Hi, I don’t know why I’ve been killing my car battery so often. The car doesn’t start anymore, so I have to go and give it a boost again. So by now hopefully I’ve become an expert I have some things to bring with me which include my super caps which I have charged to around 14 volts,
an extra 12 volt battery and My meter, let’s see if I can do it again This time the battery has discharged so far that absolutely nothing works. No lights nothing I have to check and see how far the battery has depleted. Okay, let me see how much juice is left in the battery What? F*** 0.7?! Probably my battery’s dead. At this level, I can’t connect my Super cap to this. This voltage will short my super cap running I don’t know like 500 amps through the wires. It’s okay, I’m gonna connect my puny battery to the big one using my alligator clips and watch the voltage too And hopefully it will slowly raise the voltage to something decent. Okay, here we go Let’s connect it up [CONNECTS] But the voltage jumps to 12 volts right away. Well, it’s slowly going down .
What does it mean? Let me disconnect it again No, the car battery charged four volts seems like [SIGHS] You know, it doesn’t inspire much confidence when your car battery voltage jumps up so easily I have a feeling the car battery’s dead F*** huh, I’ll leave it to be charged for a
while and see what happens. Maybe its so under charged that it jumps up easily. And while that’s charging, let’s look here. It seems like my light was on… But, I’ve never had problem with leaving lights on. I thought the car turns it off after a while Okay, the car battery now is around 9 volts so not bad It’s coming up just that I don’t know if it’s good enough to start the car anymore, but you know what? It means, it seems like I can connect my super caps to it easily without hopefully damaging anything Let’s see if I can jump-start the car. Okay, let’s carefully connect the jumper cable to my super cap. Careful I don’t want to short this thing there we go connect to positive It might shove a lot of current into my tiny battery too… Hopefully it’s not too bad Okay, let’s watch the voltage ready? Okay What happened? Seems like the super cap is discharged to some extent. It’s charging back up with the puny battery okay, I had charged the super cap to 14 volts, but [QUALITY CONTENT] OH S*** CRAP! What the f***?! S***, What happened? So my alligator clip wires just burned.
But it seems like they can still work a little bit Hopefully, my (CAR) battery is at 12 volts If I disconnect the battery, it’s slowly going down. I think my battery is no good anymore I had charged my super cap to 14 volts, but I also have parallel resistors which Slowly deplete the charge in it.
In any case the super cap has enough charge in it like It’s around 13 volts I’ll connect it quickly and jump in and jump start the car and hopefully it will start
and then I disconnect everything Ready, set, go! [GRUNTS] [DOOR SHUT] Damn it nothing happened. What’s the voltage? 5 volts damn it!,
it just sucked the entire juice out of my super caps and didn’t start. The super cap is at 5 volts now
slowly charging with my puny battery through the broken alligator clips, damn it! Well, it’s charged now. But I wanna see if my super cap can actually deliver much current [Strikes alligator clips against each other repetitively] Not bad, eh? Maybe the connections are not too good [Strikes again] Ok, it seems like everything is charged to the same level around 12 volts. Let’s jump start again, Ready…? [Car engine rattles] Damn it, not enough juice But it’s almost doing it Okay, let it charge again You know what? I’m gonna directly connect the super cap
to the battery lid so that they reduce the line resistance as much as possible Oops, I shorted something. Okay, super cap is directly connected and the battery voltage is now at 12 volts, let’s jump start again [Car Engine Rattles] *RIP CAMERA* Damn it!, the camera fell [laughs maniacally] Something smells here though.
I think my alligator clip wires are Burning further every time I try to jumpstart Uhh, they still work. I have a feeling that 12 volt doesn’t quite cut it. I have to go bring my drill battery. 12 volt drill battery and put it in series with this puny battery
