How do Solar Cells Convert Sunlight Into Electricity? | Solar FAQs

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Semper Solaris How do solar cells convert sunlight into electricity? The cells are actually made up of silicon wafers. Silicon wafers come in lots of different levels of efficiency And efficiency is determined based off of the amount of impurities that you put in there and the quality of silicone, and the quality of impurities you have in there The typical solar module will be doped with boron and phospurus When you dope a silicon cell with boron and phosphurus, you create what’s called a PN Junction The photons from the sun hit the panel and the electrons that are witihin the impurities such as the boron and phosphurus get all excited and they work their way through the PN junction. From there, they attach themselves to the metal conductors that are running through the solar panels, and they leave the panel through the junction box, thus creating DC Power via the photovoltaic effect. From there the DC Power will work its way down to the inverter where it’s converted to DC power which will then go into your home.

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