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Hi friends, I would like to share with you the video about electricity generation from solar energy and using it. If you already say this video on YouTube, I’ve shared it I want to get started right here on the outside of the balcony where you see the solar panel. You see the panel 40 40 watt solar panel and the sun is seeing directly If we talk for the winter months 4 to 4.30 Sun is taking Of course in the summer months I want to start by talking about more panels You can see the panel information on the label on the back of the panel. This panel has 40 watts of panels and polycrystalline panel friends. One of the panels is monocrystalline and the other is polycrystalline. The prices of polycrystalline ones are a little more affordable, but the monocrystalline ones are a bit more expensive I used the polycrystalline price and I preferred this panel because it works well Monocrystalline gives better quality and higher yields in cloudy weather If you are not doing a very professional system, you will set up a system like hobby for me. Let me run the modem 24/7 when the power fails or is not interrupted. Let me charge my phone If you want to make a system that we call leds in an emergency This is possible with this system There is a cable coming from the back of the panel. We are taken from the back of the balcony windows and passing through Denizli I’m passing through what you see. This cable comes to our solar controller or solar controller Plus and minus We enter our energy into our charge control unit You’re seeing a voltmeter. You’re seeing the energy coming from the panel This is our energy from the panel I would like to immediately override the charge control You’re seeing the condition of the battery here Without a solar controller, such a system will not operate in a healthy way. The use of a solar controller is essential for a healthy operation. Balancing incoming current and ampere Both meets your needs Recharge your current energy needs and batteries I use 2 12 volt 7 amps batteries and have a total storage capacity of 14 amps. This is enough for me 24/7 modem You see the car insurance from the industry I bought safety Those who have already mounted the vehicle to the cable will recognize This is a 3-amp car insurance with low amperage 14 amps can cause a serious big short circuit fire I used this car insurance to prevent this The charge controller has a power-off feature, which means there is a short circuit protection However, the charge control unit cuts the energy in a short circuit, then gives it again and then cuts in again and continues in the loop. What we want is that this is not insurance, and until we see and intervene, the system is disabled. Therefore, I created a second security system with car insurance I want to start by explaining the charge control unit 1 panel has an icon and a lamp symbol showing the official battery status We also have 2 USB ports that you can charge your mobile phone and use on your USB devices. We enter the energy coming from the panel here Battery plus and minus poles are also connected here This is where we get our exit. There is also a temperature sensor in this section There is also a temperature sensor in this section It can cut the charge in case of overheating I want to enter the menu now Currently the temperature of the glass balcony is 33 degrees In this section, when the battery reaches 14 volts, it stops charging. Charge the battery when the charge voltage of the battery reaches 14 When I enter the menu, the above voltage is 20 volts From here you can change the values ​​according to your needs. I’ve made the necessary adjustments and now it’s on charge. When the battery voltage falls below the set value, the new system shuts down, meaning the system switches itself off to prevent the battery from charging too much. In this section, you set the time after which the system should be shut down after the sun sets, and give an example. In this section, you decide that the system should be switched on again when the battery is discharged and how many volts it is after being discharged. This setting is used for this task Here you can choose the type of battery friends I didn’t know what I learned from friends later on what this Iron does. You can see the output from this section with the help of cable Passing through this section Let me show you where the balcony goes. Since I couldn’t find an entry inside, I drove right through a portion of the natural gas pipe. Again through the line of the natural gas pipe continues to the modem section It doesn’t seem to be closing with silicone You see the cable next to the honeycombs. Passing under the honeycomb and coming to the modem. We are currently running our model using solar energy We also have 1 switch and 1 lighting for emergencies Gives a beautiful view from behind the honeycomb and also provides illumination in emergency situations You can use it as you like How free though I want to show the lighting inside the room We let the ribbon let or I took the energy from the cable I can supply energy during the night I’il close it here again Connections are in the gap in the carton As you can see, our model continues to work as long as the sun is 7/24 About three days when it rains, the modem continues to operate Modem 12 watts I ordered 2 more batteries to increase the capacity of the system Trying to increase storage capacity a little more I want to show you something again Here you see the values ​​changed Current The voltage is decreasing so that the amp is constant Flashing first and second arrows This means that with the energy coming from the panel, both the lamp and the modem are working and the batteries are being charged. This system has nothing to do with the current electricity grid. As long as the sun rises and the current Age continues to work And of course until the end of the life of the batteries And of course until the end of the life of the batteries You may have questions that may be missing places to stay, or there may be things you want to complete I am always open to constructive comments Don’t forget to like my videos and subscribe to my channel

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