How Africa Is Hacking Its Energy Crisis


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100 thoughts on “How Africa Is Hacking Its Energy Crisis”

  1. Adam Riz says:

    in my opinion they are in heaven

  2. Artorias says:

    And SJWs are whining and bitching in starbucks.

  3. Ant_TonyLOL KID says:

    Instead of connecting everyone to a national grid, there should be a small solar panel 'farm' in each village/town/suburb, to stop the country becoming a polluted country before it even stars. Or make a nuclear factory in the most isolated place near water

  4. Divyesh Patel says:

    hello my name is sunny and i live in tanzania , laura ling am beyond thankful for showing the world how much life is difficult here , i almost burst into tears , u just saw the drop of water not the inter ocean , tanzania has a lot of problems. as may just notice a lot of the people in the video don't know how to speak English, it because the education here is terrible!!!! .. all in all thank u @seeker stories for shining a light to us .on behalf of my country thank u and we love you guys !!!! asanteni na karibuni tanzania p.s be greetful for what u have

  5. Exsomnia says:

    This is so sad! One day I'm going to help them. Start a electric tower somewhere close to the center of the city. I want to do something for them.

  6. Romeo Llantos says:

    There's a filipina who invented a lamp powered by salt water. I'm not sure if it already available in the market but it was featured in the recent apec summit. Can you make video about this?

  7. Ashley Reinhardt says:

    I wish that boy has a successful life ahead of him! Looks like he's very determined to change his life, unlike a white kid next to my house who doesn't want to go to school and just want to play video games.

  8. H3EX says:

    This video has made me appreciate being able to do almost everything I can do on a daily basis. It's crazy to think that we all live in country's with hardly no problems when the other half of the world is well… With this, and we do next to nothing to help unless it profit's us.

  9. Adhiraj Gupte says:

    This is one of the best inspirational seeker story

  10. Felis Extraterrestris says:

    wow, the black mother laughing at the interviewer…

  11. AllWordsPassMargin says:

    This country and its inhabitants deserve the light. #powerafrica

  12. Shourya of Delhi says:

    my country used to have a lot of blackouts but not anymore so i know it sucks

  13. Victor Probably says:

    5:09 geez that mole tho

  14. Carter Phu says:

    When u watch this don't u have the feel of going there and helping them

  15. jan koning says:

    moley moley moley moley mooooleeey

  16. Astraphic says:

    Starving children in Africa could've eaten those phones

  17. Eric P says:

    Africa has been raped of its resources by the western world.

  18. Gravity 616 says:


  19. iGalaxy One says:

    Man dont make dar es salaam look that bad! i mean we have power cuts, but nearly every place in town has generators.. plus we have froyo and gelato shops. seriously. we have enough.

  20. x0x.leila says:

    if I had the money I would donate a trillion dollars for that contrey so they can have light for the black outs

  21. Name Surname says:

    Hello. I live in South Africa. 'Load Shedding' as its referred to here has almost been accepted as a part of life. Energy is state-monopolised and often falls under mal-administration. Recently, the government is opting for a nuclear energy programme which may be supplied by Russian energy company Rosatom or other countries like France but all at an even bigger cost to the people on the ground. So there's a big lobby against the program and more interest in renewable energy. Solar energy is becoming more popular in residential areas but powering infrastructure is the major issue that the nuclear program aims to solve. The state energy company Eskom has been really slow to act against the emerging energy crisis. Currently, they're suppliers are running at a loss to supply raw materials and may stop supplying. At the same time, concerns about the future availability of coal is growing. South Africa's energy shortages has not blown into a crisis yet but there and many factors that could act simultaneously to leave the country seriously in the dark. Renewable energy seems to be the best solution and interest and investment may be growing. But fixing issues like mal-administration, corruption and non-preemptive acting can prolong our current energy security and prevent future load shedding whilst building up a more energy efficient South Africa.

  22. Michael Simmons says:

    If only Africa could unite and put all their resources from each country together. The possibilities are limitless. The continent of Africa is rich with resources and is twice the size of the United States.

  23. Sun Kim says:

    In the old days in Korea, we used to bury the kimchee in the ground 3 feet deep to keep it refrigerated. Seems like they could save on propane if they buried the drugs in a ground in the medicine chest?

  24. Patrick Bentrap says:

    I would walk 500 miles

  25. tigerofepicness says:

    Damn, this video makes me want to visit africa.

  26. Curtis Martin says:

    Wow I live in Tanzania but given the area I'm in I don't quite experience it as much, this video is worth sharing with the new president as he has been in power for a month and is already making a difference

  27. Oscar escamilla says:

    On my way! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ณโœ๏ธ๐Ÿ“Š๐Ÿ“ˆ๐Ÿ“‰

  28. Geo Tech & More! says:

    Electricity is so important. It's not to be taken for granted. They're both strong and inspiring… ๐Ÿ˜€ย The people in this video deserve electricity and I want them to get it. Truly inspiring people… ๐Ÿ˜€ย I subscribed… ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Nap Pad says:

    Beautiful toy people are amazing THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU

  30. Max Monk says:

    I acidently picked it and thought it was a add ๐Ÿ˜†XD

  31. dropintospace says:

    Everyone should watch "Billions in Change" on YouTube to see how problems like these can be addressed rather quickly.ย Good people are making a huge comeback.