and hopefully raise the voltage to 15-16 volts, and probably that will jump start the car here are the batteries An engineer that has everything except the proper battery booster Okay, I’m gonna put the drill battery in series with the puny battery and the only thing that really limits the current into this is the resistance of the alligator clip wires So hopefully the current is not too big Okay, Let’s carefully connect the (wires).. As soon as the voltage reaches something decent The wires are getting hot [QUALITY CONTENT] S***! Let’s leave it. But as soon as I disconnected the voltage drops quickly, so it seems I don’t have much time before everything burns So I’m going to connect it and go run in and jump start and come back and disconnect everything Ready, let the voltage go up first Okay, go go go Ready Set [RUNS AND GRUNTS] GO! [ENGINE FINALLY STARTS] [ALLIGATOR CLIPS PROCEED TO MELT] [BLOWS] STOP STOP [COUGHS] S***! Waa [SIGHS] Look at the wires.
Well, they helped Now the question is;
Can the car battery get charged and stay charged? I’ll, I’ll let the car run for like 15 minutes and see what happens Well the car is running for now I have to leave it for another 10 minutes to see if the car battery gets charged But if it’s broken Then I at least know how to jumpstart again using my ghetto setup and get it somewhere to get a new battery You may ask why didn’t I put a bunch of double-a batteries in series like I did before the problem Is that if the car battery is actually dead then those double-a batteries won’t be able to charge the car battery and the car wouldn’t start and I make much more smoke this way. Anyway, well, it’s been running for fifteen minutes now So if the car battery is not dead it should restart again, but I highly doubt it Let’s try it again Prayer [TRIES TO START] [ACTUALLY STARTS] It started.
IT STARTED! DAMN IT!!! [QUALITY] IT F*****G STARTED!!!! Agh. I don’t have to buy a new battery. Let’s try one more time [TRIES TO START] [CAR STARTS] [LAUGHS MANIACALLY] So, I guess the car battery was not dead it was somehow super discharged to close to 0,
I’ve never seen those bad I thought if it gets close to 0, the car battery dies and doesn’t charge up anymore. But hey It came back. Well, I’m guessing there might be some permanent damage, but it’s still working You know what third time is the charm it’s been off for like two minutes now. Let’s turn it on again [TRIES TO START] [CAR STARTS] [LAUGHS] Hihihihihi I guess those alligator clips didn’t burn in vain. I think I should really check something what did discharged the battery that far down? Maybe something is leaking and drawing a lot of current when the car is off. Okay, I’m gonna measure the current from the battery Via this clamp meter? I don’t know if you can read backwards, but it’s around 0.3/0.4 our baseline and if I measure the current its around 0.2 / 0.1 So maybe something is drawing a little bit
around 0.1 / 0.2 amps which is not much to Like kill the battery.
It will take a long time to kill a battery With maybe 0.1 or 0.2 amps of current for example if this is a hundred amp hour battery
with point one amp, it will take A thousand hours to discharge this battery now now I unlock the car and the current is zero Which means that it’s drawing around 0.3 / 0.4 amps compared to the baseline I’m gonna turn on one of their ceiling lights and see how much current it draws with only one of them on its drawing -0.4 which means from the baseline is
around point 0.8 amps of current So if I leave one of those lights on it could discharge the car battery much faster So I think that’s probably what happened. It seems like when the car is off There is no significant current,
discharging the battery But I probably left these lights on and usually I go drive the next day Which means that the car battery is not Depleted much, but this time around we didn’t drive the car for a couple of days which probably just killed the Battery Yeah, don’t forget to turn off all the light and everything in your car. But the question is: Would it turn on again? [CAR STARTS] [MORE LAUGHING] [UNIBROW OUTRO] [UNIBROW OUTRO]
(please buy electroboom t-shirts) [UNIBROW OUTRO]
(they’re awesome!)

