GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper Data Visualization


Lightning is more than nature’s fireworks
display. Research has shown that lightning is an excellent early
warning indicator for approaching severe storms and the development of tornadoes.This
data visualization shows actual lightning measurements captured by a
remarkable array of ground-based lightning detectors capable of tracing
how lightning propagates through the atmosphere.
From space, the intersection of lightning and its corresponding cloud fronts becomes clear. That’s why on the nation’s new environmental satellite, called GOES-R, an advanced lightning mapper known as GLM will survey
much of the Western Hemisphere for atmospheric flashes. According to GOES-R
scientists this technology could help provide critical minutes of valuable warning time in advance of approaching severe storms.

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2 thoughts on “GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper Data Visualization”

  1. dipi says:

    NASA's APOD 2017-05-15 (»Lightning Storm Moves Across the USA«) sent me here. Cheers!

  2. Neil Leach says:

    THANK YOU!!!

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