Hanna Is Getting Suspicious of Candace | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | OWN

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Your damn sister. Mama. I know she got it. Just hold up. I’m telling you. Wait. The money was just there. Well, it was there,
but now it’s not. OK, so where is it now? Let me go and
check the record. This is not in the system. Yeah, you do that. Your sister. No, she didn’t do that. How do you know? Because I just talked to her. If she had that money, she
would’ve given it to me. Benny– Look, I thought you
said you forgave her. I have. So let’s give her the
benefit of the doubt. I am trying to. She didn’t do it. And you are so sure? Mama, I asked her
if she had some money. She said no.
– When? Earlier. I asked her because
I needed the money to pay Mitch’s family back. She said she didn’t have it. – I hope you’re right.
– I know I am. OK.
We will see. OK. Lord have mercy. What? Now both of these families
are going to be after you. Mama.
It’s all right. No, it’s not. Jim Cryer and Mitch’s family? Let’s just wait and see.
OK? Benjamin, the woman just
said all the money is gone. Those people are
going to be after you. Just hold up. Lord have mercy. It’s all right. It’s all right.

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