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57 thoughts on “ElectroVLOG-008: I was SURE the CAR BATTERY WAS DEAD”

  1. ElectroBOOM says:

    UPDATE: After the battery running for a few more days with no problem, it left us abandoned at a gas station! Fortunately someone gave me a boost.
    So to diagnose the problem, while the car was running I measured the voltage and it was 13.5V, but as soon as I turned the car off, it dropped to 9V. So the alternator was providing juice to charge the battery, but the battery didn't hold it.
    I also put an ammeter and measured car's off current. When I locked the car, the current was at 110mA and after one minute dropped to 3.5mA. So there is no leakage current either.
    I brought the battery home and charged it with my supply. The voltage would rise to 14.5V with a steady 2A, and then would drop to 11V when I disconnect it.
    In conclusion, I am sad to announce that the battery has passed away. It is not a serviceable battery either, so I shall take it to the dumpster where it belongs! (I mean I will recycle it)

  2. Spencer Mccaffery says:

    Cheese burger

  3. joseph ibarra says:

    Turn off your lights that’s why

  4. Yuvan Xiaomi says:

    But the question it would it start again 😂

  5. zack floyd says:

    There is a super cap battery charger that can build a charge from the battery and use the stored charge to just the car

  6. Wolfcat Wildcat says:

    um bad cell in the battery or something is draining your battery

  7. Jim O'Hagan says:

    @ElectroBOOM lead acid (wet cell) batteries are acid+water mix. Water evaporates. Keep your battery wet and she works a lot better!

  8. Batuhan Özoğul says:

    just move the car 🙂

  9. mschei23 says:

    8:47 Legend says he still laughs like that every time he turns on his car.

  10. Donnie Robertson says:

    Great job

  11. Fall down the stairs Please says:

    Cant you just force the alternator to turn and start the engine

  12. Otis says:

    Car batteries blow up all the time. Just saying. Face full of battery acid is not funny.

  13. Kandela Brown says:

    I always have a spare battery in the trunk that i keep charged through a diode. So there is never a drain from it to the car, only charging. Then when this situation occurs (dead main battery,) i swap them. This has saved me sooooo many times.

  14. SyazTYT's other uploads says:

    *uses supercap to charge car battery* *cannot make his own heavy duty alligator clips*

  15. AlzonCool25 says:

    Just buy a new battery

  16. Ross R says:

    It was painful to watch you constantly disconnect the positive first

  17. kempflar says:

    … and I make much more smoke this, anyway 🙂

  18. spartain Keith says:

    Do you just keep that in your car all times

  19. Gamer Killer28 says:

    i love when u say dammit

  20. Anish Nattamai says:

    Just get a 4s 100c lipo, it will jump start the car for sure

  21. Peter T says:

    I killed several lead acid batteries by over discharging them by either running the fans too long or having music on for too long (have an amp and sub), or by simply forgetting the amp on over the weekend (remote wire is independent of head unit as I may not want the amp on every single time) which altough has auto off if no signal, it doesnt turn off its stupid neon light that draws just enough to find the battery at a lovely 8-9v on Monday morning. Jumped it by using an 18v 4ah tool battery, but it was dead within 2 months, more and more often it needed jumping. The last battery I killed was only 6 months old and it was replaced under warranty. Its a high street store, no real technicians other than a guy putting a load tester on it and saying yep its dead, which I already told him to save his time but whatever. I admit I knew fuckall about lead acid, never researched it. Now I have a powermeter capable of measuring 100A right after the battery with display in dash, lowest low I will let my new battery discharge is 12v. Wanted to convert to Liion starter battery but too fiddly on the charging side to do it right, might be simpler to build a high capacity pack for accesories only and only use the lead acid as truly just a starter battery.

  22. Dylan Davies says:

    car batteries are designed for high current, not deep discharge. Running them flat, even once, hurts them a lot.
    And alternators complain if asked to charge up a dead enough battery to, they can fail under the strain.
    cool video though

  23. Raza Haider says:

    @10:34 The new Aliens vs. Predators poster looks lit

  24. Chetar Ruby says:

    "Ghetto setup" That's putting it mildly!

  25. Salim Shah says:

    How much is the initial current does car takes to start

  26. JP-sama says:

    As i learned, a car battery is called dead/broken under 9 volts

  27. Cio Dokop says:

    How did u unlock the car with 1v

  28. Cio Dokop says:


    that was legit the beautifulest start I ever witnessed in my whole life. It was so amazing!!

