How to Heal Abundance & Money “Blockages” – Free Instant Energy Healing


Get ready for an instant healing for abundance, right here in this video. I am Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing and since 2005, I’ve been teaching tens of thousands of people how to heal anything and everything with these simple Now Healing commands. So, healing abundance. What do you do to heal your money issues or your relationship to abundance? Do you try to pinpoint the causes of financial problems and lack, and then fix those? Do you analyze all the reasons that you’re blocked from abundance so that you can finally overcome those blockages? Well if you’ve ever done that, you know it’s not very effective to get you actual healing and change. Even asking the question “hmm what’s my abundance blockage?” is a misdirection. It’s actually a waste of your time and energy and focus. And instead of getting you what you want, it plugs you into the field of what you don’t want, in the field of your blockages. There’s a much faster, more direct way to get in the flow of abundance, and it does not involve figuring out what’s wrong, and then fixing that. It involves something much more simple and effective. And that is instant Alignment with the actual field of abundance that already exists. You just connect to it. Multi-dimensionally. Now. Feel that? Not quite sure? That’s okay. I’ll show you again how to do an instant Now Healing Alignment. It’s really easy and it works whether you understand it or not. So let go of your assumptions about why this can or cannot work, and let’s just do it. And let’s also notice the improvements that actually happen. So, say this command with me. Align with abundance… Now! And as you say the word Now, bring that command into your Center. It’s like pressing an enter button that starts an instant healing program. Align with abundance… Now! And just breathe that into your Center. Good. Okay, let’s do two more. Say these with me. I Align with the larger field of universal abundance… Now! Bring that into your Center. I Align with being in the flow of abundance… Now! Breathe that in and out. Allow those shifts to ripple out into actual reality… Now! And things are already shifting and changing. They will continue to shift and change. So notice what does actually change over the next few minutes, hours, days. Because you are Aligned with the flow of abundance… Now! Good and there’s a lot more we can do. If you want more guidance from me on this topic and many others, click the link below and join me live every month in my Guided Healing Teleseminars where we do all kinds of stuff like this for tons of different topics. There’s a new topic every month, and we actually heal your whole life through the lens of each monthly topic. So I would love to see you there in my Guided Healing Teleseminars every month. Enjoy this flow of abundance that you have just Aligned with. This is Elma with Love and Wholeness, signing off for Now.

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25 thoughts on “How to Heal Abundance & Money “Blockages” – Free Instant Energy Healing”

  1. S.b K. says:

    Wow Elma I felt that! Was yawning away like a kid!! Thank you

  2. Starseed Energetics says:

    Love u <3

  3. Hope Smiling says:

    Dear Elma, if possible please clarify. I have trouble with the word abundance that it's too general, from my perspective if I State "align with abundance" I can be alinging with any type of abundance and as my current vibration is the lack of wealth once I State " align with abundance" I can be aligning with the abundance that is stronger in my field on this example " abundance of lack, abundance of debt, abundance of scarcity etc which are the things I am currently vibrating and are what is activated on my field". Could you please, share your perspective on my way of understanding this word abundance? Thank you very much by the way I really like Now Healing and I do appreciate your work.

  4. Renukah Hunter says:

    Thank you!

  5. soul sanctification says:

    I've noticed I asked "how" so much through my life and I've found rumination and "problem solving" energy gunks all over these "hows", I forgot the focus of the actual energy I wanted

  6. Martha Krejci, The Tribefinder says:

    I love your channel πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Your vids resonate with me. Would you like to do sub for sub? πŸ™πŸΌ

  7. Phyllis Calkins says:

    Thank you Elma! The first time I used your energy healing I had a HUGE shift which helped me more than I can say. I use your work and find that it is always valuable. This one is another wonderful one I used today! Your videos and teachings are truly a service to the world. My deepest love and appreciation for you and your amazing work!!!!!

  8. Janice Reece says:

    I totally felt the shift of energy …. Thanks

  9. Raminder Singh says:


  10. Raminder Singh says:


  11. Arainna says:

    Thank you Elma..
    Many many more blessings to you.

  12. Qennan B says:

    I really like your energy. Thank you for this video.

  13. Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear

  14. Kat Richards says:

    Started to feel it.. will do this several times more times

  15. Niva-Or Ruvio says:

    Thank you xoxo

  16. Pele sch says:

    i REALLY like this , dont know how i didn't find this channel before πŸ™‚

  17. Simon John says:

    I love this video very nice thanks

  18. Dan Bowskill says:

    You are so lovely .. Thank You for fascilitating my healing

  19. Prabha Raghavan says:

    I have tried about two years before but could not do it properly. Now I know what you are making use of, the higher order of consciousness
    Now I m experiencing the totality as you are Instructing. It is truly the direct use of the Supreme Spiritual sciences. I truely enjoy
    every aspect of your views.
    Prabharaghavan .

  20. Paranormally Curious says:

    About a year ago I read a phrase with β€œright now” and it truly resonates with me so much. I started writing it everywhere to remind me and calmness comes every time.

  21. Hella Ge says:


  22. Marianne Apers says:

    I am from Belgium , I dont understand it

  23. Tanja Pesic says:

    Your energy is so powerful, it feels incredible … brought tears to my eyes literally. And your "now" hand movement … Wow! Thank you, Elma! β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ

  24. Kelly Reilly says:

    Align with abundance now!!!

  25. Aneta Johnson says:

    At first I thought you might have a few loose marbles in you cranium,Then I thought , your a creacher of "GOD" just like everyone else, so maby your blessed with knowing technoques we may choose to use, and your lovingly sharing them . "Be blesed with all thats good! The more you share, the more you recive back!

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