Emergency Candle Kit DIY For Emergencies- Prepping Power Outages No Electricity


make an emergency candle kit hi it’s AlaskaGranny every emergency kit needs some candles look for no drip unscented or odorless candles emergency candles they usually last about 5 hours each they are great for providing light a little bit of heat and candles can even be used for cooking gather lighters matches and strike anywhere matches so you have a variety of ways to light your candles put your candles into a jar add your matches and lighter screw on the lid now you have an emergency candle kit you can use your emergency candle kit ready to go in any emergency situation power outage situation off grid living you can now provie some light in the darkest night with emergency candles matches in a jar as a DIY emergency light kit learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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5 thoughts on “Emergency Candle Kit DIY For Emergencies- Prepping Power Outages No Electricity”

  1. Mario Mosin says:

    Great tips

  2. will ames says:

    cool idea with the jar, wouldn't have thought of that! thanks!

  3. Jeff swiney says:

    I like this idea!

  4. Nicole W. says:

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Robert Tolley says:

    I like that idea nice!

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