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  1. Cenk Toplar says:

    I'm 29 and have been single in my entire life ! I used to feel super horrible being lonely but now I'm extremely thankful to being single after seeing true nature of …….

    whatever !

  2. Journi2Lyfe says:

    In my Beyonce voice, "All the Single Ladies, All the single ladies, All the Single Ladies, Now put your hands Up!" 👏👏 (and men)

  3. ❤ ShawnyShares❤ says:

    Thank you!!!!!😊😊😊😊❤❤❤ I needed this

  4. Jennifer Boyce says:

    Taking my daughter on a mommy-daughter date 😊 She’ll probably want Taco Bell, but that’s okay.

  5. Triona Ryan says:

    Brilliant! Thanks to you I vow to do something special for me this Thurs 😉 💚

  6. Jigga Jigga says:

    Please upload your therapy sessions on Podcast. I would love to hear your shows on the go..😁

  7. Maria Jimenez says:

    Wonderful speech. You are absolutely right!!! It's me, me and me time. And the funny thing is wherever you go or whatever you do, you think you are alone. And how wrong we are. There is always somebody else who is single too and you can end up having a great time and may be making a new friend a long the way…..

  8. Esmeralda Montenegro says:

    For me it is a regular day. I will either go to movies or just go to a furniture shop and see how I can redecorate my house 🙂

  9. Diana Boughner says:

    👍💖Thank you Stephanie. Happy Valentine's Day to me, and you 💕💕

  10. Maliayah Caffey says:

    This Valentine's Day l will dance and have fun . I am self care this year . And also do you and your worth and your power come within yourself. 😚🤗😍 Happy Valentine's Day

  11. N D says:

    This was perfect. Perfetto. Thank you!

  12. Soulinaearthsuit says:

    Ever since I went MGTOW, I've never been happier in my life!

  13. Jon Dough says:

    Lets have some consideration for the new source on valentines day with the ex narc. Lmfao. Staying single for this valentines 🙂 narc free. Yay!

  14. Shary Alonzo says:

    Love this message! Thank you! Happy Valentine's day everyone! Love yourself 1st! ❤️

  15. Esme Spring says:

    You are beyond fabulous…..thank you for this; your words are the wind beneath my wings ♡.

  16. Dawn Turner says:

    You really give us all the best advice!…❤

  17. overdnet says:

    Thank you very much! Wonderful advice. ❤

  18. Tonya Thomas says:

    The single life is a peaceful life. Enjoying loving me and it feels so darn good 😍😍Went on a nine hour shopping spree with my very close friends and it was amazing. Happy ❤❤❤❤'s Day to me 💋💋

  19. Adi Foodies says:

    Really good advice. Thanks.

  20. Mala Anand says:

    Such an inspirational advice… Love you.

  21. Mala Anand says:

    Such an inspirational advice… Love you.

  22. sheen0212 says:

    Thank you Stephanie, you are awesome!!

  23. 808080 says:

    I have divorce mediation this valentines day 🙁 . So horribly ironic. And it will probably be nothing but a waste of time, money and mental energy. I will try to do something for myself this weekend, though 🙂

  24. Priscilla Page says:

    Thank you so much for a much needed positive spin on what will be my first Valentines alone in 19 years. This and your other videos have been such a source of help and comfort during the last couple of months.

  25. Esther Kuria says:

    single and proud

  26. NoPCsHere says:

    I'm a man who has escaped a marriage to a narc wife and in-laws. Divorce is pending and I am slowly re-entering the dating scene & meeting women again, after a year of separation and rebuilding my life through re-learning some favorite sports & traveling, which continues now. Valentine's has left me depressed before, but after a year away from dating/relationships I am happy to start meeting women again. Thank you Stephanie for this video…it will help!

  27. Blessed Blessed says:

    My daughter wanted to be my Valentine's 💖 so we going to have an awesome day together imma make her spaghetti just enjoy each other company count our blessings

  28. Mariam Arshad says:

    love ur ring!!

  29. P M says:

    LMAO "OMG does he have a weird toe…" It's 11pm, my kids are asleep, and I'm laughing my ass off. Soooo needed that lol

  30. A Beautiful Journey says:

    🍃🌷Thank you, Stephanie.🌷🍃

  31. John Fontenot says:

    if I met you tomorrow, I'd never want to be single again. You're intriguing. But I'm healing right now, so I'm not healthy at this point in my life. Happy Valentine's day though! 😁

  32. Pixie says:

    Amen! I’m recently divorced after 31 years of narcissistic abuse, and I’m really enjoying my singlehood! I’d rather be single for the rest of my life than ever again be with someone who’s abusive and doesn’t cherish me. 💗💗💗

  33. Tasha Woody says:


  34. Gabbie Fulton says:

    Thank you for creating this wonderful video and giving me some tools to use

  35. Gabbie Fulton says:

    I am going to do a yoga workout / mediation session, next do massages on my neck and shoulder then I am going to do a home spa day with candles lit up, eat my favorite foods and really enjoy eating and I am going to watch all of my favorite romance movies and then recite positive quotes to myself.

