Energy & Electricity in Science : How Heat Can Produce Electricity

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Hi I’m Steve Jones and I’m going to explain
how heat is going to produce electricity. The first thing we have in this diagram is
a boiler and the boiler will produce steam. How can we produce the steam? The answer is
we can produce it from things like nuclear energy if we wish, a nuclear reactor. We could
also use coal or we could use oil or gas. These are the common fuels for producing the
steam in a power station. From this stage the boiler producing the steam at a very high
temperature usually may be about 300 Celsius. The steam goes into what is called a turbine
which is like a large propeller. This turbine rotates. The rotation of the turbine drives
the generator and the generator generates electricity. Now the interesting part of the
system is in fact that it is the heat which is producing the electricity. It doesn’t matter
what kind of power station you have the last three stages of this process are all the same.
It is only the boiler, the heat producing device which is different and uses different
fuels so if you can devise any kind of fuel which will produce gases, hot gases like steam
in sufficient quantities you can create yourself an electricity generating station and power

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