Electrostatic jumps!

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For this experiment you need a white paper
sheet, some supports, a Plexiglas (acrylic glass), a fleece cloth, and some small objects
like sugar grains, dried lentils, or pieces of aluminium foil. To set up this experiment, you need to put
the sheet of paper on a flat surface, then put four supports in the corners. Put some light objects on the paper, and then
put a Plexiglas on the supports. Rub the Plexiglas with the cloth and see what
happens. And
now let’s repeat this with lentils and aluminium. This all happens, because when you rub a Plexiglas
with a cloth, you are giving it an electrical charge. This will induce an opposite charge on the
objects. That’s why these are attracted to the Plexiglas. And here are some questions for you to think

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