How to Install Solar Panels : Grid Tie Inverters for Solar Energy


So today we’re installing just a small battery
system but for larger houses they make a whole range of equipment. This is a grid tie inverter.
We’ll just take the cover off and you can see, it’s not really that complex. We’ve got
giant coils and switching and some electronics in there. So for a grid tied system you end
up using different products, and some of it is quite hazardous so typically you’ll hire
a contractor to come in and handle the main panel connections as well as some of the paperwork
is a bit tricky when you’re trying to get rebates. At least in California we get up
to half our money back from the state when we put in a solar system. So down here, at
the bottom of this grid tie inverter we have connections for our solar panels coming in
as well as some fusing, which is a safety factor and the required switching that turns
the AC and DC power on and off for safety. Hiring a contractor for the larger systems
is a must.

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42 thoughts on “How to Install Solar Panels : Grid Tie Inverters for Solar Energy”

  1. hrvojevz says:

    That giant part it isn't coil, it is toroidal power transformer.

  2. aampudia8 says:

    im not 100% sure of how these work.. but that might be a huge coil for a DC to DC converter…12-24dc volts to 180 dc volts or so.. and then it just uses a PWM, a H-bridge and some capacitors to make it a sine telling you because i made one at the university, and if you look many small off-grid inverters, the dont have transformers.. they just have some "small" toroidal coils

  3. BlackIce504 says:

    if your making so much power all the time then there is no need for you to be connected to the grid at all but also here is another thing if you worried i live in australia so this may not work for you but we can choose our providers of power yes i know it comes down the same lines but you just pay a different person maybe you might be able to change to 1 that will give you money ect.

  4. tailhunter says:

    perhaps he should realize the obvious…solar power is far too expensive. the money paid to convert your house will take decades to pay back. and once you do your solar panels arent putting out full power, you will have replaced your batteries and inverter atleast once. Its a money trap…don't even do it, you'll NEVER get to that point where you are getting free power.

  5. tailhunter says:

    You are implying several factors that are likely not going to happen. A) energy rates MAY not go up once more nuke plants are built (there are gov subsidies for them too, getting larger and larger), a 25k loan over 20 yrs is about $125 a month, which is more than the average household uses.C) your new 25k solar system will FAIL and breakdown over that 25yr span, PV cells degrade , inverters burn out. D) You will still draw power from the grid E)excess solar power is refunded @ half the rate

  6. tailhunter says:

    Its a phoney market ceated by enviros, profitable for installers and builders, fueled by the green movement, spoonfed by the crooks on the IPCC panel.

  7. tailhunter says:

    If its so reasonable then why don't you post the cost of a solar system that can power 2 100watt light bulbs 24hrs a day. It would shock people….

  8. CAJUNNSC says:

    Okay Smarty, how much would it cost to power two 100watt bulbs for 24hours a day 365 days a year. From scratch without your friendly utility company. Let's see you must build a power plant, then…. yeah right! The cost for the above using PV system is about 3-7 hundred, that's it.
    ! deep cycle battery, 1 115 watt panel, 1 inverter, ligs, wire and charger… Now a question for you. What is the kilowatt hours used by those 2 bulbs of yours over the same period of time?

  9. CAJUNNSC says:

    Really, where did you go to college? Where did you earn your PHD? I see, so you don't have either… but you seem to know more than 99.9% of all experts worldwide! Do yourself a favor, don't make such a fool of yourself by making claims you cannot back up. You don't have to believe me, just do the REAL research needed to find out who's right and who's wrong! Ever hear of Peak Oil, what about ozone depletion, what about Greenland, Iceland, tidal changes and normal seasonal fluctuations

  10. CAJUNNSC says:

    Where do you live? The average household electric bill is more like $ 250. to $ 350.00 per month, and as for rate hikes you obvously know nothing bout how the business works or about Photovoltaic, Wind or Thermal electrical generation. And 25K by 20 by 12 is 104.17 the extra 21 bucks would make it
    $ 5,040.00 more… total being $ 30,040.00
    If you can't do simple math how is it you believe you have the ability to challange the facts?

  11. CAJUNNSC says:

    Read and learn, there already are many people who are already getting free power from the sun, wind and thermal systems. If you know better prove it? I can prove what I claim can you?

  12. tailhunter says:

    I didn't have enough characters to type everything, but thanks for bring it up. First off, we didn't include interest on the loan, that should ad 5k to it easily. Then there is the typical $60 mnthly pymnt to the electrical company (14k), and how about those cloudy days that exceed your battery back-up? you'll need power from the grid. sooo, 25k+5k (interest)+14k (fees to elect company)= $44k equals $144 a month…whether you use power in your home or not….

  13. tailhunter says:

    So i guess you don;t know what you are talking about. 1 battery and 115 watt array will power 200watts ac day and night for years??? Please explain to me how 200watts ac can be drawn from a battery (with inverter) overnite, and still get fully charged during the day while a mear 115 watts dc can not only charge the battery, but power up the lights???

