Energy Storage Breakthroughs


Wind and solar powered generation is expanding, but one challenge we face is how to store that energy when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Here are three innovative companies searching for breakthroughs to solve this
challenge. For the first time ever, renewable power is cheaper than fossil intensive fuel sources. I mean that’s a remarkable statement. Malta’s mission is to enable the supply of reliable, resilient, and affordable electricity anywhere in the world. And we’re doing that by developing an energy storage technology that is long duration and cost competitive. The Malta system is very simple. On the front end as the electricity comes
in it basically operates a heat pump. What you’re doing is taking the hot side and storing that in molten salt and salt stores heat very well. And you’re taking the cold side and storing that in an antifreeze solution. And then when the electricity is needed to go back out to the grid, what you’re doing is basically reversing that
process. Quidnet is taking the largest form of energy
storage today, which is called pumped hydro storage. Effectively running water up and down a hill. And we’re just bringing that to regions where there are no hills and it’s all flat
terrain. For pumped hydro storage the majority of the cost is building the dam and constructing on the
side, and on the top of the mountain. With Quidnet’s subsurface, geo-mechanical
pump storage we take that cost and bring it down about
an order of magnitude. A Quidnet facility essentially involves a
surface pond, a mechanical room, and a well. When the system is charging water is pulled from the pond and pumped down into the well and kept at high pressure. When we’re discharging, the high-pressure water is allowed to come
back up through the well, flowing through the turbine, and back into
the pond. Form Energy’s bidirectional power plants are quite different from other kinds of energy
storage. Lithium ion is one that most people know. Whereas lithium ion batteries are fantastic
sprinters you would never take a sprinter and ask that sprinter to run a marathon. In our case what we are going after is a very different kind of race. In that marathon racer is a different electrochemical
challenge. To smooth out those intermittencies over long
periods of time. Days, weeks, or potentially even months. The bidirectional power plant operates under the same principles that any energy storage device does. You have a source of charging and then it’s discharged according to the value maximizing algorithm
that we have developed. We use earth abundant elements and we use elements which are non-toxic and
very benign. Every day I can wake up and tell myself that I’m doing something about climate change. That I’m doing something that matters, that will matter to my children’s generation. The window for solving these problems isn’t
that long. Being able to dedicate our capabilities by
doing something about that is what finally keeps us going and excited. Humans are incredibly and endlessly inventive. I do like the idea that we’re just going to
go do it.

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    Bill for ordinary people like me…the solar panel, heat pump etc are still too expensive.if the government really serious, they could have help to make it cheaper for average person to afford it.
    The storage batteries are still at infancy and expensive..

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    Man, this guy looks so professional in his videos, he should try to make a company.
    He seems capable.

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    It's time to go nuclear

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    just found this channel today. i really enjoy the videos I’ve seen.

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    Why not mention something like Biological Hydrogen Methanation or Anaerobic Digestion as a method of energy storage? “Power-To-Gas”

  18. Jerry Watson says:

    Thank you, great info and true hope for the future. Now we need laws to make it happen in the next 10 years. I subscribed because I am tired of Trump and the Republican BS about climate change.

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    What about Tesla?

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    Nice to see what other solutions are out there and it's awesome that you spread the message of this super important topic in the US as specially. We have ways to deal with climachange around the world. Almost all scientist agree that we have to change now and can afford it we just have to do it and need to decide which way we choose and is most efficient. People like you got so much influence I really appreciate your perspective on things and that you can see the need for future generations.

  25. BnB Recordz says:

    Hydrogen will be the future for storage I think working hand in hand with natural energies like wind and air to store the swaying between huge Energieswings and lows. And like skandinavia with the water energie and dams cause when you have enough water in one place it's easy to control it.

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    You could have a huge weight on tracks going up a slope which would be pulled up with unneeded power and it would turn a generator during peak demand.

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    My 100% Renewable Energy Blog

    * Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer

    * Double Tidal Lagoon Baseload Scheme

    * Off-Shore Electricity from Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Power

    * World’s biggest-ever pumped-storage hydro-scheme, for Scotland?

    * Search for sites to build new pumped-storage hydroelectricity schemes

    * Glasa Morie Glass Pumped-Storage Hydro Scheme

    * Let’s supersize × 1000 the tiny Glasa hydro scheme!

    * Modelling of wind and pumped-storage power

    * Scotland Electricity Generation – my plan for 2020

    * South America – GREAT for Renewable Energy

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    It's all nonsense compared to gen4 nuclear energy.

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    Keep making more breakthroughs in green energy and green energy storage. Make everything way more efficient. We can do it people, keep pushing through it…..

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    Perhaps I should invest in Malta and Quidnet. Thanks Bill.

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    Every place in a city or town that water falls from height should be used for energy . All storm drains and eve and drain troughs etc . Buildings should catch water and drop it through turbines and on and on ! The solutions are there we just need to implement them !

  48. Luke Horimoto says:

    Damn, Bill. You got some nifty vids.

  49. Engr. Rushd says:

    Out of these three systems which is the best can be determined by comparing the overall Efficiency and Cost involved for the Project.
    Each system have merits and demerits.

