Free energy through mechanics from gravity and magnetism logic explained and debunked


Hello, I’m isaac from and today I’m going to talk about some basic principles physics in the context perpetual motion and over unity machines this is not
intended to say free energy is impossible there are plenty of green technologies
waiting to be better developed by creative people this is intended to simply show why free energy can not be generated
with simple mechanics nor simple magnetism. Basic perpetual
motion machines attempt to use gravity as a power source. they try to do this
by making the system off-balance usually a second axis of
rotation is created with the intent of manipulating torque principles to pull
energy from gravity. The main flaw in this
concept is that for every downward movement
there’s equal upward movement. You may be
wondering what about the torque. If you want to use
the main wheel’s axis, but secondary wheel’s radius, you get a rotation like this. Let’s say for simplicity sake that the black dots
are one pound weights Now you would be correct to say that
the right side of this system has more torque than the left side. The
important thing to note here is that in order to get the additional torque,
the weights have to travel further. now let’s say that one
pound weight on the right can lift 2 1 pound weights on the left in order to do so the one pound weight would have to travel 2 inches for every
one inch of lift there’s actually no energy gained
looking at the weight’s potential energy, it is expelled quickly
on the right and regained slowly on the left.
Magnets may seem like a tool that can bend the
laws of physics and makeover tunity possible but with
simple mechanics they cannot with magnets many often
think of their poles as directions force, but they’re
not magnets produce fields which is
important to recognize in order to extract useful energy from
the field it takes equal or greater energy in to
move the magnets into their useful position. simple
mechanics can do nothing to alter the field that has to be overcome, and any energy gained will be at best equal to the energy
lost when positioning them to receive
that gain. A common attempt at this is the ‘V gate’ probably because of the many fake
videos that use fans to propel them one way to disprove
this concept logically is to simplify it if you roll an object
downhill will not generate more than enough
momentum to climb another hill of equal height?
No. At best it will break even. Without a power
source whatever energy initially put into the
system will dissipate due to friction the point
being that and best what you put in is what
you will get out I hope this has been helpful in working
out the logic why over tunity cannot be achieved
from basic mechanics thanks for watching

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12 thoughts on “Free energy through mechanics from gravity and magnetism logic explained and debunked”

  1. Fred Brown says:

    Very good explanation – thanks!

  2. cancerous yi ADC says:

    Awesome vid 🙂

  3. alex burg says:

    so what you're saying is the universe is standing still or what last time i checked this planet was still turning that tells me Perpetual Motion works!!!

  4. Isaac Brown says:

    Alex you sound like a snake oil salesman.  This video in no way said the "universe is standing still."  If you've found a way to tap into the energy of the universe, that again is not perpetual motion, as the universe would be powering it.  Since you can't even listen to the basic ideas shared in this video without distorting them, it's obvious you can't grasp the information needed.  And though it maybe theoretically possible, it is not through just basic mechanics and magnetism.  People need to move up or move on in their search, and stop listening to nonsensical people like you.

  5. gxbmb says:

    not going to stop people from trying….  or trying to be conartist

  6. Geoffrey McVittie says:

    Just to directly remark on the Earth's "perpetual motion", consult this page: . The Earth is in fact slowing down due to tidal interaction with the Moon and Sun; that's not perpetual motion… energy is being lost at a very slow rate.

  7. Alastair Carnegie says:

    Anybody can build a quasi-perpetual magnetic motor, It requires a CD case and a CD. and striped flexible magnetic sheet, The sheet has to be cut into acute triangles. These are positioned in two circles such that one side has a triple prime e.g. 39 triangles, and the other a different triple prime say 33, which levitates the CD above the case. Sticky tape over the CD hole, and a pin hole with pin in the case, keeps the floating CD central. It will stop now and then with a slight shudder, but as it's unstable equilibrium, the slightest jog will start it off again, sometimes for hours at a go. Those triangles, slant them in opposite directions. The magnetic force constantly wants to escape. Power output = 1/10th flea-power!

  8. Naoki Kashima says:

    When it comes to magnets what about the MAGNETIC SHIELDING? (As seek in Peredven Motor, and Muammer Yildiz
    Motor) You could shield part of the magnet with layers of magnetic and non-magnetic layers to block the undesired part of the field. Also, the magnetic field within the magnets is rotation in nature and is best represented as a spiral around the magnet.

    Over unity effect can be achieved through many different ways. Take the simple bucking coil system, or the homo-polar transmission system used by Tesla. The Law of Hysteresis that is pioneered by Steinmetz it at play here, where you can an action w/o a reaction. Electricity is not a physical phonomenon… the whole stuff about electrons being the charge carries is wrong. Electricity can best be described in terms of a charged energy fields bound between two conductors (obstructors of the field).

  9. Zyo says:

    I wanna suggest you to stay rather open minded for new solutions than to prejudge new ideas ^^ You never know for sure 😉

  10. juan perez says:

    Very good thanks for explaining in a simple way mechanic laws.

  11. Ken Behrendt says:

    I think that any device that actually does manage to continuously output energy will only be able to do so if it can somehow extract some of the energy-mass of its active parts to do so. Your explanation of why the "V gate" does not work is excellent. But, such a gate could work if one could somehow lower the energy needed to "reset" the magnets as the end of the rotating V reaches the stator magnet. Again, shielding is not the answer unless one can block a magnetic field with a substance that is not, itself, magnetized in the process. There was an Scottish inventor in the early 19th century that claimed he found such a substance and he built and demonstrated several devices that used it to produce perpetual motion. Currently, there is a Turkish inventor named Yildiz who has a rotary machine using 1200 rare earth alloy permanent magnets that can continuously output hundreds of watts of power from its rotor shaft. He has figured out a way to weaken the strength of its stator magnetic fields as the magnets reset themselves. Anyone seriously interested in building a permanent magnet motor should see his videos here on youtube. They are very impressive.

  12. Lauro Costa says:

    Proof…. Test.. Show..

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