre1977 says:

    WOW, holy pine needles, leaves, and dirt Batman… That driveway will last 1/2 as long as a well laid one.

  38. J D says:

    This is very cool. I always wondered about a heated drive with asphalt as the house I grew up in had a concrete heated driveway. As long as the switch was turned on before the snowfall it would work great…but if it wasn't….we still had to shovel. I grew up in MI and it was back in the 70's……with the cost of electricity these days….I will have to stick with my snow thrower. But hey thanks for a great video presentation..thumbs up !!! 😉
    Lake George, NY

  39. Irvin Wittmeier says:

    You will need to have every single person in the house working 2 or 3 full-time jobs to pay for electric bill

  40. Todd Kratzer says:

    Big waste of money and high electric bills.

  41. Dale Winston says:

    This should be laid on main roads

  42. Merry Christmas says:

    Hey can you dig up my driveway I decided I want the whole thing. Not just tire tracks

  43. Alex1911 says:

    Compacting dirt with a smooth drum roller instead of a padfoot drum. Interesting wonder how long that driveway will last before cracking

  44. Me ! Oey says:

    Only for richer

  45. Uncle Fjester says:

    No one does Electric in 2019, No one can afford the electric bil!

  46. Thelegend899 says:

    Over time, weight from vehicles rolling on top will eventually cause a malfunction or a short in the whole would be like trying to find the bad bulb in a set of Christmas lights.

  47. Movie Games says:

    Why don't they sell something that you can just roll out only when it snows?

  48. Matt Yabs says:

    This here. This is why the aliens won't visit us.

  49. hall01235 says:

    Why am i watching this….i dont even own a house.

  50. Deoc says:

    Few questions! durability, maintance cost, asphalt usually cracks after a few years, will this damage the system? it seems like it uses about 10 kwh will most houses have the amps available to run it? when ice and snow starting to melt where does water goes if everything around it is full of snow and no car passes it thru? melting snow in an outside temperature is really expensive and the system will have to run for a lot more than 6 hours to keep water from becoming ice, water will just stay between the snow and go nowhere, I mean is convinient for those that have a lot of money but not really a cheap solution.

  51. Puss In Boots says:

    Just fit a snow plow to the front of your car…job done.

  52. pandarama67 says:

    id like to know how many watts and voltage that particular system is? Must be a lot.

  53. Mark says:

    How come electricians put the electrical box is worst possible place?

  54. Genna Ross says:

    I want to see it turned on and see how fast the power meter starts to spin.
    Mind you I guess if you can afford a system like this, you just don't care about how much it will cost to run it

  55. Lisa Smith says:

    Don’t tell me California is expensive to live in!
    You just have to put up with a lot of Fruits and Nuts 🤷🏼‍♀️

  56. Dizzy Fpv says:

    I’ve installed cooling pipes in my driveway so it doesn’t melt my tyres.
    make sense?

  57. volcano hi says:

    this makes zero sense heat asphalt so itll melt snow? Ill still have a 4 foot tall pile of snow at the end from the plows and now its SOAKED in water and frozen over.

  58. Julian Knödler says:

    Waste of energy …

  59. steven clark says:

    Have you ever heard of salt?

  60. NatarisX says:

    If something goes bad, you can't fix it.

    Buy a snowblower and hire a high school kid to do your drive way for half the price.

  61. Denny Skerb says:

    At 4:50 that’s where the pudding will be.

  62. Sean Newhouse says:

    Now THAT I can deal with

  63. Daniel Owens says:

    "As they say on TV winter is coming" 0:15 I cant even lol Great video Thanks

  64. R B says:

    You'd think they'd want a quality asphalt job after going to all that trouble.

  65. mark snyder says:

    Total waste of money. Buy a snow blower

  66. Stabby says:

    Tip: Save some money, get out and grab a shovel and salt, fresh air and exercise is good for you!

  67. Solar Fluxman says:

    Just use rebar and hook it up to your welder.

  68. StephenNu9 says:

    Only a portion of the driveway is wired. I'm assuming the electrical connections will be to 240V. Heating elements that long and large will generate very expensive utility bills. Such a large load will also require a reconfigured electrical box because the amps required might be larger than the standard 20A, or 25A.

    Also, the PVC conduits needed to be enclosed.

  69. jpatrick1967 says:

    This would be fine for like an inch of snow, but once you get to like 6” to over foot, all you’re doing is creating a fricken ice damn underneath the tons of snow. Stupid system. Just invest in a goddamn riding snowplow or showblower.

  70. Crypto Daws says:

    10,000$ for this service Or pay someone to shovel?

  71. HTTR Hail to the rainbows says:

    I just wanted to see the outcome/results how it works in actuall snow . Not how to install this thing .

  72. Brad Spatz says:

    If you heat your BLACKTOP driveway, …ha ha you have way to much money, ha ha, I'm all for capitalism and the American dream, but thats just ridiculous.

  73. Jerry L says:

    Your video would be better showing this driveway melting snow.

  74. Dirty corner crew says:

    That's some super dark concrete

  75. Wolf Among Sheep says:

    Yea, No thanks to that electric bill..

  76. mike doe says:

    The Electric bill is probably huge.

  77. rockjeeproll says:

    I think I'll waste my money on something else..

  78. Placaso Wuicho says:

    I just pour diesel light it go inside eat and come out to melted snow.

  79. tedskam says:

    I'll plow this driveway for ten years what it'll cost you to run this contraption for one month.

  80. sakitlikod1 says:

    Just move and buy a condo instead

  81. Stephen Land says:

    When you have too much money…just shovel your driveway

  82. Stefan says:

    A big waste of energy

  83. marsenmoon says:

    New road breaks up way faster than normal roads ?!

  84. crowtservo says:

    If you need to do another video just like this, you can come to my house and do it. 😃

  85. Little Lamb says:

    Any job that takes that many guys to accomplish is going to cost a boatload of money! Back to snowblowing or shoveling.

  86. Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

    Good video . I assume this only works on asphalt not concrete because asphalt gets hot and gooey when heated. Did you mention that? Also interesting video but are you in such a hurry to post you couldnt show it working in winter??

  87. Red Iron farm says:

    Nice steamroller…

  88. mike and wife says:

    real nice…. but we know… its gonna cost you….

  89. - Lopez says:

    2 yr follow up?

  90. Thomas Peckoff says:

    Thanks for showing how well they work lol

  91. Tax2Me says:

    Part 2. Snow melt in action

  92. kimberly Unicorn says:

    Where are you guy from?

  93. Avatar Theros says:

    Can i use a melting mat ON my driveway (witout digging).Are the mats ok in water? 240 volts …is 240 volts…

    I would like to put one directly on ice…and plug it in. Will that work? With electric choc free i mean? We just did our driveway…we dont want to just trow 25 000$ in the garbage and start over to put those inside this time…

  94. White Raven says:


  95. NoMo says:

    What if the heating element turns on during the summer cus where I live in the summer its over 100 degrees winter under 10 degrees

  96. Daniel R says:

    I think every streets and sidewalks needs one of those in northern part of United States during the harsh winter months and the same here in northern Utah as well

  97. Doc Holliday says:

    Kinda screwed if it breaks

  98. Jeff Wybo says:

    This was a great video! Great channel! I also did a video on the subject..

  99. Brian Flick says:

    What about "never run a machine over the cables?

  100. cjbotts says:

    I deliver heating oil in PA and would take a couple dollar and hour cut in pay over the winter if all my customers had this system

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