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Hi. I’m Layla. Watch Marvel Make Me A Hero. I’m a fashion reporter. My job gives me the
opportunity to cover, like, a lot of different topics. So I’ve written
about ready-to-wear, couture, street
style, like, basically every type of fashion. Personally, I’m really
drawn to couture fashion, just because there’s so
much craft behind it. Like, just seeing the
looks go down the runway. Like, you can really
see what’s behind it and how much effort
went into it. And I just feel like it’s
literally, like, moving art. About five years ago I was
interning at a magazine on the fashion side, and
it was towards the end of the internship in May,
and the entertainment side of the website– they wanted to cover Age of
Ultron that was coming out. And I went into the
movie and I was, like, oh, my god, this is so cool. And I was, like, so
captivated by it. But I also didn’t really
understand it because I hadn’t really seen the other movies. So I went home, and that weekend
literally binged all of them in the order of, like, the
cinematic universe, obviously. Literally, my life has not
been the same since then. As a kid, I was really shy
and, like, not super confident. So I feel like, as a Super Hero,
those are two things that I want to, kind of, go away from. Like, my Super Hero
persona is, like, fearless, and strong, and, like,
confident, and is just, like, up for anything. I’d like my Super Hero to
look like me– small frame. I wear red a lot. I always wear red
lipstick– that’s just, like, my signature. Dark hair– black-ish brown to
red is what I’m looking for. I don’t want to be,
like, totally red– I feel like it needs
some contrast to it, so I feel like black and
gold go well with that. High boots would be good. And then the arm cuffs and
leg cuffs- I could, like, turn those into more protection. So I was really
interested in, kind of, energy manipulation
and, like, telepathy, and just being able to, like,
harness power and, kind of, like, exude it, I guess. Also, like, throwing, like,
power balls and, like, being able to, like, fly
or levitate just by, like, harnessing the energy. I really like Captain
Marvel, like her logos, so I feel like I would also
like something like that. Like a star or like an emblem– something that you could,
like, recognize me by. They need a cape, like, that,
kind of, seals the deal. It might get in the way
but it’s still cool. I feel like all Super
Heroes, kind of, have something,
like, on their face or, like, a headpiece
of some sort. So I feel like it’s
just, like, a signature for a– a Super Hero. I think she would probably
start off as, like, a– a city street hero
but because of her mission and because of her
powers, I think that would be good globally,
so I think that she would kind of branch out. She’s always on the
move, ready to– ready to fight, basically, so
I think that would be it. Oh, my god. This is so cool. I love the cape, obviously. I love the colors– the red. The powerball’s coming out of
her hands– that’s really cool. And you got the
ombré hair perfectly. The boots add a nice touch. And I love the star– that looks
very, like, Captain Marvel. And I like the arm cuffs, too– like, connected to the gloves. I feel like it all, like, ties
it in, and then the belt– it’s also gold. I really love how you can
see the energy manipulation happening, and, like,
the different ways that I can manipulate
it, I guess. Like, here I’m creating
this shield to protect me but at the same time, I can,
like, create this powerball so I can, like,
attack someone well– so, like, protecting myself. So it’s pretty cool. Thanks, Marvel, for
making me a hero.

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