Endocube 26%saving on electricity bill(Cold Storage) 26% 전기료 절감 냉장/냉동 식품온도기반시스템

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they’ve been making wax a British refinery for 90 years spank body parts to Madame Tussauds and snow wax for the Harry Potter films it’s a traditional process heating up the vats to a hundred degrees but today’s wax sausage is destined for a very modern purpose forming the heart of a new gadget designed to cut your fridges energy use connected to the fridges thermostat inside there’s some wax now this mimics the quality of food thus giving a better indication of how cold the actual items in your fridge are we’re imitating food so it only switches on when the food temperature demands it so it’s coming on less it comes on yeah typically reduces from about 12 times an hour starting up to about four here on the embankment at the river bank Plaza they’ve installed 160 in every fridge and cold room we’ve got about eight sizes 106 the plaza was spending three quarters of a million pounds on electricity a year for changing writing programs fitting energy-saving bulbs is saving them about 13 percent on their more salient prospects 17,000 pound or foreign electricity though I’ve scratched about 30% of our refrigeration costs it generates more business for us corporate business nowadays are looking for more energy away companies to set their business to fitting one to every industrial fridge could save a million tons of carbon a year and despite initial skepticism several leisure chains and now supermarkets are conducting full-scale trials under wind Stanley BBC London News

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