Free Energy and the Equilibrium Constant


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    CONGRATULATIONS! Great visuals/animations in the series. Amazing work as always, Paul!

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    Thank you very much for making these videos. These videos have assisted me very much.

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    Could you please cover organic chemistry, specifically the reactions of the Halogenoalkanes and Alcohols.

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    Hell Yea, Just finished watching all your 71 videos in 42 Hours, great help man, now I'll just take the AP chem exam with only watching your videos , and will see how it goes 🙂 Big Thank You

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    Is this part of your job?
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    Thanks for the video its great.. All of them are

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    My AP Chemistry final is tomorrow, and my class never went fully in depth with relating Gibbs and equilibrium constant. As Equilibrium and Thermochem are the two biggest parts of the AP Chemistry exam, This video helped me put almost everything together, and helped answer almost all my questions for this year. Thank you SO much Mr. Anderson!

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    I've learned this a few times before in high school chemistry, and college gen chem. Now I am in med school and we covered this as part of the intro into metabolism and the professor confused me more than I ever have before lol. Watched this and makes much better sense now. Thanks.

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    I know it's strange to say but I'm kind of sad that the series ended. Learning is much easier and more fun with Mr. Andersen. I hope he makes more Chemistry videos!

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    Thanks for posting this video. It has really helped me bring together several concepts for an overall better understanding of the relationship between Free energy and the Equilibrium Constant as it relates to chemical reactions.

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    K>1 e>0

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    Mr. Andersen is one of the best teachers I've ever had and he's not even my real teacher lmao

  43. Evan Woodske says:

    I was good until he said at 5:51 that positive change in G was exergonic??? negative Gibbs free energy is exergonic…soo I don't understand the end

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    Amazing! Thanks!!

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    I'm from an Arabic country. I have a very important exam tomorrow and I didn't have anyone to explain what's Gibbs free energy or what's the chemical equilibrium . I watched all your videos about the thermodynamic system and the chemical equilibrium and you can't imagine how much you helped me to understand. I'm really thankful ❤

  52. Kevin Queally says:

    negative gibbs free energy does not always mean exothermic, and positive free energy doesnt mean endothermic. free energy and enthalpy are NOT the same.

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    Wow sir! It helped me a lot. Please keep making videos and I subscribed Now.. I really want videos sir!

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    This is a great video. Thanks for explaining it this way. I never had it explained like this and it is very useful

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  58. kipling1957 says:

    You explained the link between these concepts well mathematically but not intuitively. How actually (at the physical/chemical level) can reactant/product concentrations affect delta G? E.g., is there some sort of modulation of entropy? I have no idea! Maths has never "explained" anything to me, just rules for a numbers game.

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    SOO much more helpful than Rice University gen chem profs . Thank you so much

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    This guy knows everything. Thanks for the great bio and chem videos. Your bio videos helped me study to get an A+ in college honors bio!!

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  65. Michael C says:

    Hi, I'm confused with the value of K, you mentioned the value of K can be neg or pos? I thought K = equilibrium constant can't never be a negative number rather it can be a very very small number but it'll still be positive (K<1). Please can you clarify this?

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    Perfect explaination…..u r a gud teacher bud🤘

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    Thank you so much Mr. Andersen! I never comment on YouTube, but I want to truly thank you for all of your chemistry lessons. I watched every video in this series and learned more than I ever had in high school. You are a hero to all students with incompetent science teachers!

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    Excellent series as are Professor Anderson's other works. If he is not a Professor he should be. Thanks for taking the time to make these very informative videos. Mark Davis, MD.

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    Watching this four years on and it's still SO beneficial. What a gift you have. Thank you.

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    You remind me of Sheldon

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    Your videos have always helped in understanding these concepts. There's lots of video's, but for some reason I understand it best if you explain the concepts, a very big help! So thank you very much for making them 🙂

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    Not all heroes wear capes… In this case they wear glasses and button-down plaid.

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    AP Chem Test tomorrow after graduating a semester early from highschool, I feel soooo much ready now after watching all 71 videos and taking notes!!! If you guys find this series early on I'd recommend AT LEAST two weeks before the exam to bingewatch all of the videos and take good notes (and then if you want binge-watch all Crash Course Chemistry videos and do the same), then go to khan academy to do a bunch of practice and the day or two before the exam to re-watch the entire playlist again! Thank you Mr.Andersen you explained this a lot better than most teachers!

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