How to Cleanse and Protect Yourself from Negative Energy Based on 5 Feng Shui Elements


With Valentine’s Day coming up in a few days
and Spring season coming in a month’s time, now is a good time to reassess both our inner
well-being and our relationships with other people. It is often said that everything starts from
within, and when it comes to well-being, there is a strong mind and body connection. Therefore it’s best to start examining ourselves
and do inner cleansing first for any residual bad energies and be free from negativity to
welcome positive energies in, and hopefully this video can help guide you on How to cleanse
and protect yourself from negative energy based on the 5 Feng Shui elements. Energy cleansing should be an ongoing activity,
and its frequency depends on one’s sensitivity. The more sensitive you are, the more likelihood
that you haven’t established strong boundaries yet, hence you may need to actually do energy
cleansing daily. But for those who are capable of managing
stress better and have already established strong boundaries, or those lucky enough to
be in a nurturing environment and simply experienced a one-off intense and stressful situation,
then either a monthly or bi-annual energy cleansing practice is enough. Some of the methods that will be mentioned
in this video can be easily done daily though—both as an added protection and as a boost in welcoming
positive energy in our lives. Cleansing and Protection Under the Wood Feng
Shui Element Plants and trees are part of the wood element,
and influence the quality of air we breathe. These together with connecting ourselves with
nature regularly can aid us not only in breathing out bad energy away but in breathing properly. *Walk in a park
The act of taking a simple walk for a few minutes especially in a park, can help clear
our minds from other people’s influences and at the same time re-energizes us to easily
achieve the state of flow once we get back to work or whatever task we’re doing previously. Taking a walk not only helps clear writer’s
block but also gives enough excuse to take a break from our gadgets and be more aware
and appreciative of the good things in our surroundings. *Gardening
Not only is gardening a relaxing hobby, it also gives an opportunity to take slow deliberate
breathing exercise. Make sure to allot a schedule for this on
a non-busy day such as the weekend so you have ample time and avoid feeling rushed. *Yin Yoga
Yin yoga helps us stay grounded by focusing on aligning our breathing with slow passive
yoga poses or asanas. Yin yoga not only helps us calm down but also
allows us to release any stagnant negative energy such as anxiety that can hold us back
in life. Cleansing and Protection Under the Fire Feng
Shui Element Using fire is a very powerful yet highly dangerous
method of clearing negative energy. Always be careful and never leave burning
items unattended. You may consider doing other methods instead
if the following fire methods aren’t practical or safe to do in your current space. *Burn incense sticks
Aside from a way to create connection with deities, gods or goddesses (depending on your beliefs), burning incense sticks is an effective
way to cleanse and renew chi in your environment. Incense sticks have other subtle effects based
on their aroma too as long as you’re using the ones with natural ingredients instead
of those with only synthetic perfumes: You may use rosemary scent to flush any stagnant
energy and help create new beginnings. You may use sage to clear any type of energy–both
positive and negative–to have a blank slate in your space. This is best used when you’re planning to
do another ritual and want to avoid any energy influencing it. You may also use incense with sandalwood scent
to clear negative energy only and keep any positive energy flowing around, or lavender
scent to help you relax or recover from a previous illness. If you want to focus on boosting protection,
you may burn incense with cedar scent instead. *Light a candle
The simple act of lighting a candle especially when accompanied with a heartfelt prayer can
also do wonders in clearing our minds and subconsciously inviting new blessings in. Different colors of candles have different
effects, but a white candle is commonly used not only for cleansing but also for protection
especially from the types of people who drain our energies, or what is also known as energy
vampires. Lighting a candle can also be used together
with visual meditation or other methods or rituals that will be discussed later. *Banishing ritual
A banishing ritual may be more effective when you want to get rid of the negative influences
from other people. It can also help in erasing bad traumatic
memories over time. This is best done during a waning moon. Depending on your beliefs and the impact of
either the negative person or event that you’re trying to get rid of, you may do an elaborate
banishing ritual or a simple one. An example of a banishing ritual is the following:
write down the name of that toxic person on a piece of paper using a black ink, then cross
the name using red ink. Fold the paper and stomp on it 3 times while
imagining all negativity going back to that person and being immune from them starting
today. After that, burn that paper on a safe dish
outside, while imagining burning bridges with that toxic person. Make sure that you don’t inhale the smoke
and the smoke is going to a different direction away from you and your home. For a much simpler banishing ritual, you may
choose to burn any gifts given and any photos with that toxic person or even photos that
remind you of the traumatic event on a safe dish or earthenware outside. Imagine all the bad memories burning away
along with those items. Make sure that it is allowed in your local
laws though because there are places with very strict anti-air pollution policies that
prohibit any kind of backyard burning. If that’s the case, you may choose to replace
the burning part with shredding, and burying the shreds or throwing them in a trash bin
afterwards instead. Cleansing and Protection Under the Earth Feng
Shui Element Earth-based cleansing is best done when you’re
feeling agitated or experiencing general anxiety or imbalance, and would like to feel more