  14. tailhunter says:

    A 4.8kwh (to answer your question) off-the-grid system would require a 1,043 watt solar array (9 of your suggested panels), charge controller, inverter, and 6 batteries. The equation is: 4,800/4.6 (insolation factor for southern California)=1,043 watts (needed for solar array), and 6 deep cycle batteries with an Ah rating of 100. You do realize what the Ah rating is right? Then you should know that you can't drain the battery every day or it will fail, thus the need for a battery bank.

  15. CAJUNNSC says:

    It's easy for you to go to some site and copy and paste your responses. That's cool no prop there. But first of all you don't need to run 115 watt bulbs next you use 24 volt deep cycle batteries and next you're asking an unrealistic question to throw off the reality of using photovoltaic panel arrays as alternative energy. I have a suggest for you and all that question the value of solar power. Here it is…continued

  16. CAJUNNSC says:

    Continuation: If it was not visible as well as cost effective to use PV technology don't you think the thousands of people using it would have said something by now. I challenge you to find one single article online where a single person has made the claim that they were ripped off, screwed or regret their decision to go GREEN! I'm waiting… go get the facts you seem to feel exist! That's the bottom line where are all these GREEN home owners that you claim are being screwed?

  17. CAJUNNSC says:

    Then simply go off grid… Battery backup system and you's that simple. So what is the problem if any?

  18. CAJUNNSC says:

    It's not here nor there your utility company will either go to a net metering system that works for you or they will be the one moving… trust me, they are limited in what they can do…they must follow the rules like them or not. So go off grid till they make the changes you will have no choice very soon…those days are gone!

  19. kumar says:

    use the new energy saving bulbs that use like 10 to 20 watts.

  20. Rendereason says:

    Go to school dammit.
    2 bulbs x 200 watts = 200 watts
    200 watts x 24 hours = 4800 Wh (watthours)
    You need a 200 watt system to run 200 watts (or Joules per second. You can't have watts per hour…)
    If the panel system says it produces 200 watts, that's its maximum output. It depends on how much sunlight there is. Nothing to do with its efficiency rate (15% for CSPV). Peak output will be 200 watts, but the sun doesn't shine 24h a day.
    Don't be spreading misinformation; go fix your idiotic comment.

  21. Rgb Rides says:

    Sure, an overview of gridtie stuff in a series of solar vids too bad its all broken up in smaller sections..
    Solar is pricey when compared to flipping the switch on in your condo… plan to spend 10 grand and up to power a 3 person house off grid and plan for a generator in winter too. always get battery backup even for your on grid shack.

  22. juggernautxtr says:

    all you've seem to accomplish is the down play the cost of an electric bill.
    elimated the fact of the money is saved off that electric bill to go towards paying for a solar system. that can be built at home for a fraction of the cost of buying a panel. and as far as i am concerned i would rather pay for the solar panel replacement than putting money into something that could have been free in the first place.

  23. JoeVSvolcano says:

    I wish they had GRID-TIE Bypass.. When your street looses power, your inverter shuts off. I want my AC blasting while everyone else on the grid sweats!

  24. Venture Electronics says:

    wtf is with the ads

  25. brownbrve says:

    u dont hire a contractor but anelictrican

  26. brownbrve says:

    i just watched a baking soda commercial for his last video and all of a sudden he pulls out a box of baking soda wtf!

  27. hermancando says:

    solar has many years longevity-100 yrs or more—crystals are not toxic waste

  28. Derrick Hendricks says:

    It's just telling about something about the inverter, not a how-to, though…

  29. Surf 3255 says:

    HI, what happen if the electricity is cat off fron the grid ??
    If I do not have electricity at home only solar panels and inverter and I do not like batteries ??
    Can you help me with this problem

  30. hermancando says:

    scarry info here

  31. ramparimoz says:

    Me too! After building my own solar panel kit
    that ive purchased online at the site:
    Ive saved a lot of money. In fact my lowest
    electric bill was at $0.. Wouldnt believe me?
    Try it yourself.. Im happy that could help some
    one here..:))

  32. Gaston26 says:

    Is "expertvillage" still around? There was a series of videos by a highway trooper (I believe) showing how to shoot a handgun. That was the only one I found useful. All others could be seen as unuseful or just plain wrong.
    Like this one for example… Basically he's saying to install solar power hire a contractor. Now they're getting advertising points.
    Just flagged it for "Misleading text"

  33. Theo Howe says:

    George, You don't have to use an inverter or batteries to use benefits of solar panels. You will however only have DC power and only during the daytime. Also, on gray or foggy days your output is going to be less than optimal

  34. Jessi Ryder says:

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  35. Shantel Bollmann says:

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  37. Bogdan karpovich says:

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  38. Borys Fomichev says:

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  39. Vlad Klimovich says:

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  41. Artem Lebedev says:

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  42. Evgen Mozolevski says:

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