Guided Meditation to Open Chakras & Ground Your Energy


Find a place and time where you will not be
interrupted and let’s begin by getting in a comfortable and still position. To get into your meditative comfortable position
please sit upright, make sure that your body is at ease, your back is fully supported and
the spine is straight. Take your time to adjust your body, take your
time to settle yourself; allow for your body and mind to be at ease and in a place of comfort. Close your eyes, take a few deep and calming
breaths. Inhale through the nose, pause and exhale
all the air out through your mouth and drop everything into the Earth. As you inhale and take a pause visualize and
feel the air and its calming energy reaching into all corners of your body and as you exhale,
exhale completely, feeling the calm energy settling into your emotional body and into
your physical body as well starting with your toes, inhale, pause and
exhale. Move the breath and your focused energy into
your legs as you continue to breathe in, pause and breathe out. Breathe in and make space in your belly and
your chest, pause, exhale and drop it all down into the Earth once again. Now breathe into your shoulders and your arms,
pause and exhale. Let the self-observation be loving and gentle. Now breathe in and make space in your neck
and your face, pause and exhale. Relax your temples, your cheeks, your jaw,
your lips and even your nose. Let your mind be easy, relax the front and
the back of your head, let the skin on your forehead completely drape over. Take a minute to just search for any noise
within your body and when you find it, let it just be, move your breath into it and through
it, scan through your whole body one more time with breath, comb your body with breath
as you would comb your hair, leaving your body light and humming with one line of energy. Now relax into your natural breath. Continue to the gentle and subtle process
of letting go and allow for your body to recalibrate. It knows how to do that, trust its intelligence
by releasing any gripping in your body. Today, we’ll get in touch with our chakra
systems, we’ll feel the healing energy of our spinning chakras, and get grounded in
our root chakra. Continue to breathe in and out, remain comfortable
as we review the chakra system. We are beings of light in a world of matter. We are vessels of spiritual energy having
a physical experience. We have seven vibrational vortices bringing
spiritual energy into our bodies; we call these spinning wheels of energy our chakra
energy system.Chakras spin in the fronts and the backs of our bodies like funnels, moving
from awakened mind to unconscious instinct, and from spirit into matter. Breathe into that awakened energy now. The chakras are located at the base of the
spine, at the sacrum, at the navel, in the area of the heart, at the throat, on the forehead
between the eyebrows and at the top of the head. Breathe in and out. Feel the gentle, nourishing energy of your
own chakra system now. Visualize all of your energy systems as balanced,
feel your energy flowing comfortably, evenly, delivering positive, healing vibrations to
your emotional, physical, spiritual and subtle bodies. Now, hold your hand out in front of your belly,
palm toward your body. Hold your hand about three inches from your
body. Move your palm slowly in a circle, in a clock-wise
direction. Visualize your chakra moving now, below your
palm, always in motion, spiraling in a clock-wise direction. Now, rest your hand comfortably in your lap. Turn your attention inward. Let your senses drift away. Just breathe. Move your awareness to your first energy center,
at the base of your spine. This first funnel-shaped chakra is called
the root chakra. Red in color, it relates to the earth. Get in touch with your root chakra now. Imagine roots coming out of the bottoms of
your feet, growing down, deep into the soil, connecting to the center of Mother Earth. Breathe into Mother Earth. Bring your awareness down into the very magma
of the earth, feel the deep, red pulse there. Now, feel Mother Earth’s healing energy running
up through your roots, into your body. Feel the sense of security, feel the comfort
Mother Earth brings to you. You are always connected to Mother Earth. Allow her healing energy to pull all of the
stress from your body, allow it to pour down into Mother Earth’s core, to be burned up
and regenerated. Send out a sigh of thanks to Mother Earth
for her healing energy. Feel her love, streaming up through the soles
of your feet, into your legs, right into your root chakra. Feel the heat rising. Feel your roots, grounded in Mother Earth. Breathe into her. Feel the energy of your root chakra spinning,
drawing Mother Earth’s energy up into the base of your spine. Breathe deeply, into your belly. And, now, open up your first chakra. Imagine it opening wide, feel it spinning,
a glowing red light, spinning at the base of your spine. Inhale. Bring more red, radiant energy up into your
spine. Feel it glowing there, rotating, a warm, red,
delicious energy. Let it spiral down again, and connect you
into Mother Earth. Say, ‘I have.’ Now, move your awareness to your second energy
center, just above your pubic bone, between your hips. This is the Sacral Chakra. Orange, it relates to the element of water. This energy center rules your relationships. It helps you to express your feelings, guides
you to discover what you want. Feel the orange pulse of your sacral chakra
now. Feel it spinning. Open up this chakra now. Say, ‘I feel.’ The third chakra is the Solar Plexus, located
just above the navel. Yellow, it resonates with the element of fire. Get in touch with your glowing, Solar Plexus
chakra now. It is the seat of your ego, your integrity,
and controls your self-esteem. It teaches you how to trust, helps you get
in touch with your power. Breathe into your powerful third chakra. Open it up now. Feel it rotating. Say, ‘I can.’ The fourth chakra is your Heart Chakra. Located in your mid-chest, it resonates with
the color green and with the element of air. Get in touch with your magnificent, glowing,
green Heart Chakra. Feel it swirling in the middle of your chest. Love is pulsing out from you, raising the
vibration of everything around you, spreading out into the world. Open this chakra now. Say, ‘I love.’ The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra, located
at your mid-throat. Sky-blue in color, its element is ether. The Throat Chakra guides you to express your
truth and creativity, it is the center of your willpower, it helps you make choices,
and surrender to the power of the universe. Feel this beautiful chakra’s energy spiraling
outward. Open your fifth chakra now. Say: ‘I speak my truth.’ The sixth Chakra is the Brow Chakra, the Third
Eye, located in the middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows. It is indigo, its element is light. Feel the vibrating indigo energy of your Brow
Chakra now. This is where your intuition lives; it is
the center of your inner knowing, of your understanding. Open this chakra now. Say, ‘I see.’ The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra, located
at the top of your head. Imagine it as a violet flame, burning at the
top of your head. This chakra is also shaped like a funnel,
it draws universal energy down into your main energy channel, along your spine. Feel the dynamic energy flowing through you
as your violet Crown Chakra opens now. The Crown center connects you to divine source,
connects your spirit to your physical body. Feel your seventh chakra open, feel it spinning. Say, ‘I know.’ Now, bring your awareness to the top of your
head, bring the violet flame of your Crown chakra down from the Brow center, to the Throat
center, through the Heart chakra, down to your Solar Plexus chakra, now down to the
Sacral chakra, into your Root center. Now, allow your energy to flow down, deep
into the earth. Anchor your light energy into the earth. Breathe deeply now. Feel your energy being grounded, flowing down
from your head, through all of your wide-open, spinning chakras. Your energy is flowing into your feet, you
feel yourself anchored into Mother Earth. Breathe. Now, give thanks to your seven energy centers. Breathe in, breathe out. Ahhhh. When you are ready, bring your awareness back
to the room, and open your eyes.

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