FireVolt Systems – 200 Watt Thermoelectric Generator Core for Instove 60L


The FireVolt Thermoelectric Core, is an electrical generator that produces electricity from firewood and cold water The system operates through “temperature difference” the hotter the firebox and the cooler the water, the more electricity is produced. A year and half ago, I went on a search for a stove that I could use as a “platform”. What I discovered, was a stove that was already doing such great things in the world, that it seemed the perfect platform from which to springboard my device. What also makes this so compelling, is that the stove is already being used in 23 countries around the world! In many cases it is the cornerstone of both food production and relief efforts So it seemed to me, the stove was already predisposed to some of the harshest scenarios. So, meet the InStove! (this is the 60 Liter version) The stove was originally designed to alleviate the need to cook on inefficient and health -averse open fires . But take a closer look at the modular design… In there, I saw the perfect opportunity to implement a Thermoelectric Generator unlike anything seen before and at a scale that was not being offered to the public At least, not at this time. InStove is already addressing some of the core needs of these developing countries. Indoor Air Polution Fuel Usage, Stable Cooking, Safe to Touch, The stove is highly insulated and you can place your hand right on the outside of the stove body, when it is at its highest core temperature. However, I was thinking… after you’ve filled your belly, you often want to do something, with your mind. But you certainly can’t bother learning new things, or reading new things, or going on the internet, if you are hungry. So the stove first and foremost provides food. where FireVolt comes in, is with what you want to do *after* you’ve eaten… You’d like to either learn something, or go on the internet, or listen to the radio. But, all those things require electricity! So, FireVolt provides that particular solution and, gives you the hot water to do your dishes afterwords, and take a shower, etc. “We’ve got a hundred Watts coming out of the Outback charge controller…” We’ve got 72 Watts going into the lighting… “which is definitely doing its job” But, we’re sitting pretty right at 100 (watts) and the Core voltage is 20.1v Alright folks, well I’m going to wrap this up and let the cool down cycle begin and get to throwing this video out there for you guys to check it out So thanks for taking the time to watch all this and I look forward to talking shop! Take care!

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10 thoughts on “FireVolt Systems – 200 Watt Thermoelectric Generator Core for Instove 60L”

  1. FireVolt Systems says:

    Yes, today you can get this as a fully operational Kit, however we require a consultation and chat beforehand, to make sure you know what you want. The casual consumer "press a button and buy it" version will arrive next year.

  2. Bonnie Ball says:

    This would be a perfect thing to have for off grid living as well as for an alternative to solar power. We live in an area that does not get a lot of sun during the winter months. This is of very high interest to me. Would love more information.

  3. Ian Corporon says:

    Nice to see you bring this tech to who needs it. Looks like you have active cooling. I wanted to make similar device for temperate climates. Heat from the wood stove vs sub zero outside should provide a nice temperature difference. But I lack any type of engineering degree. Everything is trial an error at my place. 🙂 Rocket stoves FTW.

  4. ladeene06 says:

    Great idea! Great video! Groovy sales pitch! A+ Luv It*

  5. Starali Mistriel says:

    I am in the learning about it stage and am thoroughly impressed with the Instove 60L and all its cool features, so am looking to go off the grid, and possibly move to a third world country if things get bad in this country. I am a public school teacher who has always worked with poverty, at risk populations, so sharing what I do or use is a natural thing for me because doing so creates a better life not only for me but the community around me. Guess I am too old to be in the Peace Corps as an option. Would like to get information on costs, weight, and any restrictions. Thank you! Star 🙂

  6. mu lin zhan says:

    Thermonamic Electronics Corp sells a biomass stove with a built-in 10W TEG generator for 190USD. Provided a top grate it could be used for cooking.

  7. Tukimin Good says:

    hello mister, How many TEG do you use to get 200 watt?

  8. m p says:

    Is this a joke? Your plan is to generate 200 Watts per hour using tegs with an efficiency of maybe 5% in a 50% efficient stove? So basically your trading 8kw per hour in fuel for a measly 200 Watts and charging 5k for the setup. People should be investing in real solutions like diesel generators or solar. Either one generating 10x the power while being cheaper.

  9. Energy Nut says:

    Lot of plumbing and wiring to use it in a field.

  10. Cazkey Mekam says:

    Where can I find this? This is essentially what I'm looking for in case of an emergency. We recently just had a week long power outage in parts of Manitoba. I was planning on buying a woodstove with a hot water tank and throwing a 50w TEG on it but this is nicely wrapped up in one product and I absolutely love it.

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