  29. outsider344 says:

    This is a fun video. For anyone curious about a dead car battery though:
    If the voltage is below 5 volts at rest, it's probably a lost cause
    If the resting voltage is around 12 volts but drops below 9 volts while trying to start, it's probably done for.
    If you can get the car started and the voltage is less than 13.5v, the alternator is the problem.
    There you go. You are now the neighborhood go to person when someone's car won't start.

  30. Gabriel Mousa says:

    8:50 me when schools out early 🤣🤣🤣

  31. StopMotionMan says:

    1:53. Look behind you!

  32. Frank Jackson says:

    A ghetto jump start is stealing someone else’s charged battery and replacing it with your bum battery.

  33. Soren Kuula says:

    You really need to start using proper insulation, unless you want to pay 1000s for replacing electronics in the car. Of course, the vids will then disappoint your trusty viewership.

  34. steven huei says:

    Can't make conclusion good or bad when the battery able to start after 15 mins charge up , some of the plate is damaged but it able to start the car after short period time after charge but not over day . This is my experience.

  35. Bubba Louie says:

    What about "cold cranking amps"

  36. MrPannolinoXXX92 says:

    Why dont buy a fuking battery

  37. Viktor Osipov says:

    Warning contains swear words

  38. Viktor Osipov says:


  39. twicebitten thasme says:

    That was just silly.

  40. MusicInspire says:

    Supercaps are only good for supplementing lead acids to help extend the life of lead acids.

  41. Da ve says:

    That's the problem ya keep starting it it takes lot of current from battery cud take 30miles to charge from a single turn of the key 😭😭😭😭😅

  42. Sky Hernandez says:

    12V nominal is actually pretty much the lower end of the operating range of a lead acid car battery. Because of the nature of Lead acid batteries, if they are depleted to the 11V range or lower, it pretty easily damages them permanently. It's pretty much safe to say a battery that is floating around 11.0V or lower, is toast.

  43. DEMONITIZED BOI AKA Random Rail Fanner says:

    Idea: Make a wall plug that directly connects to the car's power supply and can be hooked up with a quick release. then just plug the car in and it starts

  44. law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe says:

    Well???… Thats one way of starting a car. Thanks for the giggles

  45. Top9 says:

    if anyone wondering it's just going to be easier to bump start it then go for a little ride to charge the battery

  46. HarrysDog malaysia says:

    For your infomation. Never put ground directly on the battery. Its want way to shorten a battery lifespand. Check out chris fix video how to jumpstart a car properly.

  47. Ragil Fransyoki says:

    you need ChrisFix

  48. kilgarragh says:

    i have a propper, but its battery is dead

  49. Phoon Hoy Meng says:

    More ElectroVlogs!!

  50. Konur says:

    6:46 last breath of an alligator.

  51. Viktor Osipov says:

    6:07 the wires are getting hot

  52. Zed orda says:

    Taking a water and baking soda mixture and washing the top of the battery can sometimes fix old self-draining Auto batteries. Because while it charges during driving Hydrogen and some of the battery fluid can degas from the battery and collect as a film on the top of the battery making a weak connection between the posts. The water and baking soda will neutralize it.

  53. MattPK says:

    I love your JETTO Set-up !! It's much better than a ghetto set-up !! Great job starting your car with 20 different batteries!! No need to buy a new one! Funny video!!

  54. Gavin Jacob says:

    If you leave the battery for a long time it will die so you should start your can about two times a week and let it run for 10-15 minutes so the so the alternator can charge it


    Why not just have a backup car battery in the trunk?????????

  56. Mark Smith says:

    A general rule to follow when running engine to charge car battery is leave running for minimum 40mins or drive for 7 miles to charge fully

  57. no on1 says:

    Hey Mr. Can I buy u and keep u at my place..plzz🤔😎

  58. Melissa Dingle says:

    8:19 [EVIL LAUGHTER]

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