How Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab


Wormholes were theorized in 1935 by my buddy
Al Einstein and his pal Nathan Rosen as part of the theory of general relativity. They
were called Einstein-Rosen “bridges,” and are thought of as holes through space-time.
Wormholes have never been spotted, though one Russian researcher believes he could spot
them with a radio telescope… but it’s never been done. Until now, sort of. Scientists at the Autonomous University of
Barcelona have created a magnetic wormhole that appears to transfer a magnetic field
through quote “an extra special dimension.” Magnetic wormholes aren’t space-time wormholes,
but they are a similar concept. Space-time wormholes are a manipulation of gravitational
energy, which we don’t YET know how to do, whereas magnetic wormholes are manipulating
electromagnetic energy. Which we’re really good at. Using metamaterials (something that
gave me a headache on DNews before) the scientists were able to create a tunnel of magnetic energy
last year, and this year they made the tunnel invisible. See, while “normal” space-time
wormholes connect two points in this (or other) universes through an unseen bridge, but this
wormhole connects two magnetic fields through an unseen bridge! It’s really key to point out, that if you
looked at the wormhole, you’d see it. It’s not invisible to the human eye, just to magnetic
sensing. A normal magnet has two poles, North and South, and they’re opposed, with a magnetic
field connecting them. In this case, their wormhole separated the poles, singling them
out, creating a monopole — something that does not happen in nature. Researchers can’t
tell where the magnetic field that connects those monopoles is, which gives the illusion
it’s in a “special dimension.” This device makes a monopole pop into existence, with
no detectable connection to that pole on the other side. Manipulation of magnetic fields is used for
Magnetic Resonance Imaging at hospitals. MRI machines use giant magnets to force the protons
inside our bodies to align, then use radio waves to knock them around, causing them to
show up on the scans. MRI scanners are very sensitive to other magnetic interference,
and any metal can ruin the image and be dangerous to the occupants; because it’s basically a
giant electromagnet. Not to mention people have to slide into that claustrophobia-inducing
tube. With this new magnetic manipulation technique, MRI machines might be built which
could scan multiple things at once without interference, and wouldn’t need one massive
magnet. Using a magnetic wormhole MRI they might be able to do surgery and scan at the
same time! Plus, the manipulation of electromagnetic
fields isn’t just big business in medical science…
Remember way back in 2007 when Bush was president and I was a server at a popular chain Italian
restaurant? A study in Physical Review Letters made a big splash when it found if you could
manipulate electromagnetic energy in such a way, to create an “invisibility cloak,”
and that is essentially what these Spanish researchers have done! They hid a magnetic
field’s distortions from the outside, by using metamaterials, to create an invisible electromagnetic
wormhole. In the end, this wormhole can’t move anything
from one place to another, and, like much scientific research, doesn’t do anything super
practical at the moment, but it IS a proof-of-concept for some future technologies and could be
used for things we haven’t even thought of yet. On top of that, it’s a great simulation
of the gravitational wormhole we sci-fi addicts know and love! So, when we finally learn to
manipulate gravitational energy on a massive scale… we’ll have a few more theories to
work with. If you’re more into the mystery of gravitational
wormholes, Dr. Ian O’Neill and I did a podcast over on TestTube Plus all about black holes,
wormholes, white holes and really insane physics. It was a great series!! (soundup-link to playlist)
There’s also a link in the description if you’re on mobile, OR if you’re more of a radio
person, check it out over on itunes! We took all five episodes from YouTube and smushed
them into one kick-ass black hole podcast.

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    Thanks, information is like butter

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    Watched 5 seconds and i have to turn away. This guy is so fucking annoying.

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    this dude looks like Jack Black lol great video though!

  4. Jeroen cuypers says:

    Dont watch this in 1.5 speed

  5. Ahmad Raza says:

    I saw a wormhole in my backyard garden once… the worm used to travel through it time to time and feed itself from the soil of another planet but once it rained cats and dogs and the metamaterial could not survive the damage and the wormhole got closed… but I believe the worm is alive somewhere in the universe…

  6. Seth Woody says:

    Why is there so many holes in space?

  7. Magnolia Only says:

    Time to make my OWN worm hole

  8. Mars the Planet says:

    Bruh this isnt clickbait a wormhole is pretty much a concept that is a form of a portal

  9. Fiery_Fire33 Plays says:

    A black hole is probably a WORMHOLE, what I've learned if you enter a black hole you'll not necessarily die but be transport to a different dimension. Once you reach the other side you'll probably see a white hole while you get shot out of the black hole (of course you will die if you don't have a durable suit) This is most likely not true but It is a theory of mine.

    Question of the day/night

    Do you think Aliens exist?

    Want a different question? Scroll down.

    How do Aliens visit different solar systems, planets or galaxies OR universes? (Honestly I think theres onee universe I dunno I'm dumb lol)

  10. Angela D. Gardiner says:

    ການນໍາພາ, ການສະແຫວງຫາ – ຄວາມເລິກ – ຜ່ອນຄາຍ > 1784

  11. Alien Trappers says:

    Here's video I recorded of an alien going through a wormhole at a park in North Carolina. Watch it here if you'd like 😉

  12. Tom Jenkins says:

    mico worm holes were created decades ago at Hughes Aircraft. There's dozens around the word. They send items in and come out in one of them..can't control which one yet tho. People have volunteered to go through but never came out anywhere…only inanimate objects. Stuff I've heard from an ex-Hughes employee.

  13. Allan Zhao says:

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  14. Jesus Christ says:

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  16. Akka5000 says:

    if a black hole and a white hole collided anything that went into the black hole would come out of the white hole in a different universe or time period

  17. MinecraftSurvivalGaming says:

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  18. Eric Draven says:

    Funny how he totally plagiarized the independent almost word for word ( without giving them a reference, even worse though, he said it wrong; 0:41 he says 'special' instead of 'spacial' lmaooo, ( it says “This means that the device transfers magnetic fields from one point in space to another point through a path… as if the transfer was made through an extra-spatial dimension." ).

  19. Veronica Kocsis says:

    To make worm holes you need exotic matters

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  21. Avro Arrow says:

    New discoveries are always fascinating!

  22. Ronak Tandon says:

    but magnetic energy has both repulsion and attraction but in gravitational fro e there is nothis like repulsion(we don't know is there exotic matter or not) hece its much easier to make a magnetic warm hole than a space time one

    ps: i mean its relatively easier not such easier thaat u can create it at ur own

  23. Sen 7 says:

    ther is no way someone is going to understand this without having basic concept of science

  24. Ayham orfali says:

    Your way of presenting the subject is pretty bad.. i didn’t get it

  25. Gautam Nag says:

    destroying faith in 0:05

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  27. GrummNation says:

    This means that soon we can make artificial gravity and make the NASA space station the ISS obsolete or useless and have newer tech on the new station and no more problems with the whole weightlessness and instead make a new large station like Sevastopol station from Aliens Isolation, make a new nation, with no way of immigration issues, no cars, no carbon-monoxide or natural greenhouse gasses, great!!!

  28. Patato Keftes says:

    So basically they replicated an inefficient experiment from October 1943…

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    How can people check and confirm for themselves that the scientists really did do all these things aside from the scientist’s claims that the did? How can we tell that they definitely do all these things? Most people, myself including are very limited in their knowledge of science. This means scientists can tell us anything, and most people will blindly believe. Is it even ok for these scientists to make something happen that don’t naturally occur in nature? I say no, it’s not ok for them to do these things.

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    may I offer a potential idea for a wormhole the fermi paradox talks about making one in a laboratory with both entrance and exit which might be two way travel we would have to take its exit and all going well to its location the old fashioned way we cannot go to the stars just yet, but what if we could mine our own solar system for elements useful to real easy(type 1 tech society) just pushing heavy contaners there arriving home minutes later and be moverble to wherever needed, no gravity no 10% payload 90% fuel needs no planetry heat or parachutes and such impractical amounts to make to exepencive for the effort. worm hole back the numbers for mass import with no downsides, I,m not long for this world own fault smoker. you scientist keep at it GOOD LUCK

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  93. Making Games says:

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  94. ScrotNimation says:

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  95. Alexander Arnold says:

    The "Wormhole" idea was furthered by whom were trying to sabotage all Space Travel, and created the idea "Wormhole", possibly "inspired" by "Glass Blowing" (because of the visual effects), and not Physics, and possibly claimed by Lesser Physics as theirs, trying to have "more "Dominant"" Academics.

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