grounded. However, using any earth-based clearing method
isn’t advisable when there’s a feeling of stagnation for it can even worsen it. *Stay home
If the only reason you want to attend an event after school or work is either fear of missing
out or not wanting to offend people who invited you, and deep inside you don’t really feel
like going and that feeling is more than laziness– it could be you don’t really jive with the
people there or those people bring out the worst in you — it’s best to simply stay home. Not only will doing so give you more time
to actually do the things that you genuinely enjoy, it actually gives you a sense of power
when you’re the one actually in control of your time and decisions. Staying home also lets you recharge or rest
especially when you’re simply exhausted, which lead us to the next method. *Take a nap
Lack of sleep makes us all moody, irritable and high-strung. Add a mug of coffee or a can of energy drink
can even worsen it and even make us feel more agitated than usual. There’s no other cure for this than getting
enough sleep, and if that isn’t possible in a hectic schedule, then at least take power
naps in between which only last for 30 minutes at most. Not only taking naps helps boost our productivity
by recharging our mental energy, it helps maintain good relations with others by allowing
us to see things in a better perspective or at least have enough patience, and therefore
preventing unnecessary bickering, temper tantrums, and minor rants. *Use crystals and gemstones
A good medium-sized crystal such as quartz is not only a good talisman for protection,
it can also be used for grounding. Always carry it around and touch it when you’re
feeling tense or anxious. Different types of crystals have other different
benefits especially when incorporated in charms. For attracting prosperity, you may use citrine
crystal or tiger’s eye. For better career opportunities, you may use
lapiz lazuli. For good luck in love and relationships, you
may use rose quartz and amethyst. And for good health, green agate is the best. Cleansing and Protection Under the Metal Feng
Shui Element Metal is associated with both wealth and protection. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil
influences. Just make sure to avoid any sharp edges or
corners made of metal if used as decor or talisman, and use in moderation to avoid any
imbalances in cooking. *Sound
Using sound helps get rid of any old negative energy that may still be clinging to us. In Chinese traditions, they use drums, and
gongs to “scare” evil spirits away. In Christian traditions, they use bells, usually
accompanied with prayers and incense. In modern times, we can actually use music
such as the loud rock or metal genre to serve as catharsis for any bitter emotions we might
be holding on to, or simply to wake us up and energize our bodies. Using sound can also help us ground ourselves
and be calm like the sound of metal wind chimes at the door and also ambient music used during
meditation sessions. *Visualize white light
The color white is under the element of metal. Along with listening to good calming music,
you can also use meditation to visualize white light surrounding and protecting you like
a powerful barrier against negative energy. Sometimes you can also imagine mirrors along
with the bright light barrier so any strong negative energy targeted at you will simply
bounce back to the sender, especially when you’re in a particularly toxic environment
such as an unsafe crowded street or a drama-loving workplace. Though it’s best to actually stay away from
them, sometimes it isn’t immediately possible, so doing a protective visual meditation can
be a temporary workaround, but do still actively take steps to transition into actually living
in a better and safer environment. *Add white onions in your diet
Under the study of Feng Shui in food, onions especially the white ones are part of the
metal element. Onions in general make your body more resilient
against free radicals because aside from their polyphenols that act as antioxidants, onions
also boost your immune system with its sulfurs that act as anti-inflammatory agents. No matter the type of negative energy cleansing
rituals you do or protective talismans you use, if you’re body especially your immune
system is weak, then nothing will work and all efforts will be in vain. So ensuring a healthy immune system is a must. Cleansing and Protection Under the Water Feng
Shui Element Water is strongly connected to emotions and
doing the following may bring instant relief from any negative toxins and feelings. *Wash using soap infused with essential oils
The simple act of washing our bodies is therapeutic especially when we visualize that all negativity
is leaving us and being drained away while taking a bath. You may use soap infused with essential oils
like sage or lavender, or you may even create a custom blend with your own favorite essential
oils. However do avoid them if you have any allergic
reactions to them, and also if you’re pregnant. *Go swimming
Swimming almost has a similar effect as the tip mentioned previously, but with the added
effect of exercising your body. There’s a theory or perhaps a rumor that swimming
in cold water early in the morning has anti-aging effects as what Liu Yelin, a 50 year old beautiful
Chinese lady has been doing for the past 20 years, as well as those who are practicing
the Wim Hof method — but never try this without proper training and consulting your doctor
because it’s highly dangerous and can even be lethal. *Just cry it out
Regardless of your gender, sometimes a good crying session is enough to release all the
negative energy and emotions that are holding you down. Use this as an opportunity to acknowledge
any negative event that occurred and accept responsibility. Only do this rarely, avoid doing this to dwell
in past hurts and indulge in the blame game. Use it as useful step to gauge who the right
people are for you and cut ties who aren’t, and start doing things that actually make
you happy to help heal wounds and move on. So which of these methods worked for you? Let us know down the comments below! If you like this video, kindly press the thumbs
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