Hair Care : How to Prevent Static Hair in Cold Weather


Sometimes you get static too don’t you? Welcome
to the studio. Today we’re going to show you how to prevent static in your hair during
the winter months. Now listen static is something that we don’t understand sometimes. It is
just an electricity that is forming in the hair. So remember all of your brushes and
combs, keep them clean because they can cause your hair to rise up and have static. One
nice little trick is pull one of those fabric softeners out of your dryer or off the shelf,
rub it on your hair and that may help take away your static. Also use a shine spray.
These things work very well. They can help calm down the hair and also take away some
of that static electricity that’s building up. Remember we all have to work together
to find perfect ideas and tips to give us the look that we want. Static is something
that isn’t fun so remember don’t rub any balloons on your hair this winter. Make sure that you
have the perfect tip for getting that static out of your hair. My name is Sylvia Russell
and we’re going to get her hair in order.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Care : How to Prevent Static Hair in Cold Weather”

  1. coolkid says:

    because rubbing ballons in our hair is a brilliant idea.

  2. iluvpinkandgold says:

    her outfit .. her acting … ugh

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