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This is the Chemical Guys Premium Merino Wool Duster. This duster is perfect for removing dust off the car before putting it in the garage, covering it with a car cover, or showing it off at a car show. This premium duster is guaranteed to not scratch the surface, and it’s made from premium Merino Wool. Merino Wool is extra soft, and will not scratch paintwork. It pulls off dust safely and easily. This premium duster is extra long, so you can reach deep into hoods, roofs, or any large vehicle. It’s made with a scratch-resistant wood handle, and it has a leather hanging ring, so you can hang it up and protect it from dirt and debris. To use the duster, pick it up and spin it in your hands. This will spit out any loose dust from the Merino Wool hairs. Once it’s all fluffed up, take the duster and drag it gently across the surface. Don’t put a lot of weight on the vehicle, simply drag it on the surface to pick up all the light dirt. This is perfect for picking up light dust. It’s not designed to remove heavy dirt from any vehicle. It’s perfect after you’ve washed the car and have a light coat of dust on the vehicle, or you’ve prepped the car for a car show and it has a little bit of dust. This is the perfect tool to keep in the car or garage to clean up light dust from any vehicle. It works on painted surfaces, glass, and plastic all over the vehicle. It comes in an extra-large size, and a mini version as well. The mini size uses the same premium Merino Wool, scratch-resistant wooden handle, and leather hook. The smaller version is great for dashboards, motorcycles, smaller cars, and are easy to take anywhere. If you want the Merino Wool Duster, pick it up from our website: We’ll see you next time here in the Detail Garage! Always remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!

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35 thoughts on “How To Dust Your Car – Chemical Guys Car Care”

  1. Teemo Thunder says:

    It can be made of fucking clouds and it will still scratch the paint. No matter how soft the dust medium, the dirt will still be dragging across the paint work.

  2. Jules says:

    finally someone made a video on how to use a duster, thanks!

  3. ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

    What a load of bullshit.

  4. ATL Designs says:

    Is this made out of premium material though?

  5. Eric Lopez says:

    How is this duster compared to its competitors (i.e. California Duster)?

    Feel free to use my Black 2014 Dodge Challenger RT with light scratches (I'm located in Los Angeles). Thanks!

  6. Conor Duffield says:

    These videos are bullshit, next they'll be teaching us how to suck eggs..

  7. sSkillaz336 says:

    make a walk around video of your mustang I wanna see what all you got done to it

  8. Shaidy says:

    Could you not make it a bit more macho looking, I wouldn't want anyone to see me prancing around my car with that.

  9. DapperDan says:

    show your things on dirty cars please!

  10. Chris Sloan says:

    Wow….some angry, negative comments here…over a video about a duster?! Geez guys…give CGs a break,..or just don't watch their videos!

  11. Chris Sloan says:

    Wow….some angry, negative comments here…over a video about a duster?! Geez guys…give CGs a break,..or just don't watch their videos!

  12. Just D8vid2 says:

    Where's Matt?

  13. Tr Vlogs Car Life says:

    That car color is hella nice.

  14. smacdiesel says:

    I use a California Duster on my RV, it scratches it a little bit.

  15. qwerty6801 says:

    This actually looks pretty legit. Especially those with dark colored cars that get a light layer of dust on it everytime you drive it.

  16. Karaface says:

    You forgot theย *chaching* for the last premium!

  17. KiD TrUnKs says:

    Lol at these hating comments. Go back to your auto zone products bro.

  18. smacdiesel says:

    I'm going to buy this and give it a try on my 36' Winnebago, pain in the butt to wash on a weekly basis. You need to do a video for Motorhomes, big community out there, you can use mine, its new with perfect paint. I'm local.

  19. djfs69 says:

    Mine didn't come with a hang loop.

  20. SenseiFitness says:

    Exthra thoft.

  21. Daniel Alvarez says:

    should have used it on a dusty car i dont believe it…

  22. derek garcia says:

    IKEA duster

  23. - A13X - says:

    Or if you have a black car, it's good for right after waxing!

  24. Bas Oomen says:

    You're better of rinsing it of with water and then drying it with a MF towel, perhaps together with some detail spray. You won't introduce scratches and you will be adding a bit of extra shine!

  25. Arizona Colour says:

    So I just spent 3 hrs washing , clay barring, polishing, and waxing my truck. One day later, its covered in dust….other than a duster, what can I do to protect it from dust?? Please help! ๐Ÿ™

  26. MR MILFMANZ says:

    Show is on a really dusty car

  27. Richard Webb says:

    My car stays outside and will collect that 24 dust. I have this product. After 24 hours or even 12 hours, on a typical medium wind day, this product will pick up some dust, but will end up mostly spreading the dirt around and around. If you take breaks at work and go dust your car like a bone head, you might get the intended effect. Keeping dust off my car, I just gave up.

  28. Tyson Smith says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

  29. ilker erol says:

    #รทร—+!##$$ for the intro!

  30. erwin lopez says:

    Quick question is this duster cleanable after use? And would I be able to use this for my dash board to dust out

  31. Help Me Get 1000 Subscribers says:

    How do you clean the duster?

  32. 15 DurangoRT says:

    Will not harm the paint. As he slams the handle on the hood. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  33. Gtaoutsider says:

    You forgot to mention how to clean it after some uses

  34. Jeff Polk says:

    Use a swifter

  35. rendezvous009 says:

    The simplest way is still the best.

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