  36. Brenda T says:

    My separation was a week ago. This Valentine's Day I'm going to focus on me, I will treat myself well 🙂

  37. Makeup Darling says:

    Hi, Stephanie!
    I wholeheartedly agree with you.
    It’s important to take time for oneself, especially after a breakup or a divorce.
    I’ve been watching several of your videos and I truly appreciate your advice and helpful content.
    Thanks for all you do! ☺️

  38. rebecca says:

    I livveee by this

  39. CoverGirl1111 Robinson says:

    Thank you Stephanie.. I loved it❤️

  40. Boho Momma 1111 says:


  41. Sara.Sweet.N.Sinful179 says:

    Yesss woman!! I really like someone at the moment, but I do wanna be single for a while. I want to know I’m ok on my own. I want to build my confidence and just fully love me. Because my last relationship was a mess. I had a child with him but he turned out to be a controlling narcissist that I completely lost myself and who I really am and want to be.

  42. LTI says:

    She single?❤️can I buy you a drink?

  43. Gcas 10 says:

    Wishing I was single.

  44. Nile and Moon says:

    Yes! I have got to a place now relationships are more of a risk than being single because I'm so happy single. I'm healthy, developing myself career wise & have great friends & family so either someone amazing shows up or I'm good.

  45. Latrina Lovesmusic says:

    Yes Indeed enjoy being single! I’m Going shopping !!😀👍🏾

  46. Erica Fly says:

    Almost 5 years single post narc. I have grown SOOOO MUCH! And accomplished and maintained many goals. Thanks fir this video Stephanie💕

  47. Andre Chasseraux says:

    I love your videos!
    Thank you, Stephanie!

  48. Quincy Hammond says:

    She's right I'm about living your best life. If any of you ladies are interested, guys keep in tough with the fun happy girl. I've never not called that girl back because she gave it up too soon or she wasn't on my same page about something else in life. That really fun, positive, living her best life girl is irresistible if there is otherwise a mutual chemistry. That's me being positive. Happy Valentines Day to you all.

  49. Sheena Flanagan says:

    You always make me feel so good! I was feeling a bit annoyed about Valentine's day, but now, I am appreciative of where I am right now because I'm working on myself.

  50. MGTOW MONK says:

    "Of course they want to be in a relationship…."

    What about people who are not trying to be in a relationship? Just wanted to suggest rephrasing this to unconditionally embrace all single people. I think for both sexes you can only be healthy if you are happy with yourself. If you are looking for some other person to validate you then you are not grounded and not as healthy as you should be.

    I'm not saying to reject relationships unconditionally. I'm saying to be indifferent to romantic relationships and to accept them for what they are because physical validation is always conditional and unconditional self-love is more important and more stable.

  51. chad reyes says:

    Hey coach i really need your help. i hope you can read this. My wife broke up with me last december. At first ofc i do the wrong things begging crying name it i did it. I do no contact she reaches out. We live together for 7 years and we have a very beautiful daughter. The thing is i messed up everytime she reaches out i always want to get back asap. I always freak out and tell same bs everytime. She wants me to take care of my daughter every weekend. So the connection is always there. Everytime i freak out she still always give me a chance though shes so hard on me sometimes she reply to my messages sometimes she dont and its killin me. Theres a point she told me that she forgives me to all the bad things i made in the past that lead to break up and her love for me is the same she just needs time dor herself something that shes unable to have cause he dedicate her life to me and my daughter. And she will never love another man except her daughters father. Now shes not textin me again cause o freaked out again the other night cause im drunk. But before goin to sleep i always call her to check our daughter and so i can talk to her so i can hear her voice after a whole day of loneliness. Shes answering the call though after 3-5 times of calling before she answer. Shes tellin me what shes doin how she do things and what our daughter is doing. Sometimes she ask me who im with in our house. After we talk at night shes always in that tough mood i dont know how to explain it, she talks but act like she doesnt have emotion she always want me to feel confused or mad. Im thinking shes testing me. And everytime she will talk to other people she always says all she wants is me to change.

  52. Helena GG says:

    Stephanie, YOU IS AMAZING! Happy, Happy Valentine😍😘

  53. Sandra Knapska says:

    Thank you for this video <3

  54. Go-go Akins says:

    Happy Valentine's Day Stephanie lyn! Your utubes rock👍🌹

  55. Haroon Daniel says:

    wow incredible video

  56. Sian Megginson says:

    We are socialised into a couple society and taught that you are nobody until you find your soul mate and the opposite is true also people say I have found my other half which really means you are only a whole person when in a couple. Dont be half a person .

