How to Avoid ESD Damage (Official Dell Tech Support)


Did you know that electrostatic
discharge is the cause of up to 60% of hardware failures even higher during an installation. So it is vital to protect your computer hardware from potential damage caused by ESD. When replacing or installing computer hardware you can inadvertently damage the sensitive electronic circuits in the equipment by simply touching them. Electrostatic charge that has accumulated on your body
discharges through the circuits. If the air in the work area is very dry, running a humidifier will help decrease the risk of ESD damage. To prevent damage even
further, be aware of the following requirements: Give yourself enough room
to work freely on the equipment and clear the worksite. Remove materials which build up electrostatic charge, such as Styrofoam packaging and cups, cellophane and similar items. Have an ESD kit and all other materials or tools you will need to use handy. Wear ESD anti-static gloves or an ESD wristband with a strap. Do not remove the new parts from their anti-static packaging until you are ready to install them. Once you’ve begun (the installation) limit your movements otherwise it’s possible to build up an electrostatic charge. When using an ESD wristband with a strap wrap, wrap the ESD wristband around your wrist and attach the clip of the ESD wristband to the ESD bracket or to bare metal. If a tester is available test the wristband. If there’s a situation that warrants urgent
attention and an ESD kit is not available then do the following: Keep in mind that these precautionary steps are not a substitute for an ESD kit, follow them only in the event of an emergency situation. Before touching any piece of hardware touch a bare part of unpainted
metal on the surface of the cabinet, the rack or the enclosure. Before removing any piece from its anti-static bag, press firmly on a bare metal surface of the cabinet, rack or enclosure, when handling the piece while it is still sealed inside the anti-static bag. When you remove the piece from the bag, avoid touching any components or circuits on it. With the piece now in hand, do not move about the room or touch anything until you have finished the installation. If for some reason during the installation process you find it necessary to move about, or you have to touch other things, then return the piece to the anti-static bag until you
are ready to continue with the installation. Whenever you need help have questions you can always contact us through social media on Facebook or Twitter or join in a chat on the Dell Community Forum. Be sure to check out our other tutorials on this channel and if you liked this video give it a LIKE and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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6 thoughts on “How to Avoid ESD Damage (Official Dell Tech Support)”

  1. ToM says:

    when i open my dell laptop is says network issue
    and never connect any wifi even dont show any option to connect to wifi on 1st time then always i need to turn off my laptop once and start that again
    then only it works n auto connected to the available wifi
    plzzz someone help how to resolve this
    because i cant shutdown my wifi every time like this 2 times

  2. PROMIT DUTTA says:

    My dell 7567 having an odd problem. There comes a pop sound often from the sound system (even when the head phone is connected)…at first there is sound cracking then I uninstalled the smartbyte upon suggestion from blogs…. Now this problem…what to do ? Please help.

  3. ItsJxlianRBLX says:

    Hello, I was wondering if my system supports an SSD (Sorry it’s not related to the video.) My system is an Inspiron 3668 Desktop. Thanks!

  4. Ari Suseno says:

    I have dell g3. I change default windows home with my education windows. But i lose all default app in windows home, like McAfee, bundle dropbox, dell mobile connect. So, what can i do to get back?

  5. technical amit says:

    Windows 7 update problem in vastro 1014 help me

  6. Maxwell says:

    Ffs nothing will happen if u just touch the case and work on wooden surface without carpet… Your video make it seem like esd is some predator waiting to eat up your hardware :c

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