Electrostatic Charge | Jim on Engineering, Episode 24

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Hi, Jim Shaw here again at Crystal Group. I want to talk a little bit about the importance of static and electrostatic discharge, and what we do to control that. If you are into sensitive electronics in the manufacturing process, it’s very, very important to control ESD to prevent latent failures in electronics in the field, or potentially just in the production line. One of the things that we do, we’ve
purchased a humidity system that allows you to just keep the air inside the plant at around a minimum of 35% relative humidity. What this does is essentially year round make sure the
plant is at the optimum humidity level. This is part of the practices of S20.20 which is what we follow. Some of the other things that we do is we make sure that all of the benches are grounded and all of our technicians, the pilot line technicians as well as the factory workers are grounded. We have on the floor here is grounded ESDs floor, so it has a special paint on it that allows you to ground yourself through a strap in the system. Static control extremely important
in making sure you have a quality product that doesn’t have latent failures out in
the field. Join us next time for another shiny object at Crystal Group.

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