Get rid of microphone crackling noise with Adobe Premiere Pro


Hey guys, it’s Eddie the Magic Monk. As you
guys know I have a razar seiren microphone and for some reason it
creates a bit of static in my videos and I haven’t been able to get rid of it so
I’m going to show you how to get rid of it by using software so you can see here
I have a video right now and if I play this video at about 5:30 right five
minutes thirty if I play it you should be able to hear some really weird static
and I’ll put the speaker next to my mic so you can hear it visions you know that
the probability of the whole sample space all of this must
so yeah the static is pretty crazy so I’m going to show you how to get rid of
that using Premiere Pro so the first thing you’re going to do is open up
Premiere Pro so I’ll do that first so in Premiere Pro just open a new project
just whatever doesn’t matter or you should probably name your project and
then you’re going to drag in the file dragging the file to your project
timeline so just drag it in oops where is it that’s the one okay
drag it in and then you’re going to go to where you hear the weird sound the
crackling so that’s about here so you can see so that’s what just let me turn
that down a bit this section equals now we’re trying to
find out X being smaller than seven except the
so here’s where the crackling starts if you can hear that you know that the
probability of the whole sample so that’s where the crackling is so I’m
going to highlight it so it’s about here it starts from the
concept so I’m going to highlight it I’m gonna hang on a second zoom in a bit
and I’m going to cut it so press C on your keyboard and cut it and then go to
where the crackling finishes which is about 30 seconds later it’s still
crackling whatever is in this section here x+ so it stops stopped at about here X
so I’m going to cut it press C and cut it and what you’re going to do is this
section here highlight it right click and choose edit clip in Adobe Audition
so that way it’ll just open up the sound in Adobe Edition which is over here okay
so it’s open up the sound and if you try to play it you will hear the crackling
so you try playing it here you’ll hear the crackling again distributions you know
that the probability of the whole so to fix the crackling what you’re going to
do is you’re going to go to effects you’re going to go to diagnostics and
choose DeClicker DeClicker and then this should show up and then what you’re
going to do is click on scan okay and it finds all of these problems so declicker
make make sure you choose heavy reduction and then choose scan finds all
these problems click repair all so says repaired so now you can just close this
I’ll save it okay and now if you play the sound again
you should hear very little clicks redistributions you know that the
probability of the whole sample space all of this must add up so you can see
that I didn’t hear any clicks at all so that’s how you fix the sound and then
you can file export file export it export your movie right just export it
to whatever you want wherever you want it choose where you want to save it and
then just click the export button just click the export button and there you go
and don’t believe it when it tells you the estimated file size because that’s
not very accurate okay thanks for watching guys see you next time.

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31 thoughts on “Get rid of microphone crackling noise with Adobe Premiere Pro”

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  2. levi Abraham says:

    your a genius the way u does do maths sums

  3. ggpvideo - Robbie Clarke Snooks says:

    Thank you!!

  4. CharlieOliverBates says:

    I found your title misleading. I don't have Adobe Audition. I wanted to fix the problem in Premiere :/

  5. Josiah Coughran says:

    Can this be done with audacity?

  6. zoobloo says:

    Very helpful to me but I would suggest putting Adobe Audition in the title because some people don't have it

  7. Imagined Films says:

    Great video it really help me out! i had some audio from the beach that had a lot of clicking from my mic. Really appreciate it.

  8. Sayuj Shrestha says:

    Hey guys.
    Can anyone help me please. whenever  i add a audio to timeline and play it, it sounds distorted, like skipping a beat every 2 sec. i would really appreciate if someone could help me to fix this 🙁

  9. UnwarrantedOpinions says:

    I used the declicker and it still didn't quite get out all of the clicks, is there a way to edit it a second time?

  10. VistarCreative says:

    I agree with everyone as to the title but I do have Audition and this worked amazing!!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial. Saved me some serious headaches!

  11. Sascha Raeburn says:

    Thank you! This helped me a lot 🙂

  12. PaulHarwood856 says:

    Hey Magic Monk,

    This worked perfectly! Thank you so much! You rock 🙂

    – Paul

  13. David Sutherland says:

    Starts at 2:26. You're welcome. But you can probably start later at 3:28

  14. DioBurto Photography says:

    Thank you for this! It worked perfectly!

  15. gacekigor says:

    Well, you don't do that in premiere but Auditions. A slight change. Thumb down.

  16. Meral Ali says:

    Dude, this doesn’t teach anyone how to fix it in premiere pro. I don’t have Audition.

  17. Claudio Arenas-Liotard says:

    Worked for me ! Thanks !

  18. Tony's Novice Tutorials says:

    Excellent. I had recorded video from a concert and when reviewing the file it had a lot of audio problems. I edited in Premiere and sent it to Audition and fixed the whole video. Thanks.

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  20. Adegalu Kayode says:

    You're a miracle worker. thanks for this. But next time, create a title that will make people know it will be fixed through the adobe dynamic link feature that links premiere and audition together. Great job pal.

  21. Mike Boyes says:

    Brilliant, Magic Monk! Thanks so much.

  22. SharondaH at Lagniappe says:

    Come in!

  23. Larch Digital says:

    Thanks for this

  24. NC Melo says:

    this helped me a lot thank you

  25. John Smith says:

    At first I was thinking, 'get to the bloody point mate, me nips are freezing out here.' And then you mentioned and taught me to do it in audition. Thats why me video's audio never rendered properly. Cheers.

  26. Jason Cardamone says:

    THANK YOU for this video! I had a rare set of clicking in an important recording… I must have had too many things open or something… but your video worked PERFECTLY and saved me a lot of extra time! THANK YOU!

  27. Western Sydney HipHop says:

    What if the crackling is in the whole clip?

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  29. Jason Hewett says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

    If y'all have premeire but not audition, might as well get both. They come with the whole suite

  30. Sam Leo says:

    Omg thank you so much 💪💪💪

  31. Sunshine Mattison says:

    This needs to be relabeled…. This is not Adobe Premiere PRO YO!

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