How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Panel Mounting Rails


Now once we get our panels into position where
we can mount them on the roof, we need a secure mounting. These are professionally designed,
extruded aluminum rails that go together with extruded and specially designed aluminum clips.
These slide together and are adjustable at that point, and once you have your rail actually
mounted to the roof, you have a clip then that fits right over the edge of the panel
and is easily tightened down. With four of these clips, your panels are sturdy in hundred
mile an hour winds. Very important to mount your panels correctly. Whether it’s on the
roof of your house or even on your RV. And, you can get different styles of clips and
different mounting methods, just make sure they’re strong. For this particular job, we
only have one panel to be mounted and we’re going to use two rails, approximately five
feet long, and four of the special clips designed for this thickness of shell solar panel.

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15 thoughts on “How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Panel Mounting Rails”

  1. Rajesh Rengarajan says:

    Kool. good show. keep it up.

  2. Charles McCune says:

    cool I cant wait utile I can afford them so I can get off the grid I tired of the power company ripping us off and razing th erates anywere between 50 to 150 precent every year. hell here in illinois you go from 160 to 300 and not usre a drop more of electricty so I want to go off the gried and tell them to kiss my ass. good video brother.

  3. Rgb Rides says:

    no worry I can " splane everyting 2 U"
    aluminum is a type of metal used in many everyday items.. clips.. are the same only smaller
    now you see?


  4. Redblower says:

    I am sorry, the cost of this mounting arrangement is obscene.

    I found that a single "L" strip of aluminium and self drilling screws is good enough.

    Imagine the cost of mounting my 60 panels with this elaborate mounting scheme.

    One has to be careful of all the hanger ons in the solar industry looking to cash in on accessories.

    I put a panel up with a view to never taking it down.

    I don't need clips.

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