Good morning everybody present here today. I am SHREYAS. going to present my model industrial uses of GEOTHERMAL ENERGY The term geothermal originates form two Greek words Geo and geo means earth and therm means heat from the earth Geothermal energy is the energy Derived from the heat of the the Earth’s center is distance of approximately 4000 miles and it’s so hot that it is molten temperature is believed to be almost 5,000 degree centigrade heat from the center of the earth comes outwards and heats of the outer layers of rock called molten and When this type of rock melts and becomes molted it is called magma rainwater sometimes sweeps down and through the cracks and becomes superheated by the hot rocks below some of this superheated water rises back to the Surface of the earth and constant as hot springs sometimes the hot springs sometimes the hot springs become The surface as geothermal is Amir in India. There are 340 hot springs remnants of Jammu and Kashmir that apartment is good both are reversing my Immature to this and and back initial investment tour in Gujarat Java gone in Maharashtra etc and industrial uses of geothermal energy for doing fine wheat rice For drying wheat rice tomatoes on its content chilies and garlic second time we can use it for drying fish and We can use it also for 9 cookies milk pasteurization to reach greenhouses us been Evaporation and dysplasia processing sugar processing and made crystallization, I am used for for sterilization during food processing and Kenny well energy production in geothermal energy But when hot springs come through the injection melt and the hot steam notice the turbine and then generates the electricity engine generator and the generator The end of the city and it can and we get passed through the nearby Industries etc. Thank you

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    iska aap model ka vedio dege a

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