  32. Rajeev Endow says:

    Such a powerful video. It makes you realize how priveleged you are and how difficult life is for people living without electricity but still they manage to live with a smile on their face. I really hope Africa becomes completely developed one day and reaches its true potential. It may not happen in our lifetime but I know it will one day. Africans deserve a better life with the best oppurtunities.

  33. T Hayes says:

    curious, what camera is being used in these videos

  34. Gabriela Castillo Raga says:

    I'm falling in love with this channel with each documentary. I specially like the way Laura Ling approaches difficult subjects, without being cheese nor judgmental.

  35. Uncrowned says:

    Wow im here being a fatass and you have this african teen burning his eyes out to provide for his family…

  36. Captain Capellini says:

    The intro was so silly, it was like that kind of "Poo Puari has to walk four miles every day just for a handful of dirty water for the family."

    But now it's "Poor Diego has to walk four miles every day to charge his iPhone 6s, he and his family cannot afford clean and reliable electricity, donate to 'iPhones Right' and let Diego have another 8 hours of battery for ยฃ2 a day."

  37. Rafael Figueira says:

    "I'm studying Always, all the time because i want to be a doctor, so i can help my Family and community, and to make it a little better for my life.ย I have to use kerosene lamps, which affect my eyes, my eyes feel painful and they sometimes produces tears, which is really hard for my eyes" – Do you ever feel like giving up ? "I cant give up, i will work as hard as i can so as to reach my goals, i will not let the darkness hold me back." i cried.

  38. Stuart Smiles :D says:

    what causes the blackouts?

  39. tarepandaval says:

    wow seeker stories production are getting extremely good !! they will hit more than a million subs i swear by then I'm able to say that i know them when they are at 100k +subs XD

  40. mrbr549 says:

    These people don't need cellphones, they need headlamps! For $15 the can get l.e.d. headlamps that work great, fit anyone, and have adjustable light levels. Much cheaper then their cellphones. Amazon sells them worldwide. Heck, they even include batteries.

  41. Quy Ho says:

    why cant the doctor by a flash light and tie it to the top of room?

  42. R60D says:

    what is causing all of those blackouts?

  43. Navaneet Mechanic says:

    well i wish that one day electricity will definetly come and the day will come soon

  44. Alliana says:

    Very inspiring story! It made me think that the currently developing world could be a second chance for the developed world to help and get things right the first time as in make the infrastructure to be sustainable instead of having to rework on how we're doing things currently.

  45. Gelenvader3 says:

    i love laura so much

  46. Chery123melz says:

    Honestly being African and growing up there yes it sucks when the power goes off But it is also sometimes is a blessing in disguise because it forced me to have an imagination as child since TV was not an option, it taught me to fight for what I wanted, it taught me to manage my time carefully, and I cannot count the amount of fun times I had with my family in the dark because it forces us to interact. Also I have killer sense of orientation in the dark although my little toe has suffered severe damage๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น oh and flashlights are life +the jokes around the power outages are so funny.

  47. Mystery Tech says:

    Someone needs to help them with solar panel battery charger so they won't have to walk miles to charge their phones. See the sun shine, they can get loads of power from it. ๐Ÿ™

  48. pav_k2007 says:

    akon is changing it

  49. Dave Otuwa says:

    There were lots of candles before Nikola Tesla was born. They used them to see.

  50. Dave Otuwa says:

    There are phone charging stations at my school. At all 3 campuses in the CSN network.

  51. gesman5000 says:

    I hope Australia gives coal to African countries.

  52. Hazrdus IsNotHere says:

    Good luck, Africa.

  53. Daniel Bagang says:

    Meanwhile in America, people are gaga over Vines.

  54. hanson Feng says:

    solar power would be perfect there

  55. Finn Rowden says:

    AMAZING SHOOTS, I loved testtube from the beginning and with Discovery boasts it makes you guys loveable F xx


    Are these stories always espousing this latent principle that we should be investing in their infrastructures? Why would we do that? We'd be damned if we didn't but we'd also be damned if we did because then their stagnated growth would be due to 'western standards' or 'western payouts' and we'd be considered interventionists. We can't win with these countries. Ever.

  57. Nijay Yamamoto says:

    Black are stupid and will never be nothing

  58. ShadowLess Flame says:

    I feel ashamed.. I am healthy fulfilled living a comfortable life ..still don't do anything ..hats off to this guy for slapping ppl like me

  59. ShadowLess Flame says:

    awesome music n picturization

  60. ShadowLess Flame says:

    that laughter in the end was full of pain

  61. Iosif Laura-Ioana says:

    al least they have water….

  62. Tom Louwell says:

    Goverment lacks of actions, but its normal for developing countries like Africa. Very Inspiring video i ever seen on YouTube.

