Electricity Prices in Europe


The EU wants to create a
single energy market in Europe. The Commission hopes that its Energy Union
strategy will make Europe’s energy supply more secure, affordable and climate-friendly. But the energy market is currently highly
fragmented, and focused on national interests. The price that the average European
household pays per kWh of electricity has risen from 12 cents in 2005 to 18 cents in 2014. But the prices in individual countries varies significantly. In Bulgaria and Hungary, households
currently pay around 10 cents per kWh, but in Germany and Denmark,
energy is three times more expensive. Factors that influence price include a country’s
geographic location, energy resources, and world market prices. But energy policies
are increasingly a significant factor. Subsidies for all types of energy are growing
across the majority of countries in the EU. Only two member states, Austria and Sweden,
decreased their subsidies from 2008 to 2012. The rest of the EU increased by 57%. Leading the way were Denmark and Greece, which increased subsidies by over 1000%, and Germany, which accounts for roughly
25% of all energy subsidies in the EU. But despite more subsidies,
electricity prices are still increasing. While household electricity prices have
risen by 50% from 2005 to 2014, the average price for industrial
consumers has increased by 66%. These prices also vary significantly across the EU. In Germany and the Netherlands,
prices for medium-sized industries have remained fairly stable,
increasing by around 25%. In the United Kingdom and Poland, however,
prices have gone up by as much as 100%. To be successful in building a true Energy
Union, the Commission has a tough job ahead. Harmonising the different national
policies, building a transnational infrastructure, and getting member states to work
together, towards a common goal.

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7 thoughts on “Electricity Prices in Europe”

  1. MaxZagar says:

    Reminding viewers, that transporting electricity is very costly. They do not mention transfer prices at all. Why does Germany have the most expensive electricity prices and on the same time most of the subsidies ?

  2. Coeus 2.0 says:

    More idealistic, unworkable claptrap aimthe d at deconstructing our countries and making us reliant on the EU. Vote to leave Great Britain, otherwise there will be nothing left.

  3. John Balladear says:

    3 of the UK's BIG SIX ENERGY COMPANIES are German owned and one is Spanish. Read into that what you may!

  4. Totally Legit Uploads says:

    The UK prices are interesting because we don't actually use Euros so exchange rates vary. Could someone tell me how they got an ACCURATE result out of this?

  5. Bushra Canaan says:

    is there any referencing that i ca use to cite these information in a report

  6. ferkemall says:

    And what he did not say was 2021=EU to unify the price of electric this year EON UK charge me 17.44 Kwh , last year it was 12.34p Kwh Germans pay 30 e cents Kwh this after they hiked my standing charge from £60 last year to £120, May said we will cap the price it not cover the standing charges,UK prices set to soar ,may signed to the 2020 EU year of compliance = sign up for this = sign up for everything else or face multi million £ fines . life is set to get very expensive ,EU air quality for London= £24 if you get caught in an emission zone & thats just for a car ,this = massive inflation for vans & trucks price of freight has to go up =non Euro 6 vans £50 trucks £500+ .

    Sell cars /vans in London = if they are not Euro 6 the Ved /road tax =in the hundreds vehicles costing £40,000= a road tax /VED of £310 per year for 5 years and they wonder why vehicle manufactures are pulling out of UK its got fkall to do with brexit but everything to do with UK interpretation of EU fines/charges structures Khans TFL has killed new & second hand vehicle sales & caused an exodus from London because millions cant afford Euro 6 cars and the related inflation that follows with Khans £24 charges just to drive in London , im voting these Masonic carpetbaggers out !

  7. ferkemall says:

    UK has an under sea grid link cable system with France and has since the early 70s ,its just been overhauled so leave or not we are linked to the EU energy system and come 2021 we are going to get hammered with massive price increases ,and you thank Mrs May & the Tories because she signed up for that one !

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