Hanergy Renewable Energy Exhibition Center – Main Film

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The moment of origin the first spark a force illuminated the darkness Light filled the void Shade took fall Form set in motion Creating the perfect moment To unleash life Energy inspired a world full of promise giving birth to rich diversity Spawning the most complex of all beings a human Or by its force and endless power Man devoted himself to uncovering the secrets of energy And to mastering the elements They drove man to push boundaries of the known Fueling his desire to uncover new secrets And to revolutionize the landscape around him His endless pursuit of progress allowed man to explore the farthest reaches of the world Man ventured beyond all horizons to establish his world But was about to face his greatest challenge yet Our pursuit of fossil resources has created an imbalance in the ecosystem And they are running out Can we stop plundering the earth’s resources and instead create a sustainable future for ourselves A Crisis is an opportunity for those with the force to push for change Ensuring our planet and society can flourish Integrating clean energy solutions into every aspect of our lives will transform our society Enabling our entire civilization to survive and prosper Throughout history we have been aware of the sun’s vast power But could not draw on its force directly That is changing now Inspired by mother nature the greatest teacher of all Thin-film solar technology with its thin ultra light and flexible unmatched qualities for clean power generation Reconciles us with our planet Tapping you to nature’s most generous gift the sun’s power Imagine thin-film solar powered vehicles with zero emissions silent autonomous travel that is greener more convenient and much safer Imagine each house as a thin-film solar power station surplus electricity Can be fed into the smart grid or transfer to others within the community Imagine our solar-powered homes with a smart energy management system controlling all appliances for day-to-day tasks and perfectly balancing all energy demands in a smart and efficient way We will gain greater freedom to spend more time doing the things we love This home can store an enormous amount of energy to be used when Sun is scarce All-Automatic load balancing draws electricity from the storage battery or the grid when usage Peaks Non-vital household appliances are put into hibernation mode until the load has been leveled With thin-film solar technology true Liberty in our energy use is no longer a dream and allows us to share and connect more closely with those we cherish Thin film solar mobile energy solutions will change everything about how we live our lives It’s powerful marriage with the Internet will dramatically improve our efficiency at work Large-scale rollout of BIPV and the thin film solar infrastructure will revolutionize the urban landscape Energy will flow freely by the globally connected smart g rid It will seamlessly integrate modern technology into cultural heritage Regional Development will blossom Thin film solar mobile energy facilitates delivery of crucial medical support to places in need Providing reliable and reassuring facilities that can withstand even the harshest conditions To lend assistance where it matters most A nation’s destiny lies in its scholars the seeds of sustainability planted in these young minds will germinate making them ambassadors to a brighter future With thin-film solar technology, we will see not only interconnected buildings and cities But even intercontinental energy exchange triggering a geopolitical of social shift all over the planet We recognize the responsibility to lead the charge for making the world a better place and we are proud to take it on

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