Ep. 1: Why Isn’t Renewable Energy Sexier?

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Why isn’t it more sexy or cool, is
there anything about its evolution or its history or the story we’ve created
thus far that’s that’s rendered it sort of into the dustbin of cool things
to talk about? Because in reality all the things that are going on or sort of
maybe the coolest things that we have to offer as Americans right now. Yeah, I
think there are a couple aspects to this you know one of them is that time was it
was a different story you know Thomas Edison was a pretty cool dude in his day
yeah why Tesla was like a really edgy cool dude in his day and this was the
most interesting thing going on around you now I think it’s hard it’s faded
into the fabric of our existence it’s something we expect just to happen when
we turn on the switch and it’s not something that you can see or touch if
you had a friend who ran around constantly obsessing about you know the
ghosts that we’re flitting in and out of every home that you can’t see and you
can’t feel and they don’t really affect you but they’re really important you’d
probably think that they were neurotic crazy or both you might be thought of
that way yeah if you obsess about these mysterious
electrons that somehow no one has ever seen yeah well that said I think on the
other side it’s a different story you know who is the most celebrated
entrepreneur in the u.s. right now it is Elon Musk
what does Elon Musk done Tesla you know as a member of a board of directors
chairman Solar City and SpaceX all of which are about energy and resources in
different ways so I I’m not sure this is the completely 100% dorky topic yeah
maybe the 98% topic but there are points a light you know an energy there’s a
challenge in the things that are important are not necessarily the things
that look cool you know on one hand we have a whole bunch of technologies
available to us today that are good and what takes things like that from good to
great is unglamorous and unsexy continued effort nobody celebrates the
dude at the plant who figured out, “I can run this conveyor belt 1.2 times faster
and increased solar panel output.” But when you do that, they end up costing
less, and that little change on top of another change and another change and
another change gets you to the point where you’re economically competitive.

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