Roughly 75% of the entire planet’s tornadoes are reported in the United States. Here, unique geography is ultimately responsible for the high frequency of extremely powerful storm cells. Though tornadoes most often make the headlines, all this excessive energy in the atmosphere can result in a freak show of other wonders. Many of the phenomena we are familiar with. And others we’re still just discovering. Not only is Mother Nature’s fury amplified with these explosive storms So is her beauty Storm updrafts most frequently erupt near late afternoon when daytime temperatures reach their highest. This rainbow is caused by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight in rain droplets. The secondary rainbow is visible when light that is reflected twice inside raindrops is bright enough for detection. And because this light is reflected twice, the order of its colors are reversed. The concentrated downdraft of heaviest rain and hail is the core. This icy waterfall often has a turquoise hue. In the evening or morning when golden hour sunlight mixes in, the storm can turn an eerie green. In a wind sheared environment, cell updrafts may rotate becoming a mesocyclone. This mesocyclone is the defining character of the rarest and most violet breed of thunderstorms… The supercell! And it’s these super cells that are responsible for the majority of the world’s violet tomatoes. (Really awesome music) (intense wind howling) Thankfully, most of these tornadoes occur over sparsely populated areas causing little destruction if any. Sometimes two tornadoes occur at once. Sometimes more. that was three burritos on the ground. By separating pools of positive and negative charges. Thunderstorms have the ability to create electric fields. When oppositely charged regions become strong enough… A flash of lightning temporarily equalizes the difference. Most flashes occur within the storm, But roughly one in five initiate by a downward moving stepped leader that connects to the ground. Oh, Bam! Got the Tree! The tree is on fire. The more powerful the thunderstorm, the less time needed for the regions to rebuild their energetic charges. This is real time! I am not time-lapseing. I’ll pan the camera so that you can see… constant flickering of lightning. This is unbelievable. If you look out the field to you’ll see fireflies. Wow! On rare occasions lightning initiates from tall objects on the ground and propagates upward into the storm. During extraordinary events two or three ground-to-cloud flashes occur. And during extremely rare conditions, Over a dozen bolts of lightning can leap up into the sky. Near the ceiling of our troposphere, Pouch-like mammatus clouds hang underneath the storms anvil cloud. High above the thunderstorms Mysterious large-scale discharges burst into color. Scientists call these Transient luminous events

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100 thoughts on “GREATEST STORMS ON EARTH – Best Of Tornado Alley”

  1. Cord Crenshaw says:

    I never cared about the weather until I watched a Pecos Hank video. I was blind and now I see. Hallelujah

  2. Kate Sylvester says:

    Stunning. You are the master, a storm Guru.

  3. Headband Harvest says:

    great video

  4. PoliticallyCentered says:

    Nice video. Scary music and images though😅

  5. Nano Man says:

    amazing footage my brother

  6. Doug F says:

    I love the direction your channel is going. This was beautiful!

  7. TheHellnfire says:

    Thank you for another upload! Love the footage & your soothing voice 😍 if possible, would adore more Meso footage! Love from Australia 😘

  8. kms jerry says:

    i love your videos so much, so informative and so relaxing, keeps me sane ❤️🌪

  9. Fábio Ribeiro says:

    I would like to thank you for your excellent work, makes me very happy and motivated and live longer for those who know someday know these beautiful phenomena of nature. Hugs from Brazil.

  10. Zachary Purser says:

    hey hank, where did you go to college? I just would like some tips on where to go to get a degree in meteorology. i still need to finish highschool, but afterwards, i'd love to go into meteorology.

  11. PhotonBread says:


  12. Zom Bytch says:

    I don’t know why he doesn’t have more subscribers. He has amazing footage, a soothing voice, great editing skills, while educating his viewers.

  13. chillum says:

    That's some fantastic camerawork

  14. Ero Atreide says:

    Would love to know what is the green thing at 5:11..

  15. revenevan11 says:

    Wow, I am so glad this video popped up in my recommendations (probably because I watched a compilation of close up lightning strikes recently). This was absolutely breathtaking, and had me literally saying "wow" out loud while watching. Earned yourself a subscriber for sure, and then I replayed it and hit the bell for good measure. I love me a nice relaxing thunderstorm! 🌩🌪⛈

  16. biohazard512 says:

    You've caught sprites on film. But sprites are well known now and well studied.

    If you managed to get "jets" i.e. cloud to ionosphere lightning bolts, which are much rarer, on good quality slow mo, it would be a great contribution to science since there is not much hq, slow mo footage of them yet.

    They are rare because you need a storm that builds up a huge charge, and you need the top to be unusually high.

  17. oldmanrich2010 says:

    Wow, Amazing, thanks for sharing your work 👍🏻

  18. Paula Bunyan says:

    Pecos Hank, you never stop amazing me with your magnificent storm footage and photography. Plus your music, your knowledge of weather and the tone of your voice, makes me enjoy your content again and again. Keep up the brilliant work, Pecos.

  19. Alphanatrix1067 * says:

    Aghhh I’m so torn I want to study meteorology but I also love chemistry.

    Since I was a little kid I was always obsessed with the weather. And I ain’t given it up.

    Life’s annoying😤😤.

  20. QuasIIc says:

    This is probably the best video on the channel. If you say otherwise, link the other ones. I'd like to see them. 👍

  21. Ear Bleed Master says:

    If you could make a career out of tornado chasing my career would be set

  22. Bhabie Kyara says:

    Lightning is so cool …but tornados are fascinating

  23. StealthAssasin 1Day says:

    These are some amazing shots taken…


    Well done as usual, Hank .. Stunning & astonishing highlights !!

  25. xhag1x says:

    love these videos they cause a sense of awe

  26. P Kitty says:

    Wow! Just wow! Seriously the best weather documentary I’ve ever seen! You’re better than like everyone on TV!!! Holy sh*t!!!

  27. myrna jay says:

    Very good video. Great images. The lightening was spectacular, and the info about 'upward' lightening' was interesting.

  28. RichManSCTV0 says:

    Your productions, though repetitive are so calming. I would watch a 30min plus dvd of this

  29. Talisson Vitor says:

    Hey guy, I watch you from Brazil 😂. I love to see everything about tornados, but we don't have it here in Brazil kkkk. I'm so stupid 😂😂. I'm so thankful for your channel, cause I'm learning English by it kksks. I really was looking for an English class, so I found the channel and I'm loving it and I don't miss any more videos.

  30. RVG_ matias says:

    Reportense los españoles

    Foerttteee pero mall

  31. Cher Kennedy says:

    I love weather and I'm thankful you bring it to us. I live in boring weather NV. Miss all the crazy weather in the midwest and on the coasts. Thanks 😁

  32. Gamerboi says:

    Wellmade documentry

  33. Jackson Nagle says:

    You are doing a service to humanity

  34. Win Leon says:

    I fear no man .mother nature on the other hand🏃🏃….💩……..🌪

  35. Angel says:

    This is something I never thought I needed to see until now

  36. Chitown Mytown official one and only channel says:

    Is it common to see multiple shooting stars at once in tornado warning weather?
    I ask because I saw several in our last big storm and have several on video.

  37. Lelleith Murray says:

    You have some of the coolest videos I've ever seen on YouTube!

  38. Les D says:

    WOW!! That was just wonderful. Great editing and simply beautiful. Thank you for your posts!

  39. Joe Dirt says:

    He's a good narrator

  40. Prometheus says:

    Beautiful camerawork sir, theres no way i cant sub

  41. Angela Patterson says:

    Here in Canada I have never seen a tornado in person, I think it was be so cool to see but at the same time… All the destruction. Yiiikes.

  42. Keith Wesaw says:

    Another great video love it!

  43. Videon Tekuro says:

    Need I explain why I fell in love with storms instead of being scared of them as a kid? No? Ok.

    It's Earth's nature's beautiful power

  44. Lolosss says:

    Like poetry for the eyes. Breathtaking.

  45. Darkslayer 45 says:

    Thats amazing but i think the storms are that strong because the wheater manipulation and geo engeneering thats happening around the world

  46. David Morgan says:

    Great informative well edited video as always Hank.

  47. Spinez says:

    First off this is a wonderful video, thank you for posting all of this magnificent weather for us to watch safely 🙂

    Secondly for anyone who reads this, or even for Pecos Hank himself, please try muting the video and watching the whole thing over with " tony anderson – butterflies (nighthawk remix) " song playing its unreal how well this video syncs up with that song <3

  48. A Lounge Moogle says:

    Mother Nature bringing the light show.

  49. Robin DaBank says:

    You’re the best

  50. Ellie Puff says:

    Did anyone see the video of that man recording a large tornado from his house up until it hit him? Its called "direct hit by tornado" by tommy shenanigans. It's pretty sad and scary 🙁

  51. Hans Zafico says:

    Thats definitely Yasuo's Q😂😂

  52. Emma Cat says:

    So beautiful. <3

  53. vargo hoat says:

    yay for living nowhere near tornado alley, but its a must-see for hardcore storms

  54. MrTalkingCorn says:

    what the fuck

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    2:34 what the fuck these people standing there

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    Reflected on to what? The firmament?

  58. Touchstone Jean says:

    The finger of God

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    We live in an electric universe. See my video. Also, where's Jarrell?

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    This channel just keeps getting cooler! Great content Hank!

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  63. Gary Ford says:

    Hank….do you remember this person's observation. Amazing and inexplicable?

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    I could watch this for hours. Beautiful video.

  67. richard .tasker says:

    had a storm over here in the uk a few years bk had constant lightning for 4 hours was over 300 strikes a minute detected for hours apon hours never seen anything like it before apart from watching the streams and videos from state side. i was lucky to miss the core so was able to stand out in it till 3am when it finaly moved away

  68. M says:

    This is beautiful. You convey nature's art in such a simply stunning way!

  69. Udalix says:

    No one:

    Video CC: Violent tomatoes.

  70. KnightInBlackSatin says:

    Those sprites tho! Umbelievable!

  71. Blitzkrieg The Fox says:

    Your videos never let me down

  72. Anonymous bub says:

    In Wyoming I saw the most vivid double rainbows ever. And three times too. It was in Jackson.

  73. Shanice Strawberry says:

    This Was so Intresting .. Impressive yet Scary to watch . Never Mess with Mother Nature .

  74. speardfrog1 says:

    The quality of this video is fking amazing. Something extremely uncommon on Youtube.. Kinda like a supercell.

  75. funkit eer says:

    I had to force myself to blink while watching this AMAZING footage.

  76. wayne drake says:

    mother nature is scary as fuck xx

  77. ShadxwBC says:

    Have u ever chased a tornado in Missouri

  78. ShadxwBC says:

    3:55 captions said that was three burritos on the ground when u actually said that was three tornadoes on the ground

  79. Anthony Rain says:

    Our Earth so extremely beautiful!

  80. AtypicalWeirdo says:

    The music in the background made all of these tornados and lightning beautiful. Weird, heheh. Not beautiful when they’re destroying Dallas about 40 minutes away from me

  81. Crayvor - says:

    4:00 thor is angry.

  82. SisterAudrey Grey says:

    Always love your videos Hank! Amazing ending I have never seen that before in my life

  83. Pastel Dreams says:

    Tornadoes both scare the crap out of me and fascinate me to no end. I live in a place that gets them and have experienced several, all of which scared me to death. But they're still super cool, even if I can only watch them in videos without freaking out.

  84. HyperionSc2 says:

    I think some people don't realize how dark the sky can get during a tornado. It's crazy.

  85. Mike Bark says:

    I love your videos Hank! I was in the direct path of the F5 tornado here in Kansas city this year, fortunately the tornado was weakened from the river and touched down after passing our house.

  86. Seth Props says:

    What a fascinating video. Thank you Pecos Hank.

  87. ThisIsGonnaBeGoodIKnowIt says:

    A true pearl among the hurricane videos on YouTube! Thanks for uploading!

  88. humphrey707 says:

    I kinda want to drive into a tornado now just a small weak one but just to see it up close

  89. Roman says:

    God is the Most High ! Glory to Him ! He is the Creator of this world and the sky and everything that is between them !!!

  90. Julian Umlauf says:

    Great video dude! Like it very much! Greetings from Germany 😊

  91. Johannes Weitz says:

    Pecos must have his own IMAX team with him. The sound and the pictures on a big screen with that clarity will be amazing, might be frightening at times, but will show nature's most powerful moments through the lens of Pecos Hank.

  92. gardini100 says:

    fantastic upload

  93. Louie says:

    Tornadoes are American? Suck it Japan! Slant eyed typhoon lovers!

  94. Fomedelv says:

    What is wrong with the subtitles? Lol

  95. Evan Spear says:

    Nice job. So are you still going to make tornadoes of 2019?

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  98. Erin says:

    One of your clips from a storm with the green more orange tint reminds me of a storm i expiernced when I was super little. It’s one of the storms that has boosted me into wanting to be a meteorologist I plan on getting masters for the subject. It’s gonna be difficult but soo worth it. I love weather it’s been my passion since I was 3 or 4. I’m excited to start my journey to get the job I dream of.

  99. Bryan Tribuna says:

    I've seen the constant lightning thing before.
    It was terrifying.

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