How to Choose Anti Static Carpet Tile for 911 Call Centers and FAA Applications

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Hi, this is Dave Long from Staticworx and in this sequence we’re going to be talking about the different types of carpet that are used to prevent static electricity problems. The first one we’re going to discuss is
computer grade static-control carpet and by computer grade carpet, what
we’re talking about is very old technology that was originally designed
to prevent static shocks on people who worked in computer rooms. Early on, probably early 1980s, the thought
was that if people did not get a shock when they walked across carpet, then the
computer equipment in the room was also protected from static electricity. Unfortunately, what we’ve learned since
then is that when a person feels a shock it requires 3,500 to 4,000 volts. Computer parts are sensitive to 30, 40, 50,
under 100 volts of static electricity so today when we look at computer grade carpet,
we actually look at it as totally ineffective because all it really should be
called is shock free carpet. You won’t get hurt when
you’re walking on the floor. The second type of carpet that has been
put into use for probably the last 20 years. is called ESD grade carpet and this is the type
of carpet–usually comes in the form of a tile– that you would find in a
manufacturing operation. You would find it in a place where they’re
handling semiconductors. Where they’re repairing computer parts. Generally speaking people wear special
footwear and where the people are tested for the conductive properties of their
footwear before they walk on the carpet. The problem with this type of carpet is it has an ohms
rating that puts it into the very conductive range but we’re talking about using carpet
in a real world environment. We’re talking about people coming in wearing
high-heeled shoes, wearing work boots, wearing flip-flops. You’re not in a situation in those environments where
you have the ability to know whether you’re safe or not based on any kind of testing, so this has
created a need for a third type of carpet. What we’re calling that third type of
carpet is an operational grade carpet, a carpet that can be used around
energized equipment and when I say energized equipment, all I’m talking
about is something that’s plugged into the wall. Could be a laptop, could be a whole
series of consoles surrounding you. You could be working in a flight control tower, you could
be working in a command center, a control room, but anything that’s plugged into the wall if it’s static
sensitive and you want to protect the equipment at the same time as you’re reducing the
possibility of a static discharge, you need to have a floor that prevents
static but also allows the person to be safe. The only difference between
operational grade and ESD grade is operational grade has a
built-in resistive network. That resistive network prevents grounding
from occurring at such a rapid rate that you’re going to find yourself potentially in a
circuit where you’re tied too closely to ground Not only does a static control floor have
to reduce static electricity and look good but it also has to be safe.

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