How solar-powered desalination works – Sustainable clean water for islands & coastlines

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Fresh water, There’s no life without it. It’s not only the water we drink, water is part of
everything we do. Yet, it’s increasingly becoming scarce. Already 4 billion
people face water scarcity today. Islands and coastal areas in particular are at
the forefront of climate change. Droughts happen more frequently and water sources
are drying up. The key to unlocking more fresh water lies in the sea. The process of desalination is an expensive exercise, as much energy is needed and energy rates are high. We thought; why not use the elements in our favour? Plenty of sunshine, an abundance of seawater, but not a drop to drink.. Combining the power of the sea and the sun, Elemental Water Makers enables reliable access to clean water from unlimited resources. Solar powered desalination
provides independence and resilience. Let’s take a look at how it works. Access to seawater or brackish water is arranged through a well or an open intake. The larger particles in the water are first captured using pre-filtration. Then, desalination takes place using reverse osmosis membranes. The fresh water can be remineralised for drinking water purposes. It’s temporarily stored in a reservoir, ready to be used at will. An inline filter is included before the point of use to ensure the water’s quality. All the required energy comes from the sun. The amount of energy we need is reduced by 75% using energy recovery technology. This technology uses the residual energy of the saltier water leaving the reverse osmosis membranes. This means we can do with 4x less solar panels! To cope with the fluctuations of the sun by passing clouds, a minimum amount of batteries is used. They are maintenance free and suitable for warm tropical climates. Before shutting down at night and during longer standstills, the membranes are automatically flushed with fresh water to avoid frequent replacement. The solution comes as a hybrid, so it’s possible to double the water production at night by grid or a generator. The units are ideal for remote applications, as they are compact, plug & play and easy to operate. They can be delivered in a small container, ready to be put in operation. Maintenance is limited through automation and the use of highly-durable components. The water quality is constantly observed, and remote monitoring and control is included for stress free operation. Coastal communities, properties, resorts, municipalities and industries can now get access to affordable clean water for generations to come. Benefit from unlimited resources today and contact us for a free feasibility assessment. Join us in solving fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind!

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