  63. Olawdiilii 'Cancerous' RC says:

    I go to Sudan every two years, quite next and very comforting, well of course except for the power black outs of course, however every time I went, the blackouts are decreasing, (though, they went for a few hours, few times for a day or two)

  64. CockSmasher9000 says:

    10 years from now there will be a short with Africans struggling with getting access to starbucks

  65. Adri Eranya says:

    Kiwano gelato? Makes me want to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. communistjesus says:

    The sun shines almost 365 days a year… in the MOTHERLAND. These people could benefit from flexible solar panels….

  67. Vincent Yap says:

    Maybe people there in Tanzania could get some powerbanks which charge based on movement? This will make their phones easier to charge!

  68. Knight Rider says:

    last women's laughter says it all.

  69. CIRUS MEDIA says:

    Vice grade documentary! (great stuff)

  70. Symbolic Bass says:

    The amount of hair on that woman's mole.. I wouldn't even touch that gelato

  71. Jorge Oliva says:

    Sharing this! I can't believe I tell myself that I can't live without my phone, tablet, computer etc, but these people have it worse.

  72. ่–›้™ณๆœˆ็พŽ says:

    Com on murica send atleast 50 billion make the land of the free shall make other lands free

  73. Daniel Edlund says:

    What's the name of the song from around 6:45?

  74. Barry _allen says:

    I am a Tanzanian living in Dar es Salaam studying at a university here, its 0021 as I type lights are on my vodacom internet connection is fast. i guess what am trying to say is although most of what is depicted in the video is true Dar es Salaam city is not as bad

  75. Maito sensei says:

    i experienced this condition 20 years ago, but sure my previous condition is remain better than this.

  76. My TaeBae says:

    The only time I've ever been in a blackout is when I was visiting family in Vietnam with my mom and then it was only for like 3 hours and for all the times I've been in Vietnam,I've only experience light outs 4 times.2 in one year and 1in another and 1 in another.Ive never experienced a light out in America.

  77. kogibankole says:

    the darkness is fine, what about the heat when there is no fan to move the air around?

  78. Luke Sohnly says:

    Someone make a go fund me page please. These people deserve it.

  79. Jean Paul Mbengi says:

    some day the land left behind will shine once again. until then, may god bless the spirits of the people.

  80. Dami Song says:

    What is this amazing channel and why have I only just discovered it? Thanks for all the work you guys do. This is truly amazing stuff:)

  81. Bud Bud says:

    is it wrong if i want to go to africa and build power station using solar panel and selling power?

  82. Waffle says:

    You just need Sombra to hack the energy xD

  83. Athoye Mahmud says:

    where's Soler

  84. JoeAceJR says:

    Why are there lots of blackouts? Just put in a coal power plant. There, problem solved. Ran out of coal? Natural gas. No fracking? Solar. We can definitely make batteries better. Or we can run a pipeline across africa and use that for energy.

  85. Lost Spirit โ„ข says:

    How strange, people only realize the world is a sad place only on YouTube, seriously?
    Seeker plz do a video on how retarded are Americans and British

  86. Nagarjuna Katta says:

    suddenly I realize, how much my country has progressed since my childhood.

  87. Tshering Lama says:

    African and their sprite , respect ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™‡
    I know how it feels in black out

  88. rich763690 says:


  89. We Are Watching You Humans says:

    One day I will go to Africa and make it a beautiful place like developed countries, I feel pity for all of these Africans. I wish they had the luxuries we did..

  90. AGA says:

    Very inspiering story! It is both amazing and horrific to se Rachel assist women giving birth using only her cellphone as source for light. She is a true hero!

    My way of fighting energy poverty is to invest in home solar systems via the newly started crowdfunding platform Trine. This far I have invested in 3 projects in Kenya, Zambia and Zanzibar and later this year 1354 people will have access to electricity because of my investments.

    My motto is: no one can do everything but everyone can do something!

  91. Mega Zoom Videos says:

    seems fun actually

  92. Julian Felix says:

    affordable solar power is going to change the entire world. All of their problems can be solved with affordable solar panels.

  93. The Implacable Authoritarian says:

    Also, central to this problem is Information asymmetry because affordable micro units have been around for decades.

  94. Christopher Rod says:

    We could all raise about $2000 and go install them a wind turbine and some solar panels so that they no longer live without power. But many of you will just forget this and go about your daily lives…

  95. Stuff says:

    Glad MIchelle Obama got herself a job after her husband got fired from the white house.

  96. Sharvy says:

    Africa is set to become one of the leading world powers soon

  97. Yous Na says:

    this is a great piece. wonderful work.

  98. abhishek jack says:

    Russia China India Japan other countries must improve the infrastructure I almost cried have to build roads bridges schools hospitals telcommnications electricity China can make this happen bring electricity education is necssary god make way in Africa that deserve a better better life …… Have your mercy on them

  99. Rohan D says:

    how can I help? please let me know if I can give something back as a solar designers

  100. mac berry says:

    Need more stories where technology is changing lives for the better

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