  57. Brownwoman ofGod says:

    I'm okay so far today, however, Valentine's hasn't always been easy for me not just because I'm single but it just seems like a reminder to every relationship that didn't work and every heartbreak.

    I will go to ans ok niles event after therapy tonight. Not so that I can get a man, but just so that I can be social and not moping around the house. I also bought myself some chocolate covered strawberries and will hopefully get to pamper myself over the weekend.

    The romance part of my life has been very hard along with working on childhood traumas, but I look forward to more alone time. I want to travel more, get my health in order (mentally, physically, emotionally), move in a few months, and just start over.

  58. Wellington's Boots says:

    Coming from an abusive marriage Valentine's day is hard. I wish I had seen this video yesterday. But for next year's Valentine's if I am still alone it is totally doing me time!

  59. Adam Morgan says:

    Happy Valentines Stephanie ♥️ from England.

  60. Shelli Anne says:

    Thank you Stephanie! I’m still a work in progress but I can honestly say it’s taking me half my life to embrace self-love. Not in a selfish narcissistic way, but to make goals, be self-determined, change my thinking (from ruminating neg thoughts) and appreciate what and who I do have in my life. Happy Valentines Day!❤️

  61. Charles Potts says:

    I could give a rats ass if i ever see another valentines day.

  62. Lrigylrucnj R says:

    Yes!!! Thank you!!!! I wish I had found you a year ago!!!

  63. May의이제 혼자 있어도 외롭지 않아 says:

    Always so much healing to listen to you. Thank you so much 😍

  64. Jordon West says:

    Thank you sooo much, Stephanie, for all of your great insight and coaching. I was moving on, after a horrible marriage… and about to sign divorce papers…then found out my soon to be ex has cancer, and wants my support. I have my own place, and our finances our seperate, no kids..and was so enjoying getting my life back…but I really feel I should help him through the chemo, etc. Do you have any suggestions on how I should handle this situation?

  65. M Davis says:

    I needed this!!!!!! I just clicked the Subscribe button!!!!🤸🏽‍♀️🍾😁

  66. Missy Presley says:

    Thank you so much! I found you at just the right time! ♥️

  67. Jeff Mcilroy says:

    I’ve been single for 10 years now.. I love it.. now that my kids are older there’s nobody to rob me of my time and energy.. I don’t get lonely , I get bored sometimes so I head out to the gym or go for a drive, whatever I want. Thanks so much for all you videos.. I’m a middle aged man who wishes I’d learned this stuff a long time ago, I’ve always been taught that being selfish was a bad thing but it’s not at all..your advice is very helpful in getting me to start enjoying my life again👍

  68. Jeff Mcilroy says:

    I went to my local bar to have a pint on Valentine’s Day.. the waitress who I’ve seen many times gave me a look of sadness that she felt bad for me.. I didn’t go because I was drowning my sorrows, I went to celebrate my contentment in being alone in a world full of people who are stuck in relationships they don’t want to be in.

  69. Mon Anthony Era says:

    Thank you, I love it. Very helpful. How did you know that you have a calling to be a coach?

  70. Aida Amorre says:

    I've been single for 2 years. Took time to work on myself, but I'm over this. 😭 Being single sucks….plain and simple!

  71. L TF says:

    Valentine’s Day not…Singles Appreciation Day

  72. Julieanne Francis Ugay says:


  73. JK says:

    A little late viewing this video but awesome advice 😘🙏🏻🤗

  74. Jonathan Vermillion says:

    ❤️❤️❤️well said

  75. Wendy Wolf says:

    Thank you! I did exactly that, went out with a friend for a walk in the sunshine, picknick and dinner at her house. It was a really lovely day 😍

  76. Chee Nee says:

    You are helping me so much right now … thank you for these videos.. you have a big heart!!!

  77. Im only BRAVE if I have 2 says:

    Beautiful you in and out,💟💟💟💟💟

  78. swright4twenty says:

    On Valentines day what i did for myself was fly to Houston and have sex with someone that is really good at. He gave me roses and took me out to eat and we took in the sights of Houston and we caught a good movie. I don't suggest most people do this because most people need the attachment after sex. I just needed to sex and it was actually really fun the whole weekend. That's my friend for life.

  79. Zorbacci O says:

    Stephanie you are an angel sent from heaven.

  80. Hans Donet says:

    Great!!! Lesson One after a break.

  81. NUR Adam says:

    Love love love thisss!!! Thank you Stephanie for sharing such beautiful and empoweringg messages ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. creator says:

    Thanks so much. I have some things I can do to go out and grab some joy.
    Some weight has been lifted.
    It means a lot to me.

  83. bksusmc says:

    Preach! Yes, so excited with my new life.

  84. Lori B says:

    I wish I had been single! Lol
    My ex narc (I broke up with him a month ago) came over, we had dinner. He was angry with everyone in his life and vented on and on about it. I was nervous the whole time. (knowing that the anger was going to get turned on me at any second)
    Sure enough as soon as the last chocolate covered strawberry was eaten, I got verbally attacked with hatred and anger. I refuted his attack and remarks. He stormed out of my house and ignored me for 5 days. I was NOT going to contact him. I was done if he did not come forward. He did contact me, finally. No apology for his behavior, only for walking out. I should have ended it then. (Or many other times before that!!)
    At least I am free now.
    Next Valentine's day I will buy myself pink roses! 🌹🌹🌹

  85. Integrative -Holistic Living says:

    I feel no lack! I am living in my body. So happy with my life and this does not take away from the fact that my life partner will come along! Yay me🤗

  86. Lee from L.A. says:

    Always healthy advice, positive vibe, and helpful guidance!!

  87. LeeMarten says:

    Such a great video, thank you so much for your work! Means a lot😊🍀

  88. Emy Imane says:

    Thaanks ur soo sweeet love the advice keep going 💪💋

  89. Roger Penndorf says:

    Great advice .!!! Thanks Stephanie

  90. shelbi spicer says:

    What were some of the books you read for working on self love?

  91. Alan Cohen says:

    Once you get to you to your place of contentment and discover the value of living in the moment and doing all the work to get to where you want to be Learn to genuinely embrace your happiness alone. Being happy within yourself means to truly love The law of attraction will kick in and you will know immediately that this person is simply not for your and of course on the positive side, where you are in your life, at peace, balanced and know what a healthy relationship should feel like, do the hard work to take care of yourself. Write down what it is exactly what relationship you would like to be in, only then are you ready, and it will come when you least expect it. Learn to quiet your ego," the monkeys" will deceive you every time. Remember that your mind is filled with illusionary thoughts and is never based on reality. It will always try to deceive you and keep you stuck, fight it, resist and tell yourself that these thoughts are not real and that your actions are far stronger, this is not your true core, this is not the real you, let these thoughts go, or learn to ignore them..if you don't they are destined to control and paralyze you, but only if you let the monkeys dominate and control your. behaviors you will find yourself frustrated and be filled with pain, suffering and the inability to move forward. The beauty in life is that there is always hope, every day is a new beginning. Take advantage of every moment, treasure these moments because they may never come again. Maybe you didn't have such a great beginning in life, but the past is in the past. You have opportunities every day to make changes, to grow and develop into the person you want to be., Don't expect other people to come to you, take initiative and just go for it. In order to have an amazing life. The worst thing that could happen is that in your final days, that you realize the only regret is that you never went after my desires, you settled and really never truly got what you wanted and deserved, and and your dreams were abandoned because you allowed yourself to stay stuck, and all along you were holding held back because of the "monkeys" in your head. After you have sacrificed so much and invested so much time into healing yourself and celebrating your life as much as possible. Do you not deserve the chance to reap the benefits?
    Discover the virtue of selfishness, become your best friend, endure, stay strong and be a great self-parent, create boundaries, have standards and be disciplined enough to live your convictions, so that you may attract someone who shares your feelings, and is supportive and loving as an equal that you deserve. That person is out there they also long for this amazing new life, they are in the healing themselves just as much as you are. You deserve to be with that person! Thanks, Stephanie for sharing your experiences, inspiration, motivation, and guidance. Your videos provide soulful-wisdom with practical life application skillsets with self-awareness. Thank you for being part of my journey as I and all your viewers discover their potential for an awesome life!.

  92. Luke Dale says:


  93. LocalTourist says:

    It is probably easier to embrace when we have lots of other options.

  94. Christina Hilton says:

    LOVE this and needed it so much- Thank you!

  95. J Bui says:

    I cannot stop hitting the like button! Thank you very much! This video gives me a new valuable insight. I’m gonna start changing my thoughts and take control of my life.

  96. Lisa R says:

    I can't help but like every video!! ❤❤

  97. Speedster Speedy says:

    Coach, Great direction and inspiration.
    Motivated- thanks

  98. Karisa Ann says:

    This video is EVERYTHING! I’m recently single and I was already thinking about what am I going to do for Sweetest Day which is in October here in Michigan. Thanks to your video I’m going to be so darn selfish! Hello Singleness

  99. SF says:

    Epic advice! And timely! Just what I needed, thanks!

  100. Jennifer V says:

    You talk so fast. This was brilliant

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