How to cut your electric bill in half legally – (Part 1)


Hello You Tubers. Todays quest is to figure out what are the
best light bulbs to give you the best return on your investment. And what I have here is a LED, a compact fluorescent
and a incandescent light bulb attached to a regular table lamp and with a actual watt
meter a kilowatt meter to figure out which one pulls the most amount of electricity. So we are going to start off with our first
light bulb and I dont know if you can see this but this is a 60 watt regular bulb this
is a regular incandescent bulb that I am going to go ahead and screw this into the lamp and
I am going to go ahead and turn the lamp on as you can see it turned on and its rated
for 60 watts and it pull 59.7 watts. So this is about 800 to 850 lumens and that’s
our first contestant. So now we are going to go to our second contestant. Which is a spiral type fluorescent bulb and
you know these have mercury in them, so there is issues when they do burn out or have issues
that there is waste issues with these having the mercury in order to make them light up. So I’m going to go ahead and turn that on
and they take a little while to come up to the brightness in order to heat up and this
one is pulling 11.6 watts. So our third contestant is this is a Phillips
LED bulb, Same amount of brightness and we are going to go ahead and put that into our
regular table lamp. As you can see its already on and our usage
is about 10.5 watts so you got three different bulbs. This one is your LED you have your compact
fluorescent and your regular incandescent. So out of all three of them, Now these are
all about a dollar to 2 dollars a piece a bulb and you can see the most efficient is
the LED light bulb. So if your looking to cut off 20 to 30 dollars
a month on your electric bill at home buy LEDS. I mean really its a 60 dollar investment. Its a return within 2 months. I’d highly recommend it and Thank you Very
much and Please Subscribe.

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