Factors on Which Heating Effect of Current Depends (JEL05A)

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let us now discuss the factors, on which heating
effect of current depends. we already discussed that, a current when flows through a metal
wire, it produces heat. and we’ve discussed that in case of different materials, the amount
of heat produced is different. here we’re going to discuss all the major factors, on
which this heating effect depends. and here we can write, there are, 4 main factors, on
which, heating effect, in a metal wire, depends, when a current is passes through it, when
a current flows through it. here we’re listing all these factors 1 by 1, but more details
of these factors, is beyond the scope of junior physics lectures, that we’ll study in higher
grades. these factors must be kept in mind. the very 1st 1 is, amount of, current passed,
in wire. as amount of current passed in wire increases, more heat is produced. and we already
discussed that the amount of current, depends on the strength of battery or, number of cells,
used in the circuit, or in the battery. as number of cells increases, more current flows.
so in wire, the amount of heat produced will be more. another factor we’ve already discussed,
that is material of wire. for different material wires, even same amount of current produces
different amount of heat. another important factor is time, for which, current is passed.
as we’ve discussed when a current flows through wire, it continuously produces heat.
so if current is passed for a longer duration, the total amount of heat produced will be
more, and for a shorter duration the total amount of heat will be less. and the most
important factor, is length, and, thickness of the wire used. we’ve discussed that,
the amount of heat produced depends on the material of wire. but along with material
it also depends on the dimensions of the wire. if for the same material, we take 2 wires
which are having different length or thicknesses. it is possible that, for same amount of current
in the 2 wires, amount of heat produced will be different. so keep in mind that these are
the 4 factors, major factors for which the amount of, heat produced in a metal wire depends,
when current flows through it.

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