How Hydroelectricity works?


{Intro Music} Green or Renewable energy is generated
from Natural sources Such as wind, water, sunlight, rain and
geothermal heat. One of them is hydroelectricity which
uses water as a source and is generated in Hydro-power plants
today Hydroelectricity produces approximately
24 percent of the world’s electrical energy. In this video we will learn how hydro
electricity is produced. The six main component of hydropower
plants are dams, gates, penstock, turbine, AC generator and transformer dams are
built to hold back water which means a large water reservoir.
As the gates are opened, a small opening up a large reservoir,
builds very high water pressure as it flows through the penstock.
Penstock is a pipeline that leads to the turbine. It is designed in such a way that the
gravitational force pulls the water down to the turbine
which produces kinetic energy. Turbines consist of a large fan blades
and the spindle. The spindle rotates when the water
strikes the blades thus converting Kinetic energy to
Mechanical energy. On the top there’s an exciter which gets
small DC power. Below the exciter is the generator the
working up in AC generator depends on Electromagnetic Induction. Inside the generator is a rotor, which is
driven by the spindle outside rotor, the stationary part is a
stator, which is made up of three Coils of
copper wires called winding. on a rotor there are a number of
electromagnets powered by the DC current through exciter. The magnets are lined up
in a way that adjacent poles have opposite field to each other.
As the rotor spins within the stator, each poles magnetic field acts on the
stator winding. Each time one pole completes one full
revolution a pulse of AC power is generated on the
windings and transmitted to the grid by
conductors attached to the stator. The grid station has
transformers which converts AC power to AC higher Voltage Current & BINGO!!! there’s the light. The hydrologic cycle is important to
hydropower plants because they depend on water flow if there is a lack a rain near the
hydro plant, water won’t collect upstream. With no water collecting upstream less
water flows through the hydropower plant and less electricity is generated. Yeah! that’s no rocket science. Please like and subscribe to my channel for more
videos. Thank You!

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