hello Today, we are going to talk about very interesting topic And that is
Spirituality for Mental Health Today, we see many cases of Mental illnesses, The cure has increased too Many professionals are there. Therapies, Counsellings, Workshops
Everything is in place. All these methods work But, till a certain level. Surface Level. If I need to change something in me from the root level. Then, Spirituality plays a very important role. So check! Is there Spirituality in my Life? Now, Spiritual Life is not a different Life. Being Happy Being Peaceful This is Spiritual Life. This is Spirituality. I was reading a very beautiful Quote Peace, Happiness, Beauty, Powers, Love. All these are the realm of Spirituality.
We need to see Life at the Vibrations level. Sometimes, when we meet somebody and feel good We say, the Vibes of that person were very good. Vibes means what? We feel the Energy, the Aura of that person Likewise, If I have to Improve Mentally, Emotionally? That too, quickly 🙂 Then we have to take help of Spiritual Energy With its support, change will be visible quickly. As soon as we wake up in the morning Feel that Spiritual Energy is with me today. See, the energy will not be visible Flower’s fragrance is not visible Few things in this world are of feeling. If we start feeling that Spiritual Energy is with me throughout the day. And it is helping me guiding me at every step. By giving me the Inner Powers Gradually, you will feel that the old thought pattern, wrong beliefs, Which were not serving any purpose It will start getting changed to Positive. And my Inner Powers will start increasing. Before starting the day Before starting any task. Remind yourself I am an Energy and Spiritual Energy is with me. Universal Energy is helping me Guiding me From today, I am not controlling anything and anyone in my life. By looking at life at the Physical level,
Due to attachment with my Mind, Beliefs, relations, Labels. Mind plays tricks with us and try to make us feel like a Victim. And we feel hurt, get angry We have to check why this is happening? It is happening because I am seeing people as a Relationship Tags, Labels So, today we have to clear it. That I am an Energy And people with whom I work, stay, family, relatives, friends, employees. All are Energies(Souls) with different Power Capacities
and Different Thought Patterns(Sanskars) They are not my kids, Parents, Employees, Friends. All are Energies(Souls) with different Power Capacities
and Different Thought Patterns(Sanskars) Some do not have the power to understand a simple thing. Some do not have the power to speak the truth. Some do not have the power to speak at all. Only through Spirituality, we can get these answers. That why this person behaves like this. When we get the right answer through the right knowledge, we feel good. And then we can it to our intellect. I can reason it to my intellect. So, let it go. If we stay attached to the situation, problem which mind loves to do We have to challenge our beliefs. We have to think at Spiritual level, Energy Level. And try to find out the reason The Consciousness has 3 parts Mind’s work is to create a thought Let say mind created a thought I am afraid of what is going to happen in life after a year Now, Intellect’s work is to reason Let say, due to my old beliefs, old informations Intellect said: Yes, You are right. I am also not sure what will happen. And, this became my nature(Sanskar) Of Worrying Today, my mind created the same thought Now, I gave reason to intellect using right knowledge Whatever is going to happen I accept it. I am ready for it. Universal energy has helped me always It will always help me. I am ready for it So, what did I do? I gave reason to intellect Why not worry? Because universal energy is with me. I don’t need anyone to support me.
The universe is with me. Gradually, it will become my Sanskar. This is simple Having said that, some old nature will take time to change. Why? Let’s say you enter into a room That room was locked for 6 months There is a Table covered with dust. Today, I started cleaning it. Some dust will be removed 1st day and some in a few days. But, there are few scratches on that Table (Not wall :P) that will not be cleaned on the first few tries. It will take time to clean the scratches which are deep inside But, it will get cleaned Likewise, some sanskars will be easy to change Few beliefs will be removed easily. Few will take time. Don’t get hopeless 🙂 For that, Everyday one hour Meditation
( Link is in Description) Silence Self-talk and Self-reflection Keep giving reason to intellect Broaden the intellect. Gradually, it will be reflected in my Thoughts, Words, and Actions. So, to sum up. Spirituality for Better Mental Health Thank You.

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  1. Dr. Sunanda Arbune says:

    Om shanti. Thank you 🙏🙏

  2. Priya P says:

    Hitesh sir you explained very well about mind intellect and sanskars. Also you explained that we have to meditate one hour daily. Thanks for the video sir

  3. Bk Shital says:

    Om shanti
    Thanks for vedio
    Bahut kuch sikhne ko mila
    Sanskar badalne liye easy class hai aapka sabi vedio
    Thanks baba

  4. mahesh rathod says:

    Aap योग निद्रा पर vdeo बनाओ bhai

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