Game Theory: Sonic is Lying…AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)


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1 thought on “Game Theory: Sonic is Lying…AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)”

  1. The Game Theorists says:

    Just to clarify…
    I'm not using the Sonic comics to "prove" the theory by any means. The conclusion that the Emeralds are quartz is based solely on evidence from the games: Color and Behavior. I'm then using the comic lore to draw parallels that I thought were interesting as I researched, like the radiation and compression machine. So the fact that the comic lore isn't canon doesn't have any actual bearing on the conclusion that I reached in the theory…or maybe the radioactive quartz means that lore is more canon than you might think… 😉

  2. Zero and the zero clan Deract says:

    Could also just be something inside the emerald which would make since cause the light from them when they charge and also they can be emerald and just change colors cause of whats in it

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