  50. Cyril P says:

    A great company to watch in the energy storage space is Bushveld Energy and their VRFB (Vanadium Redox Flow Battery)

  51. Lutfi Belajar Sesuatu says:

    Electrolysis, water pump/dam, and any others. (energy storage)

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  58. yutuniopati says:

    A complete waste of time, only lithium-ion (or sodium-ion) batteries storage systems will be massively used. They are getting cheaper and cheaper, they are compact so the cost of land is minimal, they are reliable, can deliver a lot of power really quickly…

    Take a look at what Tesla did in Australia, this is just the begining…

  59. Phil M says:

    This is wonderful! There was no mention of windmills causing cancer 😂

  60. Jan Rozema says:

    What do you think about lithium titanate batteries ?
    (Apperatly they are not as much of a fire hazard as lithium polymer batteries, more for inhome usage)

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    Thanks Bill! It's good to see you helping out and bringing awareness to these initiatives!

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    Molten Salt, Pressured Water and New "Long Term" battery with unknown chemistry for grid storage.

    Hardly new, getting a well funded feeling instead of a breakthrough / garage energy.

  67. Edward Korwek says:

    This is going to do nothing but keep the electric grid in charge of providing power for a monthly check. The future is with solid state batteries!

  68. john says:

    hey keep killing all those endangered birds with all your wind farms people.

  69. Dusty says:

    So Vanadium flow batteries and Ion seem ready to go but what about South Africa and North Korea hold majority of the elements?

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    So Billg got about a hundred dollars from me for every computer I built or used, whether it had Windows on it or not, told me Linux was a cancer… and now the same man is selling an energy storage technology that relies on the compress-ability of water… Either the explanation was exceptionally bad, (which would be worrying in other ways) or I suggest Mr Gates, you go repeat y-7 physics. Water is a liquid, and like all liquids, it is incompressible. You can no more store energy in compressed water than you can in self-righteous moral indignation or bottled resentment.

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    Just like most homes have a water storage we need most homes to have a electricity system…

  74. Mark Patterson says:

    That Quidnet idea was confusing. As they storing energy by keeping water in an underground vat under high pressure?

  75. random x says:

    First one is thermal storage and the second is pressurized storage. Isn't that old tho??

  76. None none says:

    these people have horrible idea's why not just convert the energy into chemical fuels

  77. Red Squirrel says:

    The technology is there, governments just need to let go of their big oil and actually implement it. There's no reason why we can't be on 100% green electricity today.

  78. METO U says:

    solar panels are not silicon…they are carbon based…graphene…with a conductor on top of it…should be the other way around…carbon is very conductive and a neutral atom…put it on top of copper foil tape and use a full bridge rectifier and a capacitor…and encase it to protect it then you got yourself a solar panel that is way better than the ones you buy and cost a few$ to build

  79. Richard Tomkins says:

    Liquid Metal Batteries, the proper storage solution
    This technology is ready today.

  80. Corpsie Corpsie says:

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    well, its energy… its renewable… considering running costs and maintenance? not so efficient,

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    If we can somehow tap into the world's trapped resentment and hate for each other… It's a never ending, abundant energy supply.

  84. bowblizz says:

    Call me stupid but, what was Form doing again?

  85. Mike McDaniels says:

    Right. You pump water underground, in my area, and it is GONE! It takes a special strata to hold pressurized anything.

  86. David McDonald says:

    Like to see Quidnet Energy partner with Energy vault gravity storage.
    Form Energy is sketchy.

  87. André Fréchette says:

    Bad bad video! Marketing stuff only therefore dishonest… boo…

  88. Joe Milosch says:

    Good show. That heat storage in molten salt is a great addition to to the plans for Molten Salt Reactors. I just wonder how Bill Gates voice still sounds like he's a teenager. 🙂

  89. Robert Ancona says:

    I had an idea to improve tidal power lagoons. Renewable energy could be used to pump the lagoon lower than low tide and pump it higher than high tide thereby turning tidal lagoons into both a renewable energy source and short-term energy storage device. Further, within the sheltered lagoon floating homes, restaurants and other amenities would help offset some of the lagoon construction costs.

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  91. Stephen Podesta says:

    Total rubbish renewable energy is more expensive, out power bills have trippled since renewables were implemented in the last 10 years.

  92. John Varnell says:

    What are the losses for each of these 30% 40%??????

  93. Ab Ba says:

    I know the BEST Earth-natural energy dense storage, all natural….OIL and gas ! Holy mackerel…. 100% natural not man-made, all natural earth nature created energy source. 🙂

  94. Ab Ba says:

    Gates…. getting a little old, can't seem to complete his thoughts anymore.

  95. Justin Dailey says:

    I love the positivity that you bring to the discussion of climate change.

  96. David Bunney says:

    OK but you don't address the practicality questions

  97. Tom Meyers says:

    California sidewalks… in a few years we will be able to begin fracking them…

  98. realvanman1 says:

    Sounds interesting, but leaves me with more questions than I started with lol. What is it? A giant sterling engine?? And don't talk to me about "doing something about (presumably human caused) climate change" if you're not going to talk about solving the fundamental problem at the same time. There are BILLIONS of us humans where there should be Millions.

  99. Billder Inbaja says:

    The topic of energy storage is key to growth of wind/solar power generation and displacement of petrochem power generation… thus CRITICAL to the story of global warming and national security thru energy independence. Thus, I'm a bit disappointed in the thin-coverage in this video… you could do 1/2 hour on the tech each of these companies is developing and still have lot's to tell.

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