Electrical Engineering (MSc), DTU

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I grew a passion for robots when I was doing my bachelor. I liked working with hardware, and then that went on to robots and then I thought this would be an obvious choice for a masters. I think it is exciting, and I like the fact that we learn some theory and then we apply it to some practical applications to see it work in some real situations. I am writing my master’s thesis, and I am writing about drones, UAVs basically – about navigation for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles. Basically, it is about navigating autonomously in indoor environments. Which is quite difficult actually. There are a lot of obstacles to getting it to work properly, so it is easier to get a drone outside to work. You have GPS and can get an absolute position. Here you will not have any such things, so we have to rely on other sensors to get it to work. It is not working completely optimal yet but hopefully it will. I am very optimistic. It is basically a relatively new area of research, and it is very hot; a hot subject at the moment, so I think it is exciting. I dream of getting my small company start-up up and running, and work with drones or UAVs and you know having the freedom to develop something that I find interesting, so that’s what I dream of.

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