How To Make a 3 Penny Battery


Is there free energy hiding in your spare
change? In this video you’ll learn how to turn a handful of pennies into batteries that
can power some of your small electronic devices. For this project, I’ll need pennies. My neighbor
Trevor gave me these and I’ll begin sorting them by date. I want pennies newer than 1982
because they’re nearly 98% Zinc. Ok I’ve picked out 10 pennies that I think will work, so
I’ll use this 100 grit sandpaper and start sanding one side of the penny. Actually, this
may be too much work, so I’ll try some double sided sticky tape and an orbital sander. This
is working much better to expose the zinc, but the adhesive has melted from the friction,
and left these pennies in a sticky mess. No problem, I’ll just use some adhesive remover
to clean them up, and now they’re looking great! It’s time to build a battery. I’ll
cut some thin cardboard into pieces just bigger than the penny, and throw them in some vinegar.
While those are soaking, I’ll start my battery cell by placing one of the pennies with the
copper side down on a piece of aluminum foil. As you can see, nothing is happening yet,
so I’ll blot dry one of my cardboard pieces, and place it on top. This time when I measure
the voltage, I’m excited to see over half a volt from this one cell! I’ll add another
penny and cardboard, and repeat the process until I’ve stacked up all my pennies. Now
the cells are connected in series, and the electric potential has jumped to nearly 6
volts! Wow. This should be more than enough voltage to drive an LED, so I’ll test it out
with this one. It works perfectly, and I can’t believe how brilliantly this lights up. Just
for fun I’m testing the currant draw and it’s pulling about 170 microamps. I can even light
up two at once. Ok, so it works, and it’s actually really impressive that I’m getting
electricity from pennies, but now I’m curious to know how long this can last? I’ll use some
electrical tape to hold everything in place, and try to fix these cardboard edges because
they shouldn’t be touching. I’ll do my best to make it air tight to prevent the wet cardboard
from drying out too quickly, and then carry it with me for the next couple of hours to
watch when for it dies out. Ok so now it’s more than 2 days later and I really can’t
believe what I’m seeing. The green light is still on, which means these little pennies
are still pumping out juice! This is awesome, so I wanna try another idea. I’ve picked up
a calculator from the dollar store and I’ll remove the screws on the back so I can get
to the battery. Once that’s removed I’ll pull the negative and positive leads out of the
casing. And now I’ll need to make another penny battery. This time I don’t feel like
sanding the pennies, so I’m adding these zinc washers I got from the hardware store for
about 3 cents each. I need around 1.5 volts, so I’ll use 3 pennies, 3 washers, and 3 pieces
of cardboard soaked in vinegar. This time I’ve rounded the cardboard edges so they won’t
be a problem. And I’ll stack them with the washer on the bottom, the cardboard in the
middle, and the penny on top. This is one cell, and I need 3 so I’ll stack up 2 more.
The penny on top is the positive side and the zinc washer on bottom is the negative.
I’m getting just over 2 volts and 700 microamps, so I’ll add wires to the terminals and use
some more electrical tape to hold it together. Time to test it on the calculator. I’ll press
the “on” button, and it’s incredible, the calculator fires right up! I’m testing out
a few functions and everything calculates correctly, so now I just need to clean these
wires up a bit. I’ll chip holes in the casing, and hardwire my pennies into the battery leads,
then tape the penny stack to the back. A penny powered calculator?! I really am impressed
at how well this worked out… …and still patiently waiting for this little green light
to die out. Well there’s an idea that’s worth a few cents. If you like this project perhaps
you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

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    That doesnt seem right. 98% zinc? A penny 1982 or older is almost pure copper but ones after that werent as pure but still a nice amount of copper. So 1 pound of copper per pound is $2.79 per pound last i checked. 1 pound of copper is 145 ($1.45) pennies that are 1982 or older. Anything newer, you need 180 ($1.80) pennies per pound of copper that has a value of $2.79lbs. I need to look at the most recent value. 1982 or older is about 3.10 grams each and newer ones are 2.5 grams each.

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