Guiding Green Energy to the Electric Grid: The DISCO SYNDEM Microgrid

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Renewable energy resources are unpredictable. They are non-dispatchable. resources. They are kinda incompatible players to the existing part system. The goal of our research is to develop enabling power-electronics control technology to facilitate integration all of these distributors and resources to maintain system stability with minimum human intervention. Our research adopts the SYNDEM grid architecture for next generations with smart grid which was proposed by our collaborator Dr. Qing-Chang Zhong, the founder of SYNDEM. Our micro-grid test bed consists of a conventional generator, like a diesel generator and the renewable generator like solar, wind, and the various type of load. More importantly, you include power-electronics. So they develop our algorithm and implement that into those power-electronics so that each of the union have their power-electronics for the for the grid integration. Another key feature of the system is the low level control that relies on communication network. Though because they are equipped with synchronization we can use them. So in this way a huge investment can be saved for communication network or even cyber security. We are developing one application about a portable micro-grid that can be used for community emergency relief such as after hurricane disaster. So now they can deploy those renewable energy system, using then would maybe ground vehicle or maybe air vehicle to deploy that electricity to big teams. So I expect that in the future renewable can play a role to address sustainability and energy crisis or environmental issues. So what we are doing can benefit that trend and, per them, change.

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