Energy Innovation and Fishermans Bend

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Energy is an essential service is
important to all of us in our lives and it’s also a critical input into our
economy. Industry build and operate the entire transport sector and the energy sector. Most of the energy generation we have today is getting old in terms of its natural lifespan that all needs t o be replaced. We have a lot of brains, we have a lot of energy, we have a lot of youth in the form of our students but we need to really deeply engage with those who have the problems and then we really marshal our efforts to focus on solving that problem. That requires the University of Melbourne and industry to collaborate and partner. Fishermans Bend
is the new University of Melbourne campus where we’re inviting industry and
researchers and students to come together to collaborate, to be innovative
and creating cities of tomorrow. The Fishermans Bend precinct is very exciting because it brings together scientists, engineers, mathematicians, people like me from industry. You have good ideas, you can do good modeling but you have to convince people that it works that’s what Fishermans Bend will enable us to do. To try and tackle the major challenges of the sector and importantly have the physical space to do that. With our research we’re trying to address
so-called energy trilemma make energy more affordable, more sustainable and more reliable. Viridian Energy Australia is an
energy generator. We have wind farms and hydropower stations across Australia. We do research in energy systems, social aspects of energy, environmental aspects
but most important we’re integrating all of them together because this is the
only way to deliver on the challenges that we are facing. It means zero emission power generation at Fishermans Bend, across the city of
Melbourne, in our country towns but similarly clean transport, probably
silent and hopefully all of this very reliable and very affordable Fishermans Bend will be a great global innovation hub for everyone. My hope will be that my research can be useful for future generation to live in a more sustainable world. The legacy I would like to leave is a decarbonized economy so that we can limit the impacts of climate change as much as possible. Dealing with energy in a sustainable way I believe will be the greatest legacy we